1999 Kerth Awards

Yes, we did it again! :-)  Erin Klingler was our Fearless Leader this year, and she did a fabulous job.  Check out her  must-see webpage for all the details, including the winners!.  Latest update: 4/28/99.

What are the Kerth Awards?

L&C at the KerthsNamed after a journalism prize on the show, these are, simply, a series of fan-decided awards for the best in Lois & Clark fanfiction stories.  The idea originated on the L&C Fanfic listserver in February of 1998 (for details on last year's awards, check out my 1998 Kerth Awards page), and due to the tireless efforts of many FOLCs we had a fun and successful experience last year -- so much so that we decided to do it again.  This is our way to reward the many wonderful, talented, and hard-working fan writers out there, who have blessed us with their creativity. 

There are three main stages to the process: 

[Note:  The award ceremony took place on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC), brining many FOLCs onto the IRC for the first time.  Besides an Internet connection, you'll need IRC software; you might want to try mIRC. mIRC is a very excellent shareware program, and it's widely used so you can find lots of FoLCs to give you handy tips. Remember, you need to connect to an Undernet server; from there, /join #loiscla to find kindred spirits.]

Thank you volunteers!

Many people volunteered their time and efforts to make the ceremony a success -- all the presenters, of course, our wav jockey Anne, our Mistress of Ceremonies EmmyRose (Tanya), and my team of techies who worked behind the scenes to make sure that things went smoothly.  We're also indebted to Yvonne and Ellen for coming up with material for our commercial breaks :-)

Who Were the Nominees?

Genevieve Clemens put up a wonderful page that lists all the nominees, with links, so that you can find all the nominees in one place. 

Who Won?

Check out the Main Fanfic Archive.   They've got the list of winners, and as an added bonus, all the stories that were either nominated or won have been marked with award ribbons, so you can easily spot the stories that your fellow fans felt were exceptional.

And now that you know all about the Kerth Awards, feel free to check out my personal page (with lots of pictures of my son! :-), or go back to the FoLC Obsession Page.

This page was last updated April 28, 1999.