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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 3 of 6
The Cursed Mirror! Darien Trapped in A Nightmare!
(Sailor Moon 169)

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Across the city, girls were staring at reflections of themselves.  "Who's the most beautiful in the world?" asked a woman's voice.
"It's you of course," replied a man's voice.  Nehelenia's shadow flitted across the mirrors.
Trista, Amara, Michelle, and Hotaru were watching the morning TV news. The news anchor was reporting that a new disease had appeared amongst women that caused loss of energy. He said it was thought to be a new mental disease caused by stress.
"The white moon is covered by a dark shadow," Hotaru repeated her earlier prophecy to herself, "The blonde hair that shines with that light is attacked by an evil wish."
The four women began discussing the recent strange events. Michelle commented that the monsters they had fought were like mirrors. She looked into her talisman mirror and saw a vision of Darien, with a shadow behind him.  Then the vision was gone.
Serena and Mina were running through the halls of their high school, late as usual. The girls came across a long-haired boy staring into a mirror. Serena started yelling at him that he would be late too but he ignored her. Mina said Serena didn't have time to worry about other people and dragged Serena away. The boy had the same strange golden glint in his right eye that Darien had.
Serena and Mina finally arrived at their classroom where they were greeted by Lita and Amy.  Lita and Amy told Mina and Serena that the class was having a free study period so it didn't matter that they were late. The reason for the study period was that all the teachers had gone to an emergency meeting. Mina and Serena worried that maybe the meeting was about punishing tardy students. Amy said it wasn't. It was because many students were absent. Serena thought it could be influenza.  But Amy said that many girls had been waking up with no energy and were not coming to school. Mina said she had heard about it on TV that morning. Amy said that if Mina had time to watch morning TV then she shouldn't be late for school.
Lita noticed a girl standing alone in the hallway staring into a compact make-up mirror. Serena went over and tried to talk to her but the girl ignored Serena completely. Serena snatched the mirror from the girl and looked into it herself.  "There doesn't seem to be anything unusual about it," she said.
Suddenly, dark smoke began to swirl within the mirror. The smoke streamed upwards towards Serena's face. Lita noticed and sprinted down the hallway. She slapped the mirror from Serena's hands and it broke upon the floor. Everyone was a little stunned.  Lita explained that she had seen some strange power coming from the mirror, but realized immediately how strange that sounded. The other girl said nothing but looked very sad as she picked up her broken compact. Lita apologized and offered to give her own compact as a replacement.  But surprisingly, the girl said since her mirror was broken she had nothing left to live for!  A golden glint flickered in the girl's eye. Serena saw it and realized it was the same as what she had noticed in Darien, but she didn't say anything to the other girls about it.