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Sailor Moon Episode 83: "Battle in the Future! Dimando's Ambition!"

I liked the synopsis I found by Donald Simmons and Tjuana Tenise Gaines (Onyx), and Giovanni Beltrame, so I just copied the text of their summary (with some editing) and added the pictures...

N.B. This document summarizes the original Japanese version of this episode and was made before the American version was released.

Everyone is stunned by the sight of the devastated Crystal Tokyo. None of them can believe that the future will be so dark and desolate. The sight of her home in ruins is too much for Rini. She runs into the fog crying out to her mother. The others set out in pursuit of her telling her not to run away. They must catch her before she gets hurt.

Looking for Rini, everyone pauses, calling out her name, on a foggy path. Suddenly, they spy a figure slowly approaching. Sailor Mars prepares to attack, but Tuxedo Mask restrains her. As the figure approaches, Sailor Moon realizes with shock that it looks like Tuxedo Mask (albeit in lavender and white and without the hat and carrying a sword instead of a cane). Everyone else is equally stunned, especially Tuxedo Mask. The The figure stops and looks at them. He welcomes them to 30th century Crystal Tokyo!


The sound of his voice sparks memories of the nightmare that kept Serena and Darien apart. It's the same voice from the nightmares!

Tuxedo Mask, enraged, charges the figure, but goes right through him! It's as if he's not there. The figure turns to Tux and introduces himself as King Endymion, Tuxedo Mask's future self.

Everyone's stunned once again. Serena is highly upset and confused. She wants to know why Tuxedo Mask of the Future would send nightmares to them in the past to break them up. Mercury tries to calm her and says she should give him a chance to explain. Endymion thanks her but insists they must return to the safety of the Crystal Palace before he can explain anything. Sailor Moon wants to find Rini first, but Endymion claims to have already found her and that she is safe.