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Sailor Moon R Episode 85: "Queen of Darkness! The Birth of Black Lady"

Credits: Original story by Naoko Takeuchi. Illustrated summary by LP based on translations by VKLL, Donald Simmons and Tjuana Gaines. [This summary is based on the Japanese episode and was written before the English-dubbed version of this episode was released. In these summaries, I use the Japanese name "King Endymion" for the future Darien and "Neo-Queen Serenity" for the future Serena.]

In the Crystal Palace, everyone was searching for Rini but she could not be found. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts, Luna and Artemis all split up and continued to look for her. Meanwhile, Rini was being held captive in the Wiseman's hideout. Wiseman used his power to make Rini recall unhappy memories from her past...
Rini was walking with her parents, Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion, on a rainy day. She spotted a frog and ran towards it. Neo-Queen Serenity called out to her not to run or she would fall... Rini slipped from running on the wet ground and fell. She started crying.
Neo-Queen Serenity came to her side and told her she should have listened. She told her to stop crying. Rini was mad that her mother wasn't helping her. She asked her father to pick her up. King Endymion told Rini to stand up by herself. Rini was shocked.
The Wiseman used his power to manipulate and exaggerate Rini's memories. Rini remembered the scene again, but her parents seemed much crueler. He made her remember another time. Rini was upset that no one had remembered her birthday; even her parents had gone away. The Sailor Scouts told her that her parents had important business of the Kingdom to take care of. Rini was still upset. Mars started to say something, but Jupiter stopped her and the Scouts left. Rini said that nobody loved her.
The Wiseman told Rini that she was right, and that nobody loved her. Rini saw images of her family and friends hating her as her body absorbed more and more Dark Energy. Wiseman said she should fill herself with hate and want to destroy the Earth. Rini cried out that no one loved her. Her body was filled with Dark Energy and she started to transform!