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Sailor Moon Episode 73!
"Rubeus' UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi Taken Hostage!"

This document summarizes the original Japanese episode but uses English character names, and was created before the English dubbed TV version of this episode was made. This summary is based on the fan-sub video by VKLL and on publically-posted synopses by H. Doi, D. Simmons, and T.T.Gains.

Rini was standing at the pier where she had first appeared in front of Serena and Darien. She was remembering how she saw Serena and her friends transform. Rini couldn't believe that they were the Sailor Scouts and that Serena was the legendary Sailor Moon. Rubeus was watching over Tokyo from his UFO when a bright light appeared in his chamber. A shapely woman dressed in black stepped out of the light. It was Esmerodo, who had come to tell Rubeus that she would be replacing him. She said their royal family didn't need failures like Rubeus. After Esmerodo left, Rubeus was angry but not worried. He knew where the Silver Crystal was... Serena was running home, wearing her brooch as usual. When she got home she rushed upstairs in a hurry and changed out of her school uniform, then rushed out again saying that she was late. Rini just watched her quietly.
The other girls were meeting in Raye's room. They agreed that Rubeus was the only enemy now and that Rini was his target. Serena arrived - late, as usual. Serena planted herself in front of a large bowl of cookies. Lita explained that she had made too many in home ec class, so she brought the extra ones to the meeting. Serena started pigging out, while the other girls said that they should take extra care to watch out for Rini. Serena said that she would defend Rini with her bare hands if neccessary.
Serena's Mom said that she was making Rini's favourite snack - pancakes. Rini asked why she was making so many and mother replied that Serena and Sammy might want some too. Rini couldn't understand why she would work so hard, but Serena's Mom said that mothers all over the world were working hard because they loved their children. She said that she loved Rini most of all. Rini went up to Serena's room and saw that Serena had left the Silver Crystal brooch lying on her bed. She was angry that Serena was so careless, but when she went to take the brooch she hesitated. She thought of how Sailor Moon had saved her life.