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Usher, Samuel/P0003.0005/ 07 27 1836 
Ussery, W D/ P0003.0003 /12 22 1838 
Ussery, William D /P0002.0002/ 12 09 1835 
Ussery, William T /Letter. P0004.0004/ 04 30 1857 

Anson County


Ann Ussarry (age 22 - Daughter of Jesse & Liza Ussarry) to Gaston Bailey (Age 28 - son of Henry & Sarah Bailey) Jun 8, 1899 - Courthouse Marriage Index - Wills, Anson Co., NC:

Will of Michael Nash, 7 August 1838; proved January Term 1842, names daughter, Sarah Ussery, etc

F-248 Will of Martha Harris, 30 March 1926, Bequests: To friend Rosa Ussery, all my land, with her two children, Ruth and Demorros Ussery; to grandson, Eli Ussery...; to daugher Alice Harris Ussery...

Will of J.B. Henry Will of JB HENRY October 5, 1919 County of Anson, town of Wadesboro, North Carolina

Executors shall give to my body a decent burial suitable to my friends and relatives, pay all my expenses, together with my debts, of the first monies which come from my estate.

Item 2: heretofore advance to my daughter, ROSA USSERY, wife of ELI USSERY, the sum of two hundred dollars. To my son, SHALVOR HENRY, the sum of two hundred dollars. To my son ROBERT DEWEY HENRY, one hundred dollars counted for a distributed to my estate as hereto set out.

Item 3: Give and bequeath to ROBERT L. LAMPLEY, and SHALVOR HENRY the sum of one thousand five hundred dollars in trust for use in benefit of my three minor daughters MATTIE HENRY, age 17, ORPHA HENRY, age 14, MADGE HENRY, age 12, years. Five hundred dollars to each said daughters said trustees shall manage said sums to interest of said minors, and paid to each daughter remainder of sums if any, remains at age twenty one.

Item 4: All of the remainder of my estate which consists of notes on mortgages on land and stock of goods, wares and merchandise located in storeroom owned by H.W. LITTLE, automobile, household and kitchen furniture and other notes and accounts, and money on land I give and bequeath to the following named children share and share alike to wit. ROSE USSERY, wife of ELI USSERY, SHALVOR HENRY, LULA USSERY, wife of FRANK USSERY, ROBERT DEWEY HENRY, BERTA HENRY, MATTIE HENRY, ORPHA HENRY, MADGE HENRY, the advancements heretofore made to ROSA USSERY, SHALVOR HENRY, AND ROBERT DEWEY HENRY shall be taken into consideration and accounted for in the distribution of my estate among my said children.

Item 5: My said executors shall turn over to my trustees herein before named for MATTIE HENRY, ORTHO HENRY, and MADGE HENRY the portion of my estate herein given and bequeathed to my said children, who shall manage and benefit the said children until each said daughter arrives at the age of twenty-one years. Said trustees are authorized and empowered and directed to use such portion of said estate as may be needed for the support education and maintenance of my aforesaid daughters. Until each daughter arrives at the age of twenty one years when they shall pay over to said daughters amounts due her, my son ROBERT DEWEY HENRY has been managing my mercantile business but there has been no agreement as to what I should pay him for his services. It is my desire that he be paid a reasonable compensation for services rendered me after deducting such sums as paid him up to my death.

Item 6: Should any of my said minor children die before reaching twenty one years without leaving lawful issue then in that event it is my will and desire and I so direct that whatever monies belong to said daughter so dying remaining in the hands of trustees shall be divided equally among my said children.

Item 7: I hereby constitute and appoint ROBERT LAMPLEY and SHALVOR HENRY my lawful executors to all intents and purposes to issue this my last will and testament according to intent and meaning to every part and clause thereby. Hereby revoking all previous wills heretofore made.

9th of August, 1919

Colonial NC Records: 7-808 Address from the inhabitants of Anson county to Cov. Tryon, signed by Thomas Ussery, Jno Almond, etc

Colonial NC Records: 8-80 Petition from Anson Co., 9 Oct 1769, signed by William Ussery , Thomas Ussery, Benjamin Covington, etc.

Colonial NC Records: 22-3 At a convention held at Hillsboro 25 July 1788, the following were elected: Montgomery Co- Wm. Loftin, Wm Kindall, James McDonald, Thomas Usseryand Thomas Butler.

Colonial NC Records: 22-26 Voted nay in the Assembly, Aug. 1, 1788: Thomas Ussery

Court Records, Anson Co., NC:

C-140 J.B. Richards and C.B. Lindsey, plaintiff, vs. Jesse Usry and Jackson Gulledge, defendants, Feb 4, 1891. Jury ruled against defendants, Nov. 21, 1890; $75 interest from January 1888.

D-260 J.M. Covington, plaintiff, vs Robert Ussery, defendant, Sept. 24, 1898: ruled $123 against the defendant.

Deeds, Surveys, Petitions and Land Grants, Anson Co., NC:

Signers of Petition - Regulators
Petition dated 9 October 1769.
"Mr. Speaker and Gen't of the Assembly.

Humbly Showeth:
That the Province in General labour under general grievances, and the western part thereof under particular ones; which we not only see, but very sensibly feel, being crouch'd beneath our sufferings and not withstanding our sacred privileges, have too long yielded ourselves slaves to remorseless oppression. - Permit us to conceive it to be our inviolable right to make known our grievances, and to petition for redress as appears in the Bill of Rights pass'd in the reign of King Charles the first, as well as the Act of Settlement of the Crown of the Revolution. We therefore beg leave at the Act of the Settlement of the Crown of the Revolution. We therefore beg leave to lay before you a specimen thereof that your compassionate endeavors may tend to the relief of your injured Constituents, whose distressed condition call aloud for aid. The alarming cries of the oppressed possibly may reach your ears; but without your zeal how they shall ascend the throne - how relentless is the breast without sympathy, the heart that cannot bleed on a view of our calamity; to see tenderness removed, cruelty stepping in; and all our liberties and privileges invaded and abridg'd (by as it were) domestickes; who are conscious of their guilt and void of remorse. - O how darling! how relentless whilst impending Judgements loudly threaten and gaze upon them, with every emblem of merited destruction. A few of the many grievances are as follows, (viz't)

   1.    That the poor inhabitants in general are much oppress'd by
reason of the disproportionate Taxes, and those of the western
Counties in particular; as they are geneally in mean circumstances.

2. That no method is prescribed by law for the payment of the taxes of the Western Counties in produce (in lieu of a currency) as in other Counties within this Province to the Peoples great oppression.

3. That Lawyers, Clerks, and other petitioners; in place of being obsequious Servants for the Country's use, are become a nuisance, as the business of the people is often transacted without the least degree of fairness, the intention of the law evaded, exorbitant fees extorted, and the sufferers left to mourn under their oppressions.

