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Sailor Moon Episode 42: Sailor Venus' Past: Mina's Blighted Love

This web summary uses North American TV-version character names when possible since it is intended for viewers of the North American TV version which did not include this episode.

At nighttime, Amy, Lita and Raye were at the Crowne Game Centre using Luna and Artemis' secret computer. Amy was analyzing data to try to determine where the youma (Negaverse enemies) were coming from. Luna and Serena arrived. They had been investigating whether the enemies had been using any candy shops as their hideout. Serena said she was tired and hungry. Luna said she shouldn't be hungry after eating so many sweets. Then Mina and Artemis arrived. Mina said she had investigated every public bathhouse and found no evidence of enemy activity.
Suddenly, the computer screen began to flash in front of Amy. The screen showed some ununsual sunspot activity. It was the same type of unusual activity that had occured just before the old Moon Kingdom was destroyed.
At the Dark Kingdom (Negaverse) base, Beryl was watching over the energy of Queen Metalia (the Negaforce). She told Malachite (Kunzite) that Queen Metalia would soon fully awaken. Malachite said that he was very close to getting the Silver Crystal. He said that he had found a person who knew Sailor V. Malachite said the person was an Interpol police officer in London. Beryl said that Sailor V must be connected with the Sailor Scouts and that Malachite should pursue his plan.
Just then, an energy beam came out from Queen Metalia's chamber and enveloped the casket that was holding Prince Darien. Metalia's voice said that the wavelength of the man was suitable for him to receive her energy.
Serena woke up suddenly with an ominious feeling. Then Serena said she would keep her strength up by eating some dumplings. Suddenly Artemis jumped in through the window and knocked Serena over. Serena started choking on her dumplings. Artemis was very worried because Mina had gone missing. He told Luna that she had disappeared after getting a phone call from someone named Katarina.
Mina was in a hotel room and a woman in a green jacket was talking to her. The woman was Katarina. She said she was surprised and happy to find out that Sailor V was okay. She wondered why Mina hadn't contacted her. Mina looked unhappy and didn't say anything. Katarina said she had heard that Sailor V was fighting along with the Sailor Scouts (Sailor Senshi) and asked if she could meet them. An evil aura appeared around Katarina as she said this.
Mina didn't answer Katarina. Instead she asked how Alan was. Katarina said Alan was fine and showed Mina a picture of herself with a handsome man. Mina looked away. Then Mina said that Katarina was still wearing the same pendant. "Of course", said Katarina, "after all, it was a birthday present from you." Mina said that she couldn't let Katarina get involved, then Mina ran out of the room.
Katarina went to follow Mina but Malachite suddenly appeared. He told Katarina that talking was useless and ordered her to transform into youma "Papiyon".
Mina was standing outside by the ocean looking at a photograph of herself and a man [it looked like Darien but it wasn't]. Suddenly a youma appeared and attacked her!