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This is a fan-created translation-summary of Japanese Sailor Moon Episode #5. This episode was never broadcast on TV in English.  This summary was created by Castle in the Sky Web Page based on the publicly posted fan-translation by Hitoshi Doi.  Thanks to Trunks for the video.  For this summary, the names of the characters have been changed to match the English TV version.  Sailor Moon is the property of Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha/Dic.
This summary is for non-profit use only.

Sailor Moon Original Episode 5: Youma no kaori! Shaneera ha aiwo nusumu "The Demonic Scent! Schanerla Steals Love"

Serena was having a nightmare. A huge monster was chasing her, but then Tuxedo Mask appeared and saved her. He said that he would always be with her. Serena was holding on to him and had hearts in her eyes. Serena was woken by someone shouting in terror. She went into Sammy's room and saw that Luna was there. Serena remembered that Sammy was afraid of cats so she teased Sammy. Sammy was saved when their mother called them down for breakfast. At breakfast, Serena showed Luna to her parents and asked if it was okay to keep her. Sammy was against it and they started arguing. Their parents just smiled and told them to decide it amongst themselves. Serena and Sammy sighed in resignation.
Later, on the way to school Serena asked Luna why she had been in Sammy's room. Luna said that she was so tired from working that she had gone in to the wrong room by accident. Serena asked if Luna was tired from catching mice. Luna said that she was busy trying to find the Moon Princess. Serena thought that Moon Princess was a type of dessert. At school, Serena was explaining to Molly that Sammy was afraid of cats because a cat had bitten his nose when he was a baby. Melvin said that his head was almost bitten off by an alligator when he was a baby, but it turned out to be an alligator-skin purse.
Luna was trying to make Sammy like her by acting like a cute cat, so when he came out of school she jumped on him and licked his face. Sammy was lying on the ground trying to catch his breath when a girl came up to see if he was okay. It was his classmate Mika. Sammy was happy to see her. He admitted to Mika that he was afraid of cats. Mika told Sammy there was a new store that was supposed to sell the perfect pet.