The Crystal that Prince Dimando and Black Lady had placed in Tokyo was growing at an alarming rate. Dark energy had begun to swirl through the skies. A newswoman was saying that people should avoid the mysterious object and evacuate the area. Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina and Serena were watching this on the television news. Lita wondered how they would be able to stop the crystal. Amy said that they should wait for Artemis and Tuxedo Mask to return with more information.

Serena's mother brought them some tea. She was worried about the news and wondered if they should leave the city. The girls were startled that she had brought out Rini's cup as well. Serena's Mom noticed too and wondered aloud why she thought they needed the extra cup. Luna was surprised that even without the power of the Luna Ball, the family still had some memories of Rini. Serena was very upset. She felt guilty for always wishing that Rini would go away. Now that she was gone, she realized how much she missed her. She wondered if the Dark Lady that had attacked her was really the rambuncious young Rini. Raye told Serena that things would be alright. She said they would combine their power and bring Rini back.

The Wiseman was studying the progress of the Dark Crystal from his citadel. "It won't be the day-dreaming Dimando that rules the universe, but the omnipotent Death Phantom!" Wiseman called forth an image of the galaxy. He said that darkness and emptiness would replace life.