John Ussery and Elizabeth

John Ussery is believed to have been about 1729 possibly in present day Lunenburg Co, VA. or Hanover Co., VA. His parents were William and Minerva Mays Ussery. It is believed that John died in Montgomery Co, NC. His wifeís name was Elizabeth.

Court records create a path for us to follow:

∑ ANSON CO, NC - Deed BookH #1 page 53-1756- John Ussery to Thomas Ussery, both of Anson - SW side of Cheeks Creek, from sd John Wood to John Ussery dated 1756. s/John Ussery Test: Wm. Ussery/S. Gross/ Sarah Ussery

∑ ANSON CO. -Deed Book 3 page 60--August 8 1763-Frederick Touchstone and Rose his wife; Christopher and Stephen Touchstone all of the county of Anson Planters---to John Usery of the province of North Carolina Planter---------two tracts or parcel of land being in county and state aforesaid that which was granted to John Francis by his majesty's letter patent dated June 20th 1746 and by the said Francis conveyed to Richard Touchstone and by the said Richard conveyed and bequeathed to Frederick, Christopher, beginning on the North side of Great Pee Dee River-------containing 300 acres---------the other tract was granted to Henry Touchstone----conveyed to Frederick and Christopher beginning on the So. side of little river. s/Frederick Touchstone/Christopher Touchstone/Rose R. Touchstone and Stephen Touchstone. Test: John Williams and Chas. Robinson

∑ ANSON CO -Deed Book 3 page 67 Jan 22 1763--Peter Presley to John Usery---both of Anson county---certain tr. of land on the no. side of Great Pee Dee River----granted to Thomas Homes patent dated 1749. s/Peter P. Presler. Test: J. Denson and James J. Shephard.

∑ LUNENBURG CO.,VA: Jan. 23, 1764 Ambros Williams and John Ussery are petitioned.

∑ ANSON CO. - Deed Book 5 page 23 May 15 1766 John Wood to John Ussery, both of Anson County----for 110 pounds prov. money----a tr. or parcel of land lying in Anson county on the west side of Great Pee Dee River on Cheeks Creek the water of Little River------granted unto him patent date Sept 1756. s/John Wood. Test: W. Ussery/ Luke Robinson/ Christian Robinson

∑ ANSON CO., NC - Sept. 23, 1766, Land Warrant No. 517 - for 100 acre plantation upon Pee Dee at the mouth of Little River to John USSERY from His Excellency William Tryon, Esquire, Captain-General, Governor and Commander in Chief, in and over the said Province.

ANSON CO., NC - Tax List 1767:
Elizabeth Ussery 500 acres
Joshua Ussery 300 acres
David Ussery
John Ussery, Sr. 300 acres
Thomas Ussery, Esq. 240 acres.

∑ ANSON CO - February 12, 1767 survey for 150 acres at Buffalo Creek east of Little River beginning at a Water Oak on the upper side of said Creek said to be Charles Robinsonís upper corner and runs thence as his line S. 65 E. 51 chains & 25 links to a White Oak then as his line S. 25 E 40 chains & 40 links then N 43E 31 chains and 70 links then N 47 W 10 and as a line said ___for William Pellum 66 chains and 60 links to a Black Jack then direct to the beginning. Surveyed for John Ussery this 12 Day of Feb. 1767. Robt. Edwards. Sur.

∑ LUNENBURG CO., VA -Order Book 12, page 61, March 1767- John Ussery ordered to pay Elizabeth Trustee for four days attendance in court. (Elizabeth must have conducted business in Virginia on behalf of her husband)

∑ ANSON CO., -Deed Book H-1 page 27 - April 28,1767

This Indenture made the twenty eight day of April and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven between JOHN USSERY and ELIZABETH USSERY his wife of the county of Anson the Province of North Carolina of the one part Planter, and WILLIAM LEAKE of Buckingham County in the colony of Virginia of the other part Planter:

Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred and thirty pounds current money of Virginia to the said JOHN USSERY in hand paid by the said WILLIAM LEAKE to and before the sealing and delivery of these presents (The Receipt and payment whereof is hereby acknowledged) Hath Granted Bargained, sold, aliened, Enfessed, Conveyed and Confirmed, and by these presents doth Grant, bargain sell alien, Enfess, Convey, and confirm unto the said WILLIAM LEAKE his heirs and assigns forever a certain Tract or Parcel of Land situate lying and being I the said County of Anson and Province of North Carolina on the Northeast side of Great PeeDee River being a tract of land granted to JOHN FRANCIES by his Majesties letter Patent Bareing date June 21, 1746 and by the said JOHN FRANCIES conveyed to Richard Touchstone and by the said Richard Touchstone conveyed and bequeathed to Frederick Touchstone, Christopher Touchstone and Stephen Touchstone conveyed to him the said JOHN USSERY.

Beginning on the North side of Great PeeDee River at Hickory on the lake isle land and South Buffalo then East 156 p then No. 8 p W 420 p to Little River thence down the various courses thereof of Great PeeDee thence down the various courses of the same to the first beginning containing by Estimation three hundred acres be the same more or less.

With their appurtenances situate lying and being as aforesaid with their and every of their Rights members and appurtenances whatsoever and the Revertion and Revertions remainder and remainders of all and singular the said Land, and Tenements, Hereditaments and Premises hereby Granted or intended to be Granted and of every part and parcel thereof and all rents issues services and profits to them or any of them or any part or parcels of them or any of them incident belonging or appertaining and also all and Every the Estate and Estates Rights, and titles claims interest and demands whatsoever of them the said JOHN USSERY and ELIZABETH his wife into or out of the said Lands, tenements hereditaments and premises whatsoever hereby granted or mentioned to be granted or any of them or any part or parcel thereof.

To have and to hold the said land tenements Hereditaments and premises hereby granted with their appurtenances to the said WILLIAM LEAKE his heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behoof of the said WILLIAM LEAKE his heirs and assigns forever and the said JOHN USSERY and ELIZABETH USSERY for themselves their heirs Executors and administrators doth hereby Promise Covenant and agree that they the said JOHN USSERY and ELIZABETH their heirs Executors and administrators shall and will at all times warrant and forever defend the said premises to the said WILLIAM LEAKE his heirs and assigns against all lawful claims or Demands whatsoever whereby the above mentioned premises might or may be affected or encumbered Contrary to the true intent and meaning of these presents.

In witness whereof the said JOHN USSERY and ELIZABETH his wife hereunto set their hand and seals the day and year first above written. JOHN USSERY (Seal) ELIZABETH USSERY (her X mark). Signed Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of WILLIAM USSERY, s. Gral (Survey General?) and REBECCAH MASK. (NOTE: This land was in the part of Anson County which in 1779 became Richmond County).

∑ ANSON CO - Land Grants: 23 Sept 1766 John Ussery 100 acres Upper Pee Dee River
No. 1134 (not clear) issued 22 December 1768 to John Ussery for 150 acres on Great Buffalo Creek. (Book 20 page 393 NC Archives)
12 Nov 1771 John Ussery 600 acres Upper side Creek
5 May 1778 John Ussery 640 acres N.E. of Pee Dee

∑ ANSON CO., Deed Book 7 pg 285 Jan 23 1769- William Ussery to John Ussery both of Anson county--certain tr. of land in Anson county at the cross rds of P.D. and Cape Fear 100 acres granted to Thomas Randel 1763 s/ Wm. Usery Test: Solomon Gross/ James

∑ ANSON CO., Deed Book 7 page 262 Feb 1, 1769- John Usery and Elizabeth his wife of Anson County to Wm Leak of county Buckingham Colony of VA 2 tr. of land on north side of Great Pee Dee, one being that granted to Thomas Homes conveyed by Homes to Thomas Coleman 1749 by sd. Coleman to his son John Coleman to Peter Brister (Presler) to John Usery 1762. s/ John Usery and Elizabeth Usery Test: Jno. Skinner Solomon Gross Rebeccah Mask

∑ April 15, 1771- John Ussery petitioned Robert Palmer, Surveyor General of the Council Chamber regarding an error in survey. ďThe petition of John Ussery of Anson County setting forth that he is possessed of a Tract of Land patented by Thos. Holmes Ap. 7th 1749 in which by the Error of the Surveyor the 6th line is reversed from West to East as appears by a Resurvey now returned, and praying the Patent and Record may be altered agreeable thereto. Ordered it be altered accordingly.

The resurvey reads as follows: The above Trapezia represents a survey of land patented by Thomas Holmes for one hundred acres (as) of April 7, 1749 - on the NE side of the Pedee River therein Bladen County, now in Anson County. Beginning at a Hickary -John ______corner on the Rivers bank and running south to a line of marked trees then east 41 chains and 50 links then S.9.0 W. 25 Chains and 50 links then S.3.4 E. 10 Chains containing about..(the rest is unclear) Resurveyed for John Ussery the 15th of July 1771. R. Edwards, Sur.

∑ ANSON CO - Land Grant No. 337 for 600 acres issued November 24, 1771 on the upper side of Cheekís Creek (Book 24 page 1-NC Archives)

∑ ANSON CO- January 29, 1779- 640 acres northeast of Pee Dee and southeast of Cheeks Creek surveyed.

From November 1-December 15, 1790 the North Carolina General Assembly met in Fayetteville, NC. John Ussery sat in the House of Commons during this Assembly representing Montgomery County.

The believed children of John & Elizabeth Ussery:

  1. Joshua Ussery
  2. David Ussery
  3. Peter Ussery
  4. Elijah Ussery
  5. John Ussery
  6. Elizabeth Ussery m. Jonathan Hory m: Jan 13, 1783

David Ussery

David Ussery, son of John Ussery, is believed to have been born abput 1757 in Anson Co, NC. His wife is unknown. It is believed he sired the following children:

  1. James Ussery, Sr. mar. Miss Baldwin
  2. William D. Ussery mar. Miss Baldwin
  3. David Ussery, Jr.
  4. Miles Ussery
  5. John Ussery

Miles Ussery and Eliza Baldwin

Miles Ussery was born about 1810 in Montgomery Co, NC to David Ussery. By trade he was a blacksmith and a farmer. Miles died in 1892 in Montgomery Co, NC. In Montgomery Co. in 1837, he married Eliza Baldwin who was born about 1820 in Montgomery Co, NC and died 1895 in Montgomery Co, NC . They are both buried in the Ussery CemeteryPekin, Montgomery Co., NC.

The records of Montgomery County, North Carolina, show that Mastin Gadd conveyed to Pinkney Gadd his interest in the dower land of his mother Elizabeth by deed dated November 12, 1853, Deed Book 17, page 396, which establishes the fact that Mastin and Pinkney were brothers and sons of Joseph and Elizabeth, also, Washington, Joseph and Thomas appear to have been sons of Joseph, Jr. and Elizabeth. The two Josephs, Mastin, Pinkney, Washington, William, Major and James Gadd bought and sold quite a lot of lands on Dry Branch and Cheeks creek of the Great Pee Dee River near the line of Richmond and Montgomery counties. By deed dated December 29, 1856, Deed Book, 19, page 7, Montgomery county, Mastin Gadd sold all his lands to Miles Ussery for $800 and moved to Northern Mississippi. (See Mississippi Line.) About the same time Washington, Pinkney and Joseph is reported to have moved to Arkansas and nothing is known as to their descendents.

They had the following known children:

  1. Welcome Ussery b: Jul 1838 in Montgomery Co, NC d: Apr 14, 1917 in Montgomery Co, NC Ann Eliza Sedberry b: Dec 7, 1844 d: May 26, 1909 in Richmond Co, NC Northam Cemetery, Rockingham
  2. Mastin Alfred Ussery b: 1839 in Montgomery Co, NC d: 1893 mar. Mary Jane Sedberry b: 1850 in NC
  3. Moses Harrison Ussery
  4. Frances A. Ussery b: 1843 in Montgomery Co, NC mar. William Robert Bowles
  5. John T. Ussery b: 1845 in Montgomery Co, NC
  6. Miles Ussery, Jr. b: 1846 in Montgomery Co, NC mar. Martha "Patsy" Horte
  7. Robert Ussery b: Abt. 1851 in Montgomery Co, NC d: Dec 1904 mar. Annie Jane Owen b: 1865
  8. Eliza A Ussery b: 1853 in Montgomery Co, NC
  9. Elizabeth Ussery b: 1855 in Montgomery Co, NC mar. Robert M. Mills
  10. Mary Ussery b: 1857 in Montgomery Co, NC mar. Frank Richardson
  11. Martha C. Ussery b: 1860 in Montgomery Co, NC d: Jan 28, 1898 mar. Louis Homer Smith
  12. Diza Rosena Ussery b: 1864 in Montgomery Co, NC

Mastin Alfred Ussery and Mary Jane Sedberry

Mastin Alfred Ussery was born in 1839 in Montgomery Co, NC to Miles Ussery. He died in 1893. He married Mary Jane Sedberry who was born 1850 in NC. He is listed in the 1870 Richmond Co., NC Census, Census, Steel's Twp .Usry Bul #6, pg-8

They had the following children:

  1. Thomas Waverly Ussery b: 1866 in Montgomery Co, NC mar. Corinne Griffin
  2. Sarah Ussery b: Abt. 1869 in Montgomery Co, NC
  3. Miles Ussery b: Abt. 1871 in Montgomery Co, NC
  4. George H. Ussery b: 1872 in Montgomery Co, NC mar. Mary T. Meacham b: 1874
  5. Robert Ussery b: Abt. 1876 in Montgomery Co, NC
  6. Alfred Ussery b: 1878 in Montgomery Co. NC
  7. Benjamin Franklin Ussery

John Ussery and Sarah

It is not known when John Ussery was born, but it is believed he is the same John who died in 1784. Speculation has been made that he was born around 1718 and arrived in Baltimore in the 1730's. His wife was Sarah, (mn unknown) and they had the following children:

  1. Thomas Ussery
  2. Pleasant Ussery mar. Susanna D. Irby
  3. Annice Ussery and Thomas Almand, Sr.
  4. Samuel Ussery
  5. Sarah Ussery? mar. Callyhan?

Lunenburg Co 15 Mar 1782-
Court held for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for public use :
pg 16 John Ussery 575# beef
pg 19 John Ussery for 2 guns
(Taken from "Virginia Revolutionary Public Claims, Vol ll by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten)

Wills and Adminstrators Book 3, page 169. In Lunenburg County 1784

_________the appraisers therein appointed proceeded to value the Estate of John Ussery, deceased, being first sworn as by law directed, and find____________inventory. Witness our hands: Benj. Edmondson, George Marable(?)

Inventory of the Estate of John Ussery, Deceased:
100-0-0-  1 negro woman____and child		
115-0-0-  1 negro girl Sarah 						
25-1-0-   4 horse  									  
18-0-0-   1 mare                                       
10-0-0-   1 small mare colt                        
1-5-0-     3 pots                                          
 0-5-0-    1 ___ and wheel 
 10-0-0-    _ parcel of hogs                           
14-0-0-    _ head of cattle                            
6-0-0-     1 bed and furniture                          
6-0-0-     1 bed and bedstead                        
0-6-0 -    6 bottles                                         
0-12-0-   1 parcel of cotton                          
0-10-0-   2 chest and tanks                          
1-0-0-     1 sadle                                           
20-0-0-   1 parcel of bacon                           
0-18-0-   1 parcel of tubes                            
15-0-0-   4 parcel of corn                              
2-0-11-   cash                                             
1 spinning wheel
1-4-0-    a parcel of wheat                              
0-3-6-    a parcel of household furniture            
a parcel of fat 
0-6-0-    a parcel of books                               
 0-6-0    a parcel of earthenware vials-tanks     
0-2-0-    a parcel of Iron                                   
2-0-0-    a parcel of tallow                                
0-15-0-   a parcel of geese                               
1-0-0-    a parcel of iron and old saddle             
1-0-0-    a parcel of beehives                            
0-12-0-   2 cards and other lumber                    
329-2-4    Total    	                                     

At a court held for Lunenburg Co., VA the 8th day of July 1784, the within Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of John Ussery, deceased, was returned and ordered recorded. Wm. Taylor, Clc

Annice Ussery and Thomas Almand, Sr.

Other Almand researchers include Hugh Baxter ; Carolyn Buckley ; John Davis ; Shirley Hendrix

Annice Ussery was born possibly in Spotsylvania Co., VA. Her parents were John and Sarah Ussery. She died in Burke Co., unknown. About 1778 in Spotsylvania Co., VA she married Thomas Almand, Sr. who was born Mar 18, 1762 Spotsylvania Co., VA and died before 1806 in Elbert Co., GA. It is believed that Thomas was a veteran of the Indian Wars serving in 3rd Co. of GA. Batt. commanded by Capt. John Duncan. On payroll Jun 9 1782 - Nov 4, 1795 - enlisted Dec. 16, 1782 and served 10 mos, 18 days. It is also believed he moved to Rockingham Co., NC by August 16, 1779 and then in Georgia by 1782. In 1806, as a widow of a soldier , Annice drew land in Elbert Co., GA . (Source: Erbon W. Wise)

Thomas Almand, Sr. served in Revolution as a private in the 3rd Company of the 3rd Georgia Battalion, commanded by Capt. John Ducones, and appears on their payroll from June 8, 1782 to November 4, 1785. He enlisted in 1782 while evidently living in Burke Co, GA. He had a land grant in Burke Co in 1788; moved to Rockingham Co, NC. (There is speculation from some Almand Researchers that this Rev. Record may not belong to this Thomas Almand, as there were two other Thomas Almand's listed in Virginia at the same time.)

They had the following children:

  1. Thomas Almand, Jr mar. Nancy David.
  2. John Almand b: Burke Co., GA d: GA mar. Ann Suttles b: Abt. 1778
  3. James Almand b: 1783
  4. Ussery Almand b: 1785 Ga? mar. Sarah "Sally" Brown
  5. William Almand b: Abt. 1800

Two Simeon Almands

January, 2007

Nancy H. Baxter

Many researchers have confused or combined two men named Simeon Almand. The two men were Simeon Almand born 1804 in Elbert Co., GA and Simeon Dock Almand born 7 July 1825 in Newton Co., GA. There is no middle name or initial for the first Simeon. At least, I have not seen it.

Simeon Dock Almand was s/o Thomas Almand and Nancy David. On 9 July 1846, he married Irene A. Wooley and they lived together until Simeonís death on 9 October 1899. They lived this entire time in Newton Co., GA or Rockdale Co., GA (taken from part of Newton Co. in 1880). Census records of 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 indicate this. In 2000, the widow Irene was living in Wilkes Co., GA with son Richard Almand and son John Almand was also living with them. According to census records and other records, Simeon and Irene had 9 children born between 1847 and 1874. I have the names if anyone requests them.

Simeon Almand was born in 1804 in Elbert Co., GA and died 15 June 1856 in Claiborne Parish, LA. He married Mary B. Fortson 21 Nov 1826 in Elbert Co., GA. He possibly could be s/o John Almand and Ann Suttles. There is much evidence of this but I have no absolute proof. Simeon and Mary had 6 children and Mary died in childbirth 27 March 1848 with their 7th child. They were in Harris Co., GA at the time. Simeon moved his family to Harris Co., GA in about 1836. Several Almand, Fortson, Webb, and Brawner families moved from Elbert Co., GA to Harris Co. GA, at this time. Children of Simeon Almand and Mary B. Fortson were:

William James Almand born 22 Aug 1827 in Elbert Co., GA-died 29 June 1902 in Claiborne Parish, LA (buried at Fuller Cemetery in Webster Parish, LA). He married Martha C. Fuller 17 June 1848 in Harris Co., GA. They had 11 known children. She is also buried at Fuller Cemetery.

Asa White Almand born 1830 in Elbert Co., GA-died 9 Sep 1863 in Civil War. He married Martha A. Fincher 30 Nov 1858 in Claiborne Parish, LA. They had 1 daughter.

Jane Frances Almand born 1835 Elbert Co., GA. She married Freeman Rickerson 27 Oct 1851 in Harris Co., GA. Freeman died in 1862. They had 5 sons. Jane then married Maury D. Adkins in 1867 in Claiborne Parish, LA. They lived in Webster Parish, LA.

Cornelia Almedia Almand born Nov 1837 in Harris Co., GA. She married John C. Willingham 24 Jan 1856 in Claiborne Parish, LA. No children.

Adelia Ann Almand born 1840. She married John T. Willingham 14 Dec 1856 in Claiborne Parish, LA. They had 6 known children.

Jesse Marion Almand born 14 July 1845 in Harris Co., GA-died 9 Feb 1908 in Claiborne Parish. LA. He married Margaret Matilda Browning 15 April 1869 in Claiborne Parish, LA. They had 10 children.

Simeon Almand then married Rachel Laney Blackmon, d/o David and Nancy Laney. She was the widow of Perry Blackmon. Simeon and Rachel married 25 Nov 1850 in Harris Co., GA. Their children were:

Joseph Johnson Almond born Oct 1851 in Harris Co., GA-died 1931 in Webster Parish, LA. He married Rebecca Elizabeth Youngblood 8 Feb 1870 in Claiborne Parish, LA. Note: Joseph changed the spelling to Almond because he said all of his mail was getting mixed up with other Almand families. All of his family uses the spelling of Almond. John Henry Almand born 1854 in Claiborne Parish, LA. He married Elizabeth F. Beck 7 Jan 1874 in Claiborne Parish, LA. They had 3 children. No other research has been done on this family. Louisiana America Almand born in 1856 in Claiborne Parish, LA, soon after her father died. She married Ephraim Strickland 13 Dec 1871 in Claiborne Parish, LA. She died in 1936 and is buried in Gilgal Cemetery. She married 2nd Joseph W. Adams. 1900 Census shows she had 9 children with 8 living. I can only account for 7 children

Moses Harrison Ussery and Sarah Jane "Sally" Baldwin

Moses Harrison Ussery was born Nov 1840 in Montgomery Co, NC Miles Ussery. He died in Montgomery Co, NC on the old Hiram Bladwin homeplace. By trade he was a wheelright, carpenter, lumberman and a farmer. About 1866 in Montgomery County, NC he married Sarah Jane "Sally" Baldwin, the daughter of Hiram and Elizabeth Baldwin.

They had the following children:

  1. William Taylor Ussery
  2. Disa Jane "Jennie" Ussery b: 1869 in Montgomery Co, NC mar. Reuben Hayes
  3. Percena Alice "Cenis" Ussery b: 1872 in Montgomery Co, NC mar. D.J. Cagle

William Taylor Ussery and Harriet "Hattie" Richardson

William Taylor Ussery was born Jan 7, 1867 in Montgomery Co, NC to Moses Ussery. He died Sep 28, 1933 in Richmond Co, NC . He married Harriet "Hattie" Richardson b: Feb 19, 1867 d: Oct 8, 1952 . They are both buried in the Ellerbe Cemetery. They had the following children:

  1. Moses "Moke" Harrison Ussery
  2. W. Carl Ussery mar Thyra Royal
  3. Frank Ottis Ussery b: Mar 10, 1900 in Montgomery County, NC mar. Grace Swain
  4. Pearl Ussery mar. Will McCormack
  5. William Lee Ussery mar. Bonnie Moris
  6. Robert Vinson Ussery mar. Lillian Henderson
  7. Emory Taylor Ussery mar. Mary Lee Copeland
  8. Lon R. Ussery mar. Zilphia Willis *2nd Wife of Lon R. Ussery: Hazel Mashburn

Moses "Moke" Harrison Ussery and Ethel Greene

Moses "Moke" Harrison Ussery was born Sep 16, 1895 in Montgomery Co, NC to William Taylor Ussery . He died Jul 7, 1973 in Richmond Co, NC. His wife was Ethel Greene who was born Apr 19, 1894 in Rebedale, NC and died Jan 15, 1980 in Richmond Co, NC. They are both buried in the Norman Cemetery. They had the following children:

  1. Evelyn Mae Ussery b: Oct 26, 1919 mar. Henry Nichols
  2. Ruby Pearl Ussery b: Jul 22, 1922 mar. Bill Roberson
  3. Blanche Hope Ussery b: Sep 2, 1921
  4. Ethel G. Ussery b: Jul 22, 1924 mar. Henry Reynolds
  5. William Taylor Ussery
  6. Georgie Patterson Ussery b: Jul 3, 1930 mar. Bill Deavers

William Taylor Ussery and Elsie Mae Martin

William Taylor Ussery was born Aug 13, 1925 in Norman, NC to Moke Ussery. He died March 10, 1975 in Richmond Co, NC and is buried in the Norman Cemetery. He married Elsie Mae Martin who was born in 1930 in Ellerbe, SC. They had the following children


  1. William David Ussery
  2. Randy Martin Ussery
  3. Richard T. Ussery b: Dec 6, 1949 in Richmond Co, NC d: Mar 3, 1967 in Richmond Co, NC Norman Cemetery
  4. infant b: Oct 24, 1950 in Richmond Co, NC d: Oct 24, 1950 in Richmond Co, NC Mt. Carmel Cemetery

William David Ussery and Peggy Jean Hursy

The following people are still living, but it was requested by Wanda Suzanne Ussery they be included)

William David Ussery was born May 16, 1946. He married Peggy Jean Hursey. They have the following children and and granchildren:

  1. Wanda Suzanne Ussery b: Sep 9, 1966 mar. Stephen Bernasconi. Their son: Stephen Bernasconi, Jr.
  2. William David Ussery, Jr. b: Mar 5, 1969 mar. ?. They have the following children:
    Katherine Ussery; Taylor Ussery; Amber Ussery

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