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       Compilations & Collections
  The Brass Fiddle: Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal (Dan Beimborn)
Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar, volumes 1 (Ramble to Cashel) and 2 (The Blarney Pilgrim) "The seven guitarists ... are tops in their field ... subtle and extremely expressive." (7/5/98)
  Celtic Spirit (Ceolas Pick of the Month)
  Celtic Treasure--the legacy of Turlough O'Carolan (Ceolas Pick of the Month)
  Celtic Voices (Ceolas Pick of the Month)
Gaelic Roots (ACQ, 3/98)
brief review Gorcuon Canu Gwerin Newyoo--The Best of New Welsh Folk Music (New and Hot column, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 2/98)
  I'm Leaving Tipperary Wide range of Irish musicians recorded in America during the 20s and 30s. (RootsWorld)
brief review Shetland Dialect (New and Hot column, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 2/98)
  The Gathering (RootsWorld)
The Lomax Collection: Ireland "Excellent listening and historically important" (7/11/98)
The Green Linnet 20th Anniversary Collection (ACQ, 3/98)
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