Sailor Moon SuperS TV Special Part 3 "Chibi-Usa's Adventure!  The Dreaded Vampire Castle"

<Illustrated Summary for the web by LGP based on a translation by VKLL.  Not for sale or redistribution.>


"We have a new student joining us today," announced Chibi-Usa's teacher, "This is Ririka Yubale.  Please make her feel welcome."

"She's so pretty," remarked Momo-chan enviously.  "Her skin's so white," observed Chibi-Usa, "like snow."

The boys in the class "oohed" and "aahed" and craned their necks for a better look at the pretty Ririka.  "Why is it the boys go crazy over pretty girls," grumbled Momo-chan.

Later, Chibi-Usa and her classmates Momo, Kyusuke, and Ishihara were walking home with Ririka.  "You live this way too?"
Ririka said she lived in the Embassy on the hill.
"Wow, you must be rich!" exclaimed Kyusuke.

Momo was shocked.  "The Embassy has been empty for a long time," said Momo, "I heard that place was haunted!"

Ririka suddenly collapsed against Ishihara.  She said the scary story about the house being haunted had made her faint.  Ishihara said his house was in the same direction and that he would walk her home.  Ririka said Ishihara was very kind.  The two walked off together.
"Really!" grumbled Momo, "Guys go so crazy over pretty girls!"

"Momo," said Kyusuke, "Jealousy is not a virtue in girls."


The next day, the schoolteacher remarked that Ishihara was absent.  "Has anyone seen Ishihara?"  Chibi-Usa turned to Ririka.  "Ririka, Ishihara walked home with you last night."

"He walked me to my house, then went home," said Ririka, "I haven't seen him."

Some boys next to Chibi-Usa started whispering.  "Last night I got a call from his parents.  He wasn't home yet..."
Chibi-Usa and Momo were outside.  They came upon Ririka pulling flowers out of the school garden.  "What are you doing?" demanded Chibi-Usa, "Our class worked hard to plant those flowers."
Ririka smiled innocently.  "Don't you think it's better to pick them before they get ugly and die?"
Chibi-Usa disagreed.  She said even though the flowers die, they drop seeds so that new flowers will grow the next year.
Ririka laughed at Chibi-Usa.  She placed the palm of her hand against Chibi-Usa's face.  "Your cheeks are so plump and delicious-looking," said Ririka.  Then Ririka walked away.

Chibi-Usa thought to herself that Ririka's hands were very cold.

"Look!" exclaimed Momo.  "Where she picked the flower, the plants have all died away...!"