However, Rini wanders beyond the shield, through the ruins, and finally sits alone on a swing. Suddenly a low laugh is heard, and Wiseman appears, saying now is the time for him to act. Rini turns to run, but is frozen in place. Wiseman tells her that she was safe inside the Palace, but here there is nothing to protect her from his powers. Now he will find out what happened to the Silver Crystal. He makes Rini remember the events leading up to the Dark Moon attack. She had broken a vase in the Palace and was being scolded by some women for being so clumsy. They tell her she should be a graceful and gentle lady like her mother. [Serena must have finally grown out of her clumsiness, but passed it on to Rini!] She runs through the Palace crying out that she wants to hurry up and become a lady like her mother. She goes to the Silver Crystal, and uses the Luna Ball to open the case it's in, thinking that with it, she could be a lady like her Mama.
But as she takes it, it suddenly flares and vanishes! "No, don't go away!" With it gone, the Dark Moon attacks. She cries out "Mama" as she sees images of Serenity being encased in crystal by the Scouts. Her cry of "Papa" is accompanied by the memory of Endymion being blasted in the monitor room. The city is destroyed as Rini screams.
Wiseman tells Rini she made herself forget these things because she knows everyone will blame her for what happened to her mother. He casts an illusion of the Scouts blaming her for all that has happened. The illusions taunt her, saying it's her fault her mother was outside the safety of the Palace looking for her. Rini covers her ears, "It's not my fault!" She didn't mean for the Silver Crystal to disappear. She sees her mother being attacked and shielded again. "It's not my fault!" Wiseman says he believes her. All she has to do is take his hand, and he will help her prove it's not her fault. He offers his hand, and she takes it. On the Dark Moon, the Dark Crystal flares with power as Saffir and Esmeraude watch. She says that with the crystal more powerful their victory is assured. Saffir doesn't trust Wiseman or the power of the Black Crystal. He wants to see what's really under that cloak. Esmeraude is confident she can handle Wiseman. She'll do whatever is necessary to get what she wants.


Dimando appears. Esmeraude tells him how powerful the Black Crystal has become, but he simply vanishes again. Saffir says that Wiseman once predicted that Neo-Queen Serenity would be his brother's future love. Since that day, Dimando has cared for nothing else. If it was not for his brother's obsession with Serenity, they would have defeated Sailor Moon already. Again, Esmeraude is enraged. She WILL win Dimando's heart and be his Queen, and to do this she will be Wiseman's help.