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Sailor Stars - Queen Nehelenia Arc Part 1 of 6

(Sailor Moon Episode 167)

This summary uses English version character names. You can also switch to Japanese version names.

An Important Note:  The following free fan-to-fan summaries are intended to be viewed only in countries where Sailor Stars was never broadcast on TV and never licenced for sale on home video (e.g. Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, USA). If you live in a country where Sailor Stars is commercially available please purchase the official licenced product.

Now on with the story...

Somewhere in the countryside stood a half-timbered house and a large garden filled with cherry trees.
In that garden, in a basinet, sat a baby. As she gazed up at the cherry blossoms swaying in the wind, she appeared to see more, to see beyond the present...

Against the backdrop of the full moon, a princess in a white gown with wings like a butterfly stood upon a tower of crystal, her hands folded. "Eternal..." A man entered the garden and smiled at the baby. "You seem to be having good dreams". The man wondered what she was dreaming about. "Perhaps something I can't even imagine," he mused. As the man picked up the baby, a woman appeared in the garden. She had dark black hair that was tinged with a deep forest green, and wore lipstick. Her face remained hidden. "Hotaru," said the woman softly, "I've come to take you with me."
Serena was outside admiring the weather when she spotted the rest of her friends. She ran to them and grabbed their arms playfully. All the girls commented on her good mood.
"Of course," said Serena, "I'm wearing my new high school uniform with all my friends!"
Lita said she was happy to be starting high school because she would be allowed to have a part-time job. Mina said she was looking forward to joining the school clubs. Serena said the best thing about high school was that she would turn 16 and be allowed to get married.

Mina said she was happy to now be going go to the same school as Serena, so they could keep each other company during the make-up tests. The girls congratulated each other on surviving the high school entrance exams. Amy commented that Raye didn't actually have to take entrance exams because Raye's private school was on the "elevator" system. [if you graduate from the middle school you are automatically enrolled in the high school.] Raye laughed it off and said that, as a friend, she shared their exam pain anyway. Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina were surprised to see Darien and Rini join them in the park. Rini had a bag with her and said that she had decided to return to the future, along with Diana.