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Castle in the Sky Sailor Moon Episode Summaries
Sailor Stars Queen Nehelenia Arc Part 4 of 6
The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Senshi!

This summary uses English character names. There is also a version using Japanese character names.

Last Time...
Nehelenia had placed Darien under a curse and drawn him into her mirror world.  She said that Serena's voice would not reach him anymore. "By tomorrow dawn," declared Nehelenia, "his heart will be completely mine."  Nehelenia and Darien disappeared into the murky depths of the mirror.
Sailor Moon clawed hopelessly at the mirror, calling after Darien. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars gasped. Sailor Mini-Moon's body was shimmering and wavering with a strange blue light.  Her Sailor suit was replaced with her regular appearance. Sailor Mini-Moon's transformation reversed and she fainted.

The girls regrouped back at Raye's temple.  Trista said that Rini's condition was the result of a time paradox.  She said that if the current time-line continued then the Prince and Princess would never be able to have a child in the future and therefore Rini would disappear.  Trista said this was related to the twists in time and space that she had sensed before.  Trista commented that she should have realized earlier how serious these signs were.

It was all too much for Serena. "A world with Mamoru, without Rini".  Serena ran past the other girls.
 "Don't go!" exclaimed Amara, "it's a trap!"
  Michelle agreed, "Nehelenia has done this to target you."  Trista said that Serena should remain with Rini while the other girls rescued the Prince.  Serena said she couldn't just stand by.
A tear fell from Serena's cheek and touched her brooch.  Serena transformed. "Eternal Sailor Moon!" exclaimed Diana.  "Her power is surging!" said Artemis.
"Mamo-chan..." Serena uttered, then with a sweep of her Eternal Sailor Moon wings, flew up into the sky and disappeared.
Raye had jumped after Sailor Moon and tried to catch her, but Eternal Sailor Moon disappeared too quickly and Raye landed hard on the dusty ground.  "This is just what Nehelenia wants!" cried Amara in frustration.  Only Hotaru was unbowed.  "Let's go," she said cheerfully.  The other girls stared at her.  "We have a duty." Hotaru smiled. "We have an important duty as Sailor Scouts."
"I'm coming too." Rini appeared at the doorway. She had regained some of her strength.
The girls all transformed to Sailor mode and stood in a circle.  "We don't know what kind of trap we will find," warned Sailor Neptune.  Sailor Mars said she didn't care.  Sailor Venus said it would still be easier than taking exams.  "For the sake of protecting our Prince and Princess!" declared Sailor Jupiter.  "For the sake of all the people in our city who have been cursed," added Sailor Mercury.  "For the sake of our future," said Sailor Mini-Moon, "Let's go everyone!"
Sailor Teleport!!