Asbury Computer Club Meetings

Last Updated October 25th, 2004

This Site is a record of presentations at the monthly meetings of the Asbury Computer Club starting with the 2003-2004 season. It provides convenient clickable access to the Internet information sources as described and illustrated by the presentors.

2004-2005 Season:

    Next Meeting:

    Wednesday, November 10th, Rosborough Center
    7:15 Discussion, 7:30 meeting

    Past Meetings:

  • Snagit: award winning screen capture utility. October 13th, 2004 Charlie Fullerton demonstrated several of the most useful SnagIt capabilities for capturing just those portions of single or multiple screens of information that you may wish to save, edite or share.

  • How to protect our computers from attack. September 8th, 2004 Bob Nisbet discussed the importance of understanding the risks of attack whenever our computers are attached to the Internet. He explained the need for, and use of strong passwords, anti-virus software, firewalls, and the new threats from "phishing".

2003-2004 Season: "Year of the Internet - Beyond Email"

  • Online Banking. June 9th, 2004 Todd Rovin illustrated the current Online banking services now available, such as accessing your banking and credit card accounts, transferring funds, paying bills, and more.

  • Webcams on the Internet. May 12, 2004 Charlie Fullerton described and showed how the installation of low cost digital cameras connected to the internet (Webcams) have proliferated around the World, enabling us to view live snapshot images of cities, zoos, construction sites, ski slopes, cruise ships, satellite views of earth, and other activities.

  • Internet Genealogical resources. April 12, 2004 Henry Whitney illustrated the use of the popular program Family Tree Maker which is now installed on each of the PCs in the Smithey Center. He demonstrated the use of a number of powerful on line information resources specifically oriented to genealogical research and fact finding,including the recently released 1930 U.S. Census.

  • Searching with Google - Beyond The Basics March 10, 2004
    Charlie Fullerton showed examples of how to compose queries for use with the Advanced Google input form to retrieve information, depending on two areas of interest: "Need to Know" compelled by an important need, or "Curiosity Seeking" for information about subjects that have sparked our interests.

  • Travel Research, Planning and Arrangements February 12, 2004 Chip Hickey showed us how we could be our own travel agent by using the Internet to make all of our travel plans and arrangements at the best prices.

  • Magazines and Newspapers from around the World January 13, 2004 Charlie Fullerton showed examples of how to discover, examine, and choose our personal favorites from the hundreds of familiar, and not so familiar newspapers and magazines, copies of which are now published on the Internet.

  • How the Internet Works December 11, 2003 Bob Nisbet explained how any piece of information (i.e. an e-mail message) is broken into dozens or hundreds of packets and then sent by way of a number of individual paths to the destination where they are then reassembled.

  • Managing Your Favorites November 12, 2003 Hugh Scher gave a tutorial on how to choose, capture, and organize our links (Favorites).
    He also explained how to share your own favorites lists with your friends.

  • Searches on the Internet October 8, 2003 Charlie Fullerton illustrated how to uncover useful information on the Internet.
    He identified a variety of good search engines for us to try.

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