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Fan-created translation-summary of Japanese episode #6 for non-profit use only.
This episode was never broadcast on TV in English.
Summary uses English TV Version names for the characters.
Web Page Summary: LGP
Video Source: Trunks
Translation Resources: Hitoshi Doi

Sailor Moon Episode 6: "Protect the Song of Love! Serena Plays Cupid"

Queen Beryl was listening to some music. A plant placed nearby immediately wilted and died. Jadeite explained that the music had subliminal sounds which could steal energy. Queen Beryl agreed to let Jadeite try his plan for collecting energy. Jadeite called forth his youma (droid) Kyulene and told her to place the tape somewhere where many humans would hear it. Serena and Molly were at Molly's listening to a CD. Serena was impressed that Molly listened to jazz music and said she must be very mature. Molly said that she was, and that Serena could ask her about anything she didn't understand. Molly wished she could date the musician, Yusuke Amade. Serena however, wasn't interested in him. Jadeite's youma appeared in a recording studio. She placed the cassette into a tape deck and said that any music recorded at the studio would contain the subliminal music. Suddenly, the door to the room opened.
A woman looked into the room, but the youma had hidden. The woman walked in, saying that she had forgotten something, and took the tape out of the tape deck. She put it in a tape case that was lying nearby, but she didn't notice the name on the case. The youma was preparing to attack her, but then someone came to the door and said that Mr. Amade was waiting downstairs.  
Yusuke Amade had a bouquet of roses behind his back. He said he would "tell her today". The woman, Akiko, came downstairs and handed Amade the cassette. She said that it was a really good demo tape. Amade started to say something about it being Akiko's birthday, but the technician came and interrupted them. As Akiko was leaving, she called back to Amade to come up with a name for his new recording by next week. Amade looked at the tape case where he had already written "A Waltz for Akiko". Amade left, even though he still had the roses.  
Serena and Molly went outside and talked about the spring rains. Then Serena left to go home. She stopped in front of the Crown Game Centre. Luna started to argue with her, saying that it was too late to be playing at the arcade. Serena was about to go in when someone crashed into her. Serena was upset because her brand new outfit was all wet. She started yelling at the man who had knocked her over. The man was Amade, but Serena didn't recognize him. Amade cowered on the ground and begged her not to kill him. Serena looked surprised and said she wouldn't kill him just for knocking her over. She asked if someone was chasing him. They walked under Serena's umbrella and Amade told Serena what had happened to him after he left the studio...
He told Serena how someone had followed him and how he had seen a strange creature in the alleyway. He had been fleeing when he ran into Serena. Then he apologized and said that it must be a trick of his imagination. Amade said he would pay the laundry bill for Serena's outfit but he didn't have any money with him. He said he had to go to work at a certain nightclub and gave Serena his business card. Then he ran off. Serena looked at the card and saw that the man was Yusuke Amade. She was very excited. Luna said they should follow him because he was probably being chased by a youma. Luna and Serena followed Amade to the nightclub. Serena said that this would be a good opportunity for her to have a look into the adult world. Luna pointed out that kids aren't allowed into nightclubs. "No problem", replied Serena. Disguise Power....!