Steve & Christy Augustine's
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Peoria Updates
Find out who is traveling to Peoria, what Jerome and Colleen's travel schedule is, and read the updates on Jerome.
Hotel Options
To find out about hotel options, please see an email from Colleen, or visit our Travel section and look for the hotels marked as being near the Augustine house.

Our Wedding Web Site
   Visit Steve & Christy's Wedding Web Site to find out all about our wedding that took place on August 14, 1999.

Our First Home
  Steve and I are really excited about our new home and wanted to share our excitement with our family and friends.
Pictures Coming Soon
Wedding & Honeymoon Pictures
Take a look at some of the pictures from our wedding and honeymoon.
Some Pictures Now Available!

Christy's Shower Recipes
We just wanted to share some of the great recipes that Christy received at her bridal shower.
Now Available!

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