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Sailor Stars - Queen Nehelenia Arc Part 5 of 6

For the Sake of Love! Endless Battle in the Dark World!
(Sailor Moon Episode 171)

This summary uses English version character names. You can also switch to Japanese version names.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Neptune stood surrounded by purple flames. Sailor Mars gasped in horror as she felt the hot flames against her and saw her Sailor suit starting to burn.
"Deep Submerge!" Sailor Neptune launched her attack directly at Nehelenia.  Nehelenia sidestepped the ball of energy.  The illusionary flames vanished. "You can't fool us with cheap tricks like that," remarked Sailor Neptune. She turned to Sailor Mars, "Isn't that so?"
"Of course!" blurted Mars, "Hah hah hah".  Mars laughed far too loudly.  "She's good!" thought Sailor Mars.
"Her intuition is much better than mine", mused Sailor Mars to herself, "I wonder if it's a matter of experience."
"As you say, I have more experience than you," said Sailor Neptune.
Sailor Mars jumped back a step. "You can read minds too!?"
"No," said Sailor Neptune, "you were speaking out loud."
"Very well then," smirked Queen Nehelenia, "How about this!" A dark web-like energy shot out from around Nehelenia.  The two Sailor Scouts found themselves surrounded by total darkness.
Black snake-like cords unwrapped out of the darkness and grasped Sailor Neptune by the ankles.  She was pulled down to the ground and dragged away!  Nehelenia stepped out of the shadows with the captured Sailor Neptune at her feet.
"Mars Flame..." Sailor Mars stopped.  Nehelenia was holding Sailor Neptune directly in front of her.
"Not going to shoot?" teased Nehelenia, "then how about this?"
Nehelenia manipulated the dark cords so that they began to squeeze Sailor Neptune harshly. With her free hand, Nehelenia unleashed a blast of dark energy against Sailor Mars.