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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars - Illustrated Web Summaries

Important Note: The following free fan-to-fan summary is intended to be viewed only in countries where Sailor Stars was never broadcast on TV and never licenced for sale on home video (e.g. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA). If you live in a country where Sailor Stars is commercially available please purchase the official licenced product.

Sailor Stars - Queen Nehelenia Arc Part 2 of 6
Sailor Moon Episode 168)

This illustrated summary uses English character names. A version is also available with Japanese names.

Serena and Darien were seated on a park bench watching the pigeons.  Serena held Darien's arm in one hand and a balloon in the other. Serena seemed to be working up to something.
"Now that I'm in high school," she was murmuring, "I think our relationship should be more...  I mean... you know... I wouldn't mind if you..."
Serena paused. Darien didn't seem to be paying attention.
To check if he was listening, Serena rattled off a nonsenical tongue-twister.  Darien just nodded. Serena tried another tongue-twister. "Hmm, yeah," nodded Darien.  Serena looked sad, then mad. "Darien! You're not listening to me at all!"
Darien suddenly leaned forward grasping his head as if in pain. When Serena tried to get close to him, he slapped her hand away.  Serena's balloon floated off into the sky.
"Err, I'm very sorry," stammered Darien "I'll buy you another balloon."
Serena said Darien didn't seem very well and that maybe he should go home and rest.
"Yes," replied Darien, "yes I don't feel very well. I think I'll do that. Sorry..."
Later the girls met up at the dessert parlour. Mina and Raye were talking enthusiastically about working towards their dreams. Mina was practicing singing and dancing. Raye was studying English and following a TV education course called "Let's Speak English". Lita said she was watching that program too. Amy was impressed that they were watching such a good educational program. But then Raye and Lita started talking about how hot the TV show's host was.  Amy began to doubt their motivations.  The girls noticed that Serena looked uncharacteristically gloomy.  The girls said Serena should tell them about her problem so Serena began to tell them about what happened in the park.
In another part of town, a black sportscar pulled into a well-kept driveway. Amara and Michelle got out carrying some groceries.  A little girl came running to them.  "Amara! Michelle!" called the girl in greeting.
[In Japanese, her actually words were  "Amara-papa, Michiru-mama".]  The two women greeted Hotaru.  Trista was there as well [in Japanese, Hotaru called her "Setsuna-mama".]
Hotaru saw a butterfly and ran off to play in the garden. Amara and Michelle marvelled at how much she had grown in such a short time.
"It's not just her physical growth", said Trista joining them. "Her mental growth is astonishing as well." Trista said that Hotaru already understood advanced theories like Relativity and also foreign literature and poetry. Suddently the women realized that Hotaru was nowhere to be seen. They split up and began searching the grounds with anxiety.
Eventually Trista, Michelle and Amara found Hotaru in her bedroom. Hotaru was kneeling in the centre of the darkened room. Some kind of power glowed in her hand. "What is that?" asked Michelle.
"The Big Bang," replied Trista. "She is replaying the whole life of this universe."
The sphere in Hotaru's hand grew into a huge portal of blackness in which stars swirled, planets revolved, and even the moon with it's special warm glow could be seen. Amara said that the light of the moon was like the aura around "that girl". A vision of Sailor Moon passed across the screen, but her costume was different and she looked slightly sad. Finally, Hotaru fainted from her efforts and the three women tried to comfort her.  Hotaru spoke in a haunted voice as if conveying a vision. She said that a dark shadow was coming to cover the white light of the moon. Hotaru was scared and started to cry in Amara's arms.