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Sailor Moon Episode 87

Original Story: Naoko Takeuchi / Original Animation: Toei Animation / English translation: VKLL / Web Page Version: LGP / By fans, for fans.

Serena was running down the streets towards Raye's temple. She was thinking about Tuxedo Mask. He had told her and the Scouts to retreat while he found out more about the black crystal. Serena stopped and looked at the crystal, which loomed ominously over the city. She wondered what they would be able to do. Serena heard her name called. It was Molly. Molly looked very concerned. She said Serena had been acting strangely lately. Molly thought it had something to do with the strange crystal and that Serena knew what it was. She asked if there was anything she could do. Serena tried to be casual and laughed, "Why would I know anything about it?" Molly said she guessed there were some things Serena couldn't tell her. She said she would see Serena at school tomorrow. Serena said thanks. "Promise?" asked Molly. Serena promised, "See you tomorrow". Serena ran on. Molly said a prayer for Serena and the others to be safe.
Meanwhile, on Nemesis, Wiseman appeared before Prince Dimando and told him that all was going well. Dimando however, was furious over the death of his brother Safiel. Wiseman showed him an image of the huge Dark Crystal and of Black Lady surrounded by powerful dark energy. He said the time for their revenge was at hand. Dimando said Wiseman was trying to trick him into forgetting about Safiel. A flicker of light illuminated the Wiseman's darkened hood, revealing a white skull. Wiseman said that Safiel's death was a minor event compared to their glorious plan. He asked Dimando to remember why their clan was banished to the cold and dark planet of Nemesis. Dimando agreed that revenge was important. He told Wiseman to continue the plan, but warned that he had not been forgiven. Dimando turned and left. Wiseman said to himself that Dimando could do whatever he wanted...if he was still alive. The Scouts had gathered beside the black crystal. Luna was worried about Tuxedo Mask who was still inside the crystal. Artemis said that he and Luna would go into the energy field and reconnoitre. The two cats tried to leap into the energy surrounding the crystal but were thrown back by a dark energy force field. Serena became angry. Moon Crystal....
"Wait!" All the girls were surprised because Amy had interrupted. "Thanks for everything. I wish we could go out for dessert once more. Sorry, but I wanted to say it just in case something happens". "Ami?" The other girls were somber at first. Then Lita said "Alright, let's go fight for peace, then for dessert". The other girls chimed in "For Rini and the future Crystal Tokyo" The girls joined hands. "To save our beloved Earth!"

Moon Crystal Power!