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Sailor Moon R Episode 86: Safiel falls! Wiseman's Trap

Notes for this summary

There are several possible ways to translate the names of the Dark Moon family members; "Safiel" and "Dimando" are used in this summary.

Episode 86 may be too intense for younger children. I recommend that parents of sensitive children preview this episode.

The Story So Far

In episodes 82 and 83, the Sailor Scouts learned what will happen in the future. The Earth will enter a long period of frozen sleep which will be ended by the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal. In the 30th Century, Serena will become Neo-Queen Serenity and create a new utopia on the Earth with Crystal Tokyo as it's capital. To create this new society, whe will use the power of the Silver Crystal to remove negative feelings from all people, but there will be groups who resist and evil groups who try to destroy the new society. These people will flee the Earth and make a new home on the mysterious 10th planet of our solar system, Nemesis, and call themselves the Dark Moon Clan.

The people of Earth will hear nothing from the citizens of this planet until one day when a surprise attack is launched. The Earth's defenses mysteriously fail and the surface of the planet is decimated. Tuxedo Mask's future self; King Endymion, is injured in the attack and can not move. Neo-Queen Serenity leaves the safety of the Palace to try to find her daughter, Rini, but is attacked by the enemy. The Sailor Scouts block the attack by creating a crystal shield around their Queen. The four scouts return to the palace and combine their powers to create a sheild around it. Meanwhile, Neo-Queen Serenity continues to sleep, encased in crystal, and can not be awakened.

Unknown to them, Rini had taken the Key To Time and travelled into the past to find Sailor Moon. Her father had told her bedtime stories about Sailor Moon, but Rini didn't know it was really her mother he was talking about. Rini found Serena and Darien in our present-day and discovered that they were Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. Of course, she didn't realize that they would be her parents in the future. When Rini took all the Sailor Scouts to the future, they were shocked to learn about their future identities, especially Darien and Serena!

At this point in the story, three villians remain. Safiel is determined to take revenge on the Earth for having been exiled to the Dark Planet of Nemesis. Dimando is obsessed with Neo-Queen Serenity, and now with the younger version; Serena/Sailor Moon. The Wiseman's motives remain mysterious.

The Wiseman had predicted when the Earth's defenses would fail and had told the Dark Moon clan when to attack. He also knew why the defenses had failed. Rini was sad that she just a clumsy kid and thought that if she used the Silver Crystal, she could become a graceful lady like her mother. But when she took the Silver Crystal from it's pedestal, it glowed brightly and then vanished!

The Wiseman manipulated Rini's guilt and she let herself be filled with Dark Energy. The negative energy transformed her into a new villian; the Black Lady. As Black Lady, she is determined to destroy the Earth and Sailor Moon.

Our story continues at episode 86...