4. That an Attorney should have it in his power, either for the sake of ease or interest, or to gratify their malevolence and spite, or commence suits to what courts he pleases, however inconvenient it may be to the Defendants; is a very great oppression.

5. That all unlawful fees taken in Indictment, where the Defendant is acquited by his Country (however customary it may be) is an oppression.

6. That Lawyers, Clerks, and others, extorting more fees than is intended by law; is also an oppression.

7. That the violation of the King's Instructions to his Delegates, their artfulness in concealing the same from him; and the great injury the People thereby sustains: is a manifest oppression.

And for remedy whereof, we take the freedom to recommend the following mode of redress, not doubting audience and acceptance which will not only tend to our relief, but command prayers at a duty from your humble Petitioners.

	1.    That at all elections each suffrage be given by Ticket &
	2.    That the mode of Taxation be altered, and each person
	pay in proportion to the proffits arising from his Estate. 
	3.    That no future tax be laid in Money, until a currency is
	4.    That there may be established a Western as well as a
	Northern and Southern District, and a Treasurer for the same. 
	5.   That when a currency is made it may be let out by a loan
	office (on land security) and a Treasurer for the same 
	6.    That all debts above 60s (shillings) and under 10 pounds
	be tried and determined without lawyers, by a jury of six
	freeholders, impaneled by a Justice, and that their verdict be
	enter'd by the said Justice, and be a final judgement. 
	7.    That the Chief Justice have no perquisites, but a Salary
	8.    That Clerks be restricted in respect to fees, costs, and
	other things within the course of their office. 
	9.    That Lawyers be effectively Barr'd from exacting and
	extorting fees. 
	10.   That all doubts may be removed in respect to the
	payment of fees and costs on Indictments whereas the
	Defendant is not found guilty by the jury, and therefore
          11.   That the Assembly make known the Remonstrance to 
	the King, the conduct of the cruel and oppressive Receiver
	of the Quit Rents, for omitting the customary easie and
	effectual method of collecting by distress, and pursuing the
	expensive mode of commencing suits in the most distant
	12.   That the Assembly in like manner make known that
	the Governor and Council fo frequently grant lands to as
	many as they think proper without regard to Head Rights,
	notwithstanding the contrariety of his Majesties instructions,
	by which means immence sums has been collected, and 
	numerous Patents granted, for much of the most fertile lands
	in this Province, that is yet uninhabited and cultivated,
	environed by great numbers of poor people who are
	necessitated to toil in the cultivation of bad Lands whereon
	they hardly can subsist, who are thereby deprived of His
	Majesties liberality and Bounty nor is there the least regard
	paid to the cultivation clause in said Patent mentioned, as
	many of the said Council as well as their friends and favorites
	enjoy large quanitities of Lands under the above-mentioned
	13.  That the Assembly communicates in like manner the
	Violation of His Majesties Instructions respecting the Land
	Office by the Governor and Council, and of their own rules,
	customs and orders. If it be sufficiently proved, that after
	they had granted Warrants for some Tracts of Land, and 
	that the same was in due time suvey'd and returned and the
	Patent fees timely paid into the said office; and that if a
	private Council was called to avoid spectators, and 
	peremptory orders made that Patents should not be granted;
	and Warrants by their orders arbitrarily to have been issued 
	in the names of other Persons for the same Lands, and if 
	when intreated by a solicitor they refus'd to render so much
	as a reason for their so doing, or to refund any part of the
	money paid by them extorted. 

14.   That some method may be pointed out that every
	Improvement on Lands in any of the Proprietors part be
	proved when begun, by whom, and every sale made, that the
	eldest may have the preference of at least 300 acres. 
	15.   That all taxes in the following Counties be paid as in
	other Counties in the Province (i.e.) in the produce of the
	County and that warehouses be erected as follows (viz),
	    In Anson County at Isom Haleys Ferry Landing on PeeDee
	River, Rowan and Orange at Cambleton in Cumberland County,
	Mecklenburg at __?___ on the Catawba River, and in Tryon
	County at __?__ on __?__ River. 
	16.   That every denomination of People may marry according
	to their respective mode Ceremony and customs after due
	publication or License. 
	17.   That Doc't Benjamin Franklin or some other known
	patriot be appointed agent, to represent the unhappy state
	of this Province to his Majesty, and to solicit the several
	Boards in England. 

John Snor-------------------Jonathan Gowers----------------Jason Meadow 
Isaac Armstrong-----------Stokey Yeamons-----------------Robert Broadaway  
 William Thomson---------Thomas Harper------------------Samuel Tonehberg 
Auth'd Hutchins-----------    John Johnson-------------------   Samuel Flake 
Seamor Almond -----------   James Upton-------------------  Thomas Balice 
Isaac Falconberg --------    Jacob Watson-------------------    John Preslie 
Francis Smith------------      Isham Belvin------------------  John Cartright 
John Jeffrey--------------       Owen Slaughter----------          Thomas Lacy 
Neal French-----------          Thomas Wright-------------           John Jackson 
Jero Miller------------------- Patrick Sanders-------------------     Joseph French 
Tiery Robinson----------------John Ryle----------------                William Newberry 
Gabrill Davis------------------ John Culpepper-------------------   Leonard Webb 
Aquila Jones-------------------  John Jones, Sr.----------------    Julius Holley 
Thomas Tallant----------------   Wm. Grifen Hogon-----------      John James Junr. 
James Denson------------------- Robert Maner--------------         John James Senr 
William Raiford----------------- John Watts---------------            Jimmey James 
John I. Merree ---------------  John Davis ------------------Jonathan Helms 
George Wilson------------------ Richard Leak----------------    Tilmon Helms 
Robert Webb------------------- Charles Hines-----------------   James Sanders 
Thomas Taylor-------------------James McIlvanilly-------------- John Bailey 
David Smith-------------------  Van Swearingen----------------   Samuel Gaylord 
James Barker------------------ William Hore----------------- Richard Sands 
John Mims--------------------Joseph Martin-------------------Jason Irol Hinsinbru 
John Brooks Junr---------------Thomas Nelson----------------  Thomas Preslar 
William C.B.Bond---------------William Burns-------------------    Thomas Culpepper 
John Bond----------------------    John Leveritt--------------------  Daniel Culpepper 
Moses M. Tallant---------- Theofilis Williams-------------------  John Snider 
Benjamin Dumas ------------- William Leveritt-------------------  William Mims 
Joseph White----------------- James Williams---------------------- Robert Smith 
William Sidden-----------------    John Coleman-------------------- Zachariah Smith 
Silvannus Waker----------------       Meeagar Edwards---------------- John Smith 
John Smith (Sandhill)-----------  Anthony Mathis------------------ John Thomas 
David Dumas----------------  Fagan Gring -------------------------  William Burt 
Benjamin Smith---------------  Samuel Ratcliff------------------ Edward Smith 
William Benton----------------  John Long--------------------------    Elijah Clark 
William Coleman----------------  Charles Smith-------------------      John Clark 
Alexander McPherson--------------  James Bound (Bond?)--------       James Adams 
E. Pickett ----------- -----------   Abraham Pelyou-------------------    Thomas Mason Junr 
Thomas Gowers----------------- Jason Meadow Junr-------------          John Bennet 
Jonathan Turner--------   Daniel Laws ----------------------- Thadwick Hogins 
Barnabee Skipper--------------   Abraham Bellow-------------------  Thomas Barrotz 
George Skipper------------------   Thomas Donnor ------------------- James E. Arnet 
John Jenkins----------------------  Joseph Hindes------------- Thomas Trull 
David Phelps-------------------  William Haley ------------------  William Cukpepper 
John McNish -------------------   Francis Clark------------------ John Thomas Suggs 
Jonathan Lewellyn --------  Jeremiah Terrell -------------------   John Hornbeck 
Leonard Franklyn---------------  Darass Burns-------------------    William Dinkins 
Edward Almond -----------------   Thomas Baley------------------- Thomas Dinkins 
Thomas Mims-------------------    Stephen Bush---------------------  Marverick Layn 
John Stinkberry ---------------   Jacob Cockerham---------------- Waterman Boatman 
William Leaton--------------  John Flowel   ---------------------    John Simmons 
Luke Robinson-------------------  Stephen Jackson----------------   Augustine Prestwood 
John Webb-------------------  John Jones  ------------------  Richard Downs 
Andrew Griffin ----------------  Archelam Moorman----------------   Samuel Ratcliff  Junr 
George Estress---------------  William Digge-------------------   Elisha Ratcliff 
James Griffin---------------     Bennakia Moorman -------------  John Poston 
William Estress-----------------   William Haley Junr ------------------  John Poston senr 
Stephen Bush------------------   John Mathews -------------------     Ned Mathes 
Joseph Burcham ---------------  James Mathews  -------------------     Benjamin Bunt 
Stephen Piecock-----------------  Joseph Webb-----------------------     Jowl Jormal 
Robert Jarman ------------------- Andrew Falconbery ----------------          Yomond Lloyd 
William Thredgill -----------------  Isaac Falconbert Junr-----------        Thomas Lucas 
Robert Lowery -------------------   Henry Falconbery -------------------    Wlliam Lucas 
Denes Norlen---------------------- David Cox  ------------------------   Christopher Butler 
Lewis Lowery ---------------------- John Horback-------------------   John Sowel 
Edward Chambers---------------- Beaty Web-----------------------   Edward Morris 
Thomas Pickett------------------- Isaac Inceste -------------------    William Treneen 
William Ussery  -----------  William Web-----------  John Williams 
William Jowers------------  Walter Gibson---------------  John Burcham 
Shadrach Denson ---------------  Silvester Gibson---------------     William Sowel 
Joseph Harrison-------------- Burlingham Rudd--------------    John Carpenter 
Joseph Howelt------------------  John Murphy----------------------  Francis Jourden 
Thomas Ussery--------------  John Liles -------------  Henry Burcham 
John Thomas------------------  James Liles----------------------     William Morris 
Benjamin Covington------------ Thomas Arrington-------------------   John Morgan 
Isam Haley -------------------- Thomas Mackneih-------------------  James Burcham 
Silas Haley--------------------- Thomas Fox  ---------------------  James Sanders 
George Belvin------------------ Henry Stokes ---------------------  Joseph Morris 
William Blewet  -------------  John Brooks Junr -----------------  Samuel Sowel 
Charles Sowell--------------- William Lucas Junr --------------- Welcome Ussery 
James Gibson------------------ Joseph Allen --------------------- Matthew Raiford junr 
William Gibson ------- -   William Morris Junr-------------------   Elisha Thomson 
John Hunt-----------------------  Lewis Sowell---------------------  John Thompson 
Richard Braswell---------------- John Skinner-------------------    Goin C. Morgan 
George Braswell ------------------ Jesse Wallas

Ref. Source: "Colonial Records", Vol. VIII, 1769-1771, pp. 81-82 and pp. 241-244, by Saunders; also: North Carolina History Told By Contemporaries," pp.87-93, by Lefler; also: "The War of The Regulators and The Battle of Alamance, May 16, 1771, by William S. Powell.

Burke County, NC

Ussery, Jane to Alexander, Joseph on 13 Dec 1809

Cumberland County, NC


Name: USSERY, JESSE RAY August 01, 1978 - August 21, 1978 Marriages

Sarah Ussery age 22 to James Scoggins age 65 Dec. 23, 1902. Source: Fayetteville Observer (Nov. 6, 1971) Article was titled Confederate Home Once Again Has Widow Resident. Sarah Ussery Scoggins was the last surviving daughter of the Confederacy.


by Margaret McMahan

Thursday was another milestone in the life of 91-year-old Mrs. James Scoggins of Fayetteville. She became a resident of the Confederate Women's Home, and thereby somewhat of a novelty.

Once upon a time Confederate widows predominated in the home on Fort Bragg Road (opened in 1915). Then, with the swift passing of the years, "real daughters" made up the majority and finally, there was not a single widow among them.

Now there is one for the 35 other residents to enjoy. Mrs. Scoggin's clear peach-glow complexion and cameo features belie her years. Alert, smiling and proudly erect in her wheelchair, she ignores the fact that she broke her hip just six weeks ago and cheerfully recalls, instead, some of the highlights of her life in the long ago. From her crown of snow-white hair to the tips of her toes that peek out beneath a bright multicolored and handmade afghan, she is a lady of another century, bringing to life a slower and more gracious time.

Sarah Elizabeth Ussery was 22 when she married her 65-year-old veteran of the Confederate War, James Scoggins of Moore County.

"I had typhoid fever when I first knew him.: she tells you. "I had it that year from November to March. I was weak and lifeless and young company wore me out. He was very kind to me. He came to see me and his voice was soft and pleasant. I liked him straight off and it didn't matter to me one bit that he was a widower and had 10 children. We were married on December 23, 1901, I think it was, at my home on Harrington Hiss (Raleigh Road area).

What was the wedding like? Mrs. Scoggins is straight-forward and plain-spoken: "It wasn't anything fancy. We were married in the front room by a Methodist preacher named Moose. My dress was brown- made out of a sort of flannel cloth. It was just a plain dress, but is was pretty. It didn't have any braid or velvet bows or anything like that."

The newlyweds set up housekeeping at the "Morgan Place" across the Cape Fear River. "Mr. Scoggins had been bargaining for it before we got married," says his widow, "and he had made a down-payment on it. It wasn't long before the house caught fire and burned...There was a hole in the apron of the stove and I've always thought it was caused by a spark or chip coming through it."

Home for a time was with a step-daughter "until we could find a place of our own again." Mr. Scoggins continued to farm and I helped him the best I could. I thought the Cape Fear River was so pretty and once we took a boat ride and visited some of my Ussery kinfolk's in Bladen County. Most of the time we went places with a horse and a buggy...One of the horses was named 'Charlie Bob'...He was a good old horse."

Mrs. Scoggins recalls that her soldier-husband fought in the "battles of Virginia:, but she doesn't remember "which battles". (Records at State Archives reveal that James Scoggins volunteered April 9, 1862, Co. F, 56 Inf, NC State Troops, age 22, that he was wounded in June 1864 at Bermuda Hundred, near the James River in the Petersburg Campaign. He was captured early in 1865 at Farmville, VA, and was paroled April 9, 1865, at Appomattox). She quotes his remark, " The Yankees were determined to send every soldier they could get against us. .They got substitute soldiers to fight for them lots of times." Another cherished remembrance is that Scoggins "always kept a Testament in his pocket...bullets would glance away from it."

Continuing, she declares with emphasis: "Mr. Scoggins was all right and he made my life happy as long as he lived (he died at 86, in 1921). He didn't drink, smoke, chew or curse. He was a good singer and he was a good old Democrat, too. One of the nicest things about him, he was easy to cook for. He had to have hot coffee, but not hot meals. Sometimes he'd say, " I'd like for you to stew me up a chicken or some beef:...And once I heard him say, "I promised my Master if I got out of that bloody old war I'd be thankful if I just had plenty of bread."

Old memories stir and we learn of other matters. "Even though he was mostly good he did have his peculiarities, like any man. One was naming the children. He wanted all their names to begin with the letter "L".

Coming quickly from the past into the present, Mrs. Scoggins tells you that reading is her greatest pleasure. "I've always liked to read the Bible and good poetry. But I'm going to have to get my glasses changed so I can read better".

What does she think of her new home? "It's a nice place, comfortable and pretty, and has some nice people to talk to. The lady in charge is just as sweet as she can be."

Fortunately, Mrs. Scoggins will be able to see her two daughters often. Both of them, Mrs. Lilly Hall and Mrs. Caroline Broom, live in Fayetteville. Both admit to being old enough to reside in the home themselves. But their time is not yet, since they are both working.

The new Confederate widow at North Carolina's home for survivors of the soldiers of 1861-1865 concludes with a bit of the philosophy that is, perhaps, the secret of her long life: " I don't have anything against anybody. I'd do a favor for a person who didn't like me just as quick as I would one that did. I hope everybody has a home in heaven, just like the one I hope to have for myself".



Usery, C.D., 19, w to Ida Baldwin, w, 16; m 15 Feb, 1885; wit: A.M. Brown, W.R. Harris, W.J. Willet

Ussery, S.V., 23 w, A.E. Poteet, 22 w; m. 24 July 1889 wit: W.J. Poteet, J.P. Ford, C.L. Ford

Usery, C.D., 24 w. to Lula Neill, 22 w: m. 30 March 1893 at Margaret Ussery's. wit: W.W. Hall, R.J. Ingle

Ussery, A.C. 19 w, to Josephine Phillips, 18 w; m 30 Jul 1893 wit: W.C. Gates, John Kelly, J.F. Hoke

Usery, Henry D., 45 w to Buena Dixon, 35 w; m. 22 Nov 1917 wit: W.R. Hinson, Carrel Hinson, Carrie Hinson

Usery, Clarence, 21 w to Bessie Coley 20 w: m. 4 Mar 1920 wit: W. Garfield Gibson, David Usery, May Montieth

Usery, Broadus Henry, 21 w to Emma Jane Buchanan, 19 w; m. 22 Aug 1921 wit: H.W. Usery, Warren Usery, Bessie Usery


3 Dec 1915--Lizzie Usery, at Lowell. Par: John Smith and Marcella Moss
18 Mar 1927--W.D. Usery at Lowell. Par: Chas. I Usery and Maggie Wallace
2 Mar 1930--Margaret Usery, at Lowell. Par: Darnell Wallace and Susan Bell
11 Mar 1931--Leiteia Usery at Lowell. Par: Lowell Hampton Usery
13 Aug 1931--H.M. Usery, at McArdenville. Part: Elizabeth Usery
14 Apr 1934--Zeb Useery at So. Pt. Twp. Par: Hampton L Usery and Marg. Hardin
12 Mar 1936--Chas. Thos. Usery, at Lowell. Par: Lowell Usery and Addie Perkins
2 June 1936--Ethel M.E. Usery, at Lowell. Par: Jesse Eckard
17 Jan 1943--Charles Nesbitt Usery, at Lowell. Par: Wade Usery and Bessie Page
14 Jun 1946--Broadus Henry Usery, at McAdenville. Par: Charlie Usery and Maggie Wallace
19 Jan 1950--Radie Usery, at Gastonia. Par: not known
17 Oct 1958--David Usery. Par: Charlie Usery and Maggie Wallace

Granville County, NC

Robert Usry found in: African Americans in the 1870 Census
Gender: Male 
Age in 1870: 14 
State: North Carolina 
County: Granville Co. 
Location: Brassfields Township 
Calculated birthdate: 1855-1856 
Birthplace: North Carolina 
National Archives series number: M593 
National Archives microfilm number: 1139 
Microfilm page number: 105 
Race: Black 


USRY, Freeman and Ann Peace, mar. bond 29 Sept. 1819; No. 4649
URSREY, John and Tempey Wilson, bond 13 May 1820; No. 6656
USREY, Joel and Susan Lemay, bond 28 Jan. 1828; No. 3912
USREY, William and Jane Fowler, bond 30 Apr. 1834; No 2063
USSERY, Temperance and Edmond Wilson, (dau. of John & Susan), bond 12 Oct 1832; No. 6352
USSERY, Nancy and John Fuller, bond 10 Jul 1833; No. 4287
USSERY, William and Jane Fowler, bond 30 Apr. 1834
USSERY, Lucy and Nathaniel T. Cliburn, bond 3 June 1837; No. 6356
USSERY, Sarah and William H. Crews, bond 23 March 1840; No. 6358
USSERY, Temperance and Samuel Lemay, bond 11 Sept. 1843; No. 6359
USSERY, Thomas H. and Mary A. Harris, bond 5 Nov. 1852
USSERY, Martha and Zacharias McGehee, bond 27 July 1858; No. 6363

USRY, Emily, dau. of Wm. & Jane Usry, and Adolphus W. Montague, son of Saml and Mary, maried 30 Jan 1868.
USRY, Richard, son of Wm and Jane and Martha Burnett, dau. of Addison and Mildred, mar. bond 3 Jul 1868.
USRY, Washington, son of Wm and Jane, and Mary Hunt, dau. of James and Lucinda, mar. bond 29 Aug 1868.
USRY, Samuel H. (son of Joel Usry and Susannah Lemay) and Sarah Adeline Suit, mar 22 Dec. 1870
USRY, Joseph H., 24 and Julia McGee, 18 married 15 Nov. 1881
USRY, John C., 66 and Mrs. Kate Williams, 60, married 24 Nov. 1896
USRY, Jerry, 34, col., and Dener Hockody, 23, col., married 11 Nov. 1897
USRY, Samuel H., 22, and Bessie Overton, 17, mar. 23 Dec. 1897
USRY, E.M., 26, and Mary Bullock, 17, married 21 Dec. 1898
USRY, E.G., 24 and Emma B. Montague, 19, married 8 Nov. 1899.
USRY, Kittie and Samuel Holmes, bond 22 Dec. 1821; No. 6349
USRY, Sallie and Henry Harris, bond 1 Nov. 1822; No. 6350
USRY, John and Elizabeth Preddy, bond 2 Sept. 1851; No. 5165
USRY, John Freeman and Ellen Montague, bond 23 Jan 1866; No. 4508
USRY, Sidney H. Jr., 26 and Mary V. Fultz, 21 married 3 Dec.?
USRY, William T and Ann Hawkins Qualls, bond 12 Nov 1856; No. 5248
USRY, Frances and Charles West, bond 11 Jun 1866; No. 6365
USRY, Adiline and John Wilston, bond 12 Oct, 1866; No. 6366
USREY, Arabella and Elias Huskety, bond 13 Jan 1857; No. 7944

1880 Census, Brassfield Twp:

2-2 Usry: 
 John C w m 50 farmer NC NC NC
E.J. w f 52 wife NC NC NC
Ellen w f 22 dau NC NC NC
Belle w f 19 dau NC NC NC
Elizabeth w f 17 dau NC NC NC
Joseph w m 14 son NC NC NC
Aletta w f 12 dau NC NC NC
 Sidney w m 7 son NC NC NC

94-91 Usry: 

Tony b m 42 farmer NC NC NC
Rebecca b f 37 wife NC NC NC
Millie Ann b f 22 dau NC NC NC
Robert Lee b m 14 son NC NC NC
Gilberta b f 11 dau NC NC NC
Taltar b m 8 son NC NC NC
Lovice b f 7 dau NC NC NC
George b m 6 son NC NC NC
Foster b m 4 son NC NC NC
Walter b m 4 son NC NC NC
Junius b m 4 son NC NC NC

229-229 Usry: 
Susan w f 83 Head NC VA VA
Martha A w f 42 dau NC NC NC
Adeline w f 41 dau-in-law NC NC NC
Martha A w f 8 grand-dau NC NC NC
William T. w m 7 grandson NC NC NC
Eugene w m 5 grandson NC NC NC

230-230 Usry: 
Joseph H w m 22 farmer NC NC NC
Mary A w f 49 mother NC NC NC
Carol H. w m 19 brother NC NC NC

231-231 Qualls: 
Nancy w f 59 Head NC NC NC
Susan w f 62 sister NC NC NC
Curl, Thomas P w m 21 agent NC NC NC

450-450 Usry: 
Robert b m 23 Head NC N C NC
Martha b f 20 wife NC NC NC

1880 Census, Fishing Creek Twp, 4 June:

116-116 Usry: 

Freeman w m 41 Farmer NC NC NC
Ellen w f 39 wife NC --   --
Mary F. w f 13 dau NC NC NC
Norah M. w f 10 dau NC NC NC
Sallie I w f 8 dau NC NC NC
Ellen E w f 7 dau NC NC NC
Henry S w m 5 son NC NC NC

264-265 Usry: (17 June) 

Daniel Washington. w m 44 farmer NC VA NC
Mary E w f 40 wife NC NC NC
Ida Lee w f 10 dau NC NC NC
Elijah Meadows w m 9 son NC NC NC
Dora w f 7 dau NC NC NC
Allice I w f 3 dau NC NC NC
HUNT, James 2 m 85 father-in-law NC NC NC
HUNT, Lucinda w f 75 mother-in-law NC NC NC

116-135 Usry: (4 June) 

Richard w m 30 retail grocer NC VA NC
Martha w f 31 wife NC NC NC
Lelia J. w f 9 dau NC NC NC
Euda M w f 8 dau NC NC NC
Emily H w f 6 dau NC NC NC
Addison R. w m 5 son NC NC NC
Mattie w f 2 dau NC NC NC
Jane w f 63 mother NC NC NC


Banks Methodist Ch. Cemetery - 2 miles north of Wilton
S.W. Usry May 14, 1839 Feb 18, 1876
Sara Adelaine Usry, wife of Samuel W. Usry 1839-1926

Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery - 7 miles South of Oxford:
Joseph Freeman Usry, North Carolina, CPL Co. E 46th Regt NC Inf, Confederate States Army
Ella M. Usry, March 24, 1840 Jan 29, 1903

Elmwood Cemetery at Oxford:
Richard S. Usry Mar. 20, 1850 Nov. 25, 1923
Martha A., his wife Feb 10, 1848 Jan 2, 1921
Rev. Eugene Grisson Usry Dec. 31, 1874 Jan 5, 1959
Emma Montague his wife Apr. 14, 1880 Apr 14, 1925
Sally Montague his wife Aug 7, 1875 Apr. 14, 1958


Oxford Public Ledger, Feb. 5, 1903
Softly and peacefully as the wing of a dove falls the calm hush of death when it was announced that another angel was wanted in God's kingdom of bright glory and He sent His sweet, loving, heavenly spirit down to the house of Mr. J.F. Usry and quietly winded ins way to the bedside of Mrs. Ellen Usry, his devoted wife....Mrs Usry was 63 years old, and had been a consistent member of the Missionary Baptist Church at Corinth for a good many years...She leaves a husband, one son, and four daughters.(Usry bul 5 pg 3)

Mr. S.H. Usry, who lived at D.C. Averett's place, has moved back to his father's old homestead.

Oxford Public Ledger,Dec 6, 1918
Aged Citizen Died
Mr. J.F. Usry, a splendid old citizen of Granville, died at the home of his son, Samuel Usry, near Corinth, Wednesday last in the 80th year of his age. Burial services were conducted by Dr. J.D. Harte at Corinth Thursday afternoon.

Oxford Public Ledger,Sept. 2, 1919
Brother of Rev. E.G. Usry Died at Rutherfordton
The remains of Rev. Mr. Usry, who died at Rutherfordton Sunday morning, reached Oxford Monday night and the interment was held at Bank's Chapel today. The deceased was a minister of the Methodist denomination, and his brother, Rev. E.G. Usry,, is pastor of the West Oxford Baptist Church.

Oxford Public Ledger, Nov. 27, 1923
Mr. R.S. Usry Dead; Funeral at the Residence This Afternoon
Mr. R.S. Usry, 73 years of age, died at his residence on College Street Sunday night after a lingering illness of several years. He was a native of Granville County and spent h is early years at Tar River, moving to Oxford 40 years ago. He served on the Board of Town Commission for a number of years and was a director of the First National Bank at the time of his death.

Mr. Usry married Miss Martha Burnett, who died several years ago. Six daughters and one son was born to their union, namely Mrs. H. Gordon of Florida; Mrs. W.P. Marks of Warrenton; Mrs. R.P. Walker; Mrs L.J.Dickerson and Mrs. M.D. Oakley of Oxford; one son Addison who died 20 years ago.

The funeral will be held from the residence at 4 o'clock this afternoon, conducted by Rev. E.M. Snipes. The interment will be at Elmwood cemetery. The pallbearers as announced are: W.H. Hunt, B.S. Royster, A.A. Hicks., G. McFarland, J.P. Hunt, J.R. Frazier, J.M. Baird.


Granville Co., NC - Deed Bk S/20:
I, Thomas Ussery of the County of Lunenburg and State of Virginia, for and in consideration of Lewis Lemay of the State of North Carolina and County of Granville marrying my Daughter [Lucy Mary (Polly) Ussery], and having in marriage my said Daughter Mary and likewise in consideration of the great love, affection and regard I have for my beloved Daughter Mary, do give unto the said Lewis Lemay and I hereby fully and amply give unto the said Lewis Lemay in consideration as aforesaid my lands in the County of Granville and State of NC adjoining or near to Tar River and Below Taylor's Bridge, that is to say one Tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and fifty acres more or less and one tract about a mile and a half there from containing fifty acres more or less, being two distinct parcels of land with the premises, appurtenances and everything whatever thereunto belonging to him and to his Heirs, Executors, Admrs. and assigns forever and I likewise in and for consideration as aforesaid for the same do give unto the said Lewis Lemay and unto his Heirs, Executors, Admers. and assigns my negro fello Dice as his absolute property and I likewise and for consideration as aforesaid give unto the said Lewis Lemay six feather beds and furniture, likewise and also one Roan mare and her colt to him and to his Heirs, Exrs., Admrs. and assigns forever, my fellow DICE, I give unto the said Lewis Lemay, his Heirs, Exrs., Admrs. and assigns forever, in consideration of all the premises I have of my own free will and accord hereunto set my hand and seal this 16th Oct. 1804. Signed Sealed and Delivered. Thomas (his seal) Ussery. In presence of James McFarland, Samuel Ussery, Jas. F. Lankhead, John Lemay, Jurat.

Whereas the Roan mare that I gave Lewis Lemay in consideration of his marrying my daughter Mary having died last Christmas, I do hereby of my own free will and accord give to the said Lewis Lemay in Lieu of the Roan mare that died, my Bay more to him as his own right and property to him his Heirs, Exrs., Admrs. and assigns forever. In witness wheeof I have of my own free will set my hand and seal this 29 April 1805. Thos. Ussery (Seal) Test: John Lemay, Gideon Crews, Rich. Lemay

Guardian Accounts

Court Minutes
May Court 1815- Grand jury qualified; Administrator on estate of Samuel Usery, deceased, granted to Thomas Ussery, with Lewis Lemay as security.

Abstract of Wills , Estate and Probate Records


N.C. Pension Rolls, 1835:
War of 1812 - Samuel Usry, 2d Regiment Granville Co.

Thomas Ussery, Granville Co., NC Private, Virginia Militia. Pension commenced March 4, 1831; age 75. Sums received $87.50

Applications for Confederate Pensions after 1901:

D.W. Usry (Daniel Washington Usry) John C. Usry Sam W. Usry (Sara A.) T. Usry (Mary Ann)

Mecklenburg County, NC

1800 NC Census

 Name State County Location Page Year Age Sex Age Ranges Census Type  
 Ussery, David  NC MECKLENBURG CO.   497 1800     11010-4001000    
 Ussery, Elijah  NC MECKLENBURG CO.   494 1800     21010-2001000    
 Ussery, James  NC MECKLENBURG CO.   496 1800     20010-1010000    
 Ussery, John  NC MECKLENBURG CO.   494 1800     42010-0001000    
 Ussery, Martin  NC MECKLENBURG CO.   467 1800     12001-3001005    
 Ussory, Thomas  NC MECKLENBURG CO.   467 1800     12101-0140109    

Montgomery Co., NC


USSERY, Eliza to Chambers Morton, Dec 22, 1843
USSERY, William L. (age 24, son of Hiram & Catharine Ussery) and Eliza Ann Boyd (age 21, dau. of Robert & Adaline Boyd) mar. 13 Feb 1875 by J.G.Skinner. Wits: C.G. Cellis, Henry Meachum, James Meachum
USSERY, William (age 23, son of James & Mary A. Ussery) and Eliza Hutchison (age 21, dau. of John W. & Martha Hutchison), mar. 7 Mar 1874 by Thomas A. Boone, M. Wits: J. A. Steele, A. J. Bowden
USSERY, Ann Eliza (age 23, dau. of George & Nancy Ussery) and Franklin Singleton (age 23, son of Tillman & Fanny Singleton), married 3 Oct 1879 by J.G.Skinner, Wits: Lecky Blake, Taylor Blake, Eliza (Unreadable
USSERY, Nancy (age 21, dau. of James & Mary Ussery) and E.D. Shepherd (age 25, son of Wilson & Emeline Shepherd), married 21 Dec 1874 Wit: J.W. Skinner, M.B. Lassiter, John Thompson
USSERY, Mary (age 18, dau. of Miles & Eliza Ussery) and Frank Richardson (age 22, son of J.B. & Viney Richardson) married 14 Jan 1875 by J.G. Skinner, Wit: Robert Boles, William Ussery, Green Hogan
USSERY, Mary Eliza and Chambers Morton, mar. bond 30 Nov 1843
USSERY, Sarah and William Mills, Jr., bond 28 Nov 1844
USSERY, Emily and Zebedee Morris, 22 Dec 1845
USSERY, Lucy and Samuel Hite, bond 8 Jul 1849
USSERY, George I. 28, and Lilly A. Thompson, 24, married Sept 15, 1907.
USSERY, W. Thomas 26 and Corrina Smith, 20 married Oct 15, 1907.
USSERY, Robert T. 24, Richmond Co., and Lillian L. Henderson, 21, Richmond Co., married Dec. 22, 1912: W.L. Ussery, witness.
USSERY, William L., 25 and Bonnie Morris, 18, married Feb. 16, 1923.
USSERY, Harmon C., 64 and Lillie Gardner, 22, married July 30, 1919. Troy; James Ussery, witness.
USSERY, Hilburn, 24 and Mamie Green, 21 mar. Jan 27, 1932
USSERY, Lee D., 23 and Willie Mae Donohue, 26 m. Nov 24, 1933; W.R. Ussery, witness.
USSERY, Walter L., 23 and Mamie Hall, 23 mar. Dec 24, 1935 by L.D. Ussery, minister; wit: Bill Ussery and Mrs. L. D. Ussery.
USSERY, Curtis Wilson, 24 and Catherine Virginia Webb, 20, mar. Aug. 17, 1939; J.V. Ussery, witness.


Name: USSERY, THEODORE ROSEVELT March 01, 1913- December 16, 1978


Blackwood Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery

Ussery, Juda Ann 9/30/1862 - 11/12/1941 wife of W. H. Ussery
Ussery, W. H. 9/30/1859 - 6/4/1927

Rebecca Baldwin Cemetery

The Rebecca Baldwin Cemetery has many unmarked graves. Rebecca's husband, Dudley Baldwin, was buried at the Old Home Place beside the Old Lovin Hill Road near the Flora McDonald Plantation Sign.

Ussery Cemetery:

1790 US Census
Salisbury District
Namefree whitefree whitefree white
of H. H.males 16 upmales under 16females
Usseroy, Wilson116
Usseroy, Thomas157 (4 slaves)
Usseroy, Peter122
Usseroy, John113
Usseroy, Joshua123
Usseroy, David114
Usseroy, Elijah1--3
Usseroy, John1--7

Moore County

USSERY, ZACK ELLERBE - December 10, 1899 - July 06, 1978 SS Number: 721160655
USSERY, CHARLIE ATLAS - January 19, 1918 - December 23, 1978 SS Number: 245099700

Orange County

Land Grants:

To Mr. Sherwood Haywood, His Lordships Deputy-Surveyor for the County of Orange. You are forthwith to admeasure and lay out, unto WILLIAM USSERY, a Tract of Land, containing Six Hundred forty Acres, lying in Orange County, within said District; Beginning at a White Oak on Mayo Creek thence running upon both sides of said Creek Including Cabbin for (?? can't read)

Observing my Instructions, for running out of Lands; Three just and fair ____, whereof, certified under your Hand, you are to return to me within Six Months from the Date hereof. Which Survey of the above mentioned Lands, so to be returned as aforesaid, shall be good and valid for the said WILLIAM USSERY, provided he the said WILLIAM USSERY do, within Twelve Months after such Return, take out a Grant of the same Land to compleat his Title: Otherwise this Warrant, and such your Return thereof, shall be void and of no Force, and the said Lands be deemed vacant, and free to be taken up by any other Person, that shall apply for the Purpose. Signed the Thirteenth Day of May 1756. Francis Corbin, Esquire

Early Tax Records, 1755-1779

1755 V600 VERREY Thomas - N/A N/A N/A Tax Roll [Some believe this to be Ussery]

1800 US Census

V200 VUSEY Abner - M-32 034 609 00100-20100-00

1840 US Census

U360 UDDRAY John - M-704 367 220 SOUTHERN DIV

[The preceding census records were sent to me as you see them. I believe these names are really USSERY.]

Original Orange County Records held in the N.C. Archives.

BONDS.... C.R.
Apprentice Bonds 1780-1905, 1 volume, 3 fiberdex boxes

Bastary Bonds 1782-1908; 9 fiberdex boxes

Constables' Bonds 1786-1915 3 fiberdex boxes

Officials' Bonds 1782-1926 2 volumes, 2 fiberdex boxes

Sherriffs' Bonds 1782-1928, 1 fiberdex box

Court Records C.R.

County Court of Pleas and Quarters Sessions
  Minutes 1752-1766 and 1777-1868, 34 volumes, 1 misc. box
  Execution Dockets- 1807-1820 1853-186 1 vol. 1 misc. box
  State Dockets- 1772-1797 1 vol.
  Trial and Appearance Docket 1848-1857 1 vol.
  Trial, Appearance, and New Action Docket 1783-1786, 1 vol.

Superior Court
  Minutes 1807-1881, 5 vol.
  Equity Minutes 1834-1864, 2 vol.
  Equity Account Book 1833-1843, 1 vol.
  Equity Bills of Cost-1797-1835, 1 vol.
  Equity Bond Docket-1789-1817, 1 vol.
  Execution Docket-1820-1839, 1 vol.
  Recognizance Docket-1868-1884, 1 vol.
  Civil Action Papers -no date- 1771-1943, 149 fiberboxes
  Civil Action Papers Concerning Land-1778-1934, 8 fiberdex boxes
  Criminal Action Papers- no date- 1778-1909, 78 fiberdex boxes

   Deeds 1755-1930; 11 fiberdex boxes
   Index to Deeds, 1755-1869; 3 volumes
   Registration of Deeds, 1752-1793; 1 volumes
   Ejectments, 1782-1902; 4 fiberdex boxes
   Land Records, 1752-1940, 2 fiberdex boxes
   Land Entry Book, 1830-1908; 1 volume
   Levies on Land and/or Personal Property, 1784-1886; 4 fiberdex boxes

  Alien Registration 1940; 1 volume
  Astray Book, 1831-1847; 1 volume
  Bills of Sale, 1778-1886; 1 fiberdex box
  Grand Jury Presentations, 1781-1887; 1 fiberdex box
  Homestead and Personal Property Exemptions, 1821-1918; 1 fiberdex box
  Insolvents, 1773-1898; 8 fiberdex boxes
  Jury Records, 1783-1878; 2 fiberdex boxes
  Wardens of the Poor, 1832-1879; 2 volumes
  Miscellaneous Records, 1768-1942; 5 fiberdex boxes (a wealth of
  information found in these)
  Personal Accounts, 1773-1862; 1 fiberdex box
  Poor House Book, 1842-1868; 1 volume
  Powers of Attorney, 1781-1909; 1 fiberdex box
  Promissory Notes, 1773-1869; 2 fiberdex boxes
  Provisions for Families of Soldiers, 1863-1865; 1 fiberdex box
  Slave Records, 1783-1869; 1 fiberdex box

  Record of Elections, 1783-1922; 3 volumes, 11 fiberdex boxes
  Registration Book, Cole Store Township, 1896-1898; 1 volume

  Administrator's Bonds, 1868-1913; 7 volumes
  Estates Records, no date, 1754-1944; 135 fiberdex boxes
  Guardians' Accounts, 1819-1910; 4 volumes
  Guardians' Bonds, 1868-1899; 2 volumes
  Guardians' Records, 1782-1941; 26 fiberdex boxes
  Inventories, Sales, and Accounts of Estates, 1758-1785, 1800-1912; 
  24 volumes

  Marriage Bonds, 1779-1868; 35 fiberdex boxes
  Marriage License Applications, 1929-1930; 1 volume
  Marriage Records, 1860-1861, 1866-1867; 1 volume
  Negro Cohabitation, 1866-1868; 1 volume
  Divorce Records, 1824-1908; 3 fiberdex boxes

  Wills, 1753-1937; 17 fiberdex boxes

New Hanover County

Ussery's in New Hanover County


James Usher to Francinia Greenway Halling - 28 Apr 1807 - Raleigh Register, 14 May 1807

Richmond County

For information , click Richmond Co., NC

Rowan County


Name: RUSSELL, NORA USSERY December 23, 1896 - October 24, 1978


URSSEY BARNEY - QUEEN ,ESTELLE 5 25 1936 7 1641  
  USSERY ROBERT - MORROW, MARGARET 11 24 1945 7 1642  

Rutherford County, NC


SUNSET MEMORIAL CEMETERY : Located about 2-3 miles south of Spindale, NC on Oakland Road or what is right now the US221 Truck Route.

Ussery, Howard c1904 c1994
Ussery, Jessie c1907 c1986

Tax List:
1782 Tax List (Capt. John Watsen):
William Usery250 acres4 horses6 cattle76 assessment
John Usery100 acres2 horses6 cattle38 assessment
James Usery100 acres4 horses4 cattle16 assessment

Quarter Sessions

1850 US Census
Polk District
Irvin Neal - 30 - Farmer W.H. Neal -31-F L.S. Neal - 11- F M.I. - 4 - F W.P. Mosby? 10 - M John Ussery - 24 - m- Farmer

Land Deeds:

Scotland County, NC


USSERY, ROBERT MCMANUS - Birth Date: April 06, 1914 Died July 10, 1978 - Age 64

Union County, NC

Union County was organized in 1842 from territory taken from Anson and Mecklenberg.


4-Apr-1848: Thomas Usery to Nancy Drye
22 Apr 1860: Murphy Usry to Elizabeth Broom - Marriage License - Esq. Elias Preslar, Offic.
25 Nov 1862: Thomas Usery to Ruth Kizen
9 July 1864: Squire Ussery to Mary Springer

Union Confederate Soldiers:


1850 U.S. Census, Union Co., NC
23 Oct: page 59: 863-863:
Squire Ussery53mfarmerNC
Sarah Ussery64fNC
Mary Ussery27fNC
Hampton Ussery4mNC
Albert Ussery3mNC

Dwelling 1257:
Thomas Usry21mfarmerNC
Nancy Usry20fNC
Martha E. Usry1fNC

Dwelling 772:

Thomas Vincent - 41 - Wagoner
Mary Vincent - 34
George Hanes - 24 - Potter
Francis Broom - 22- farmer
Murphy Ussery -20-laborer
Mary McCrae - 13

1860 U.S. Census,Union Co., NC
Page 383; Morgans Mill P.O.

545-531Squire Usry65mfarmerNC
Sarah Usry72?mNC

(John can be found in Greene Co., Iowa Records)
546-532 Thomas Usry33mfarmerNC
Nancy Usry32fNC
Martha E. Usry12fNC
Sarah E. Usry8fNC
George F. Usry6mNC
John M. Usry5mNC
Nancy C. Usry1/12fNC

478-478Murphy Usry30mpotterNC
Elizabeth Usry30fNC

1860 Mortality Schedule:
Mary Usry, born N.C.; died in May of typhoid fever.

1870 U.S. Census, Union Co.

Buford Twp: page 503; 18 Sept:

Lanes Creek Twp. page 553, 20 July
51-50ElizabethHarrell 71fwNC

New Salem Twp. page 624, 7 July
HoneycuttElizabeth47fw NC
HoneycuttTobias A.19mw NC
HoneycuttMary C.22fw NC
UsseryMartha J.23fwNC
UsseryArrema5 fwNC
UsserySarah 3fwNC

Wake County, NC

Marriages, Wake Co., NC:
9 Aug 1859: Robert Eugene Ussery 25 to Pauline A. Browing, 31
20 Jan 1883: William Usray, 23 (col) res. Granville Co., to Ann Eliza Bullock, 18.

Warren County, NC

20 March 1788: Annis Ussery to Samuel Ragsdale

Wilkes County, NC

Road Surveyor

Overseers of Roads, Wilkes Co NC 1822-1856. LDS Film #1730280 Pages are not numbered. Sylvia Trotter Anderson 14 Dec 2000.

April Term 1822: Or'd that Reuben Stanley be overseer of the Road from Wm. Johnsons Branch to Thos. Stanleys ford on Huntingg creek with the following hands. David Parker, Thomas Combs, Thomas Gray, Reason Bell, Harrel Hays, Parks Johnson, James Love, John Mullis, Joseph Stanley, John Riddle, Hiram Saintclcair, John Usry , John Love and Barnet Bolin.----Isd.

February Term 1824: Or'd by court that John Love Jr., be overseer of the Road from Wm. Johnsons Branch to Thomas Stanleys ford on Hunting creek with the following hands. -Thomas Combs, Reason Bell, Reuben Stanley, Parks Johnson, James Love, John Mullis, Joseph Stanley, John Hays, John Riddle and John Usry .----Isd.

January Term 1825: Or'd by court that Thomas Combs be overser of the road from Wm. Johnsons Branch to Thomas Stanleys ford on Hunting creek with the following hands--To wit-- Reason Bell, Parks Johnson, James Love, John Mullis, Joseph Stanly, John Riddle, John Usry and Reuben Stanley....Isd.

July Term 1826: Or'd by court that Joseph Stanley be Overseer of the road from Wm. Johnsons Branch to Thomas Stanleys ford on Hunting creek with the following hands. Thomas Combs, John Love, Junr., Reason Belll, Wm. P. Johnson, John Mullis, John Riddle, John Usery, Reuben Stanley and Thos Stanley Junr. ...Isd.

February Term 1829: Or'd by the court that Thos Stanley be Overseer of the road from the ford of the Branch below William Johnsons up to the ford of the creek above Thos Standleys Senr., with the following hands. Reuben Stanley, John Mullis, Noel Stanley, Meriday Becknall, Joseph Farmer, John Riddle, Wm. Tidder, Rueben More, Jesse More, Noel Howingtonn, Ingram Love, Noel Johnson,, Saml. Johnson, Duke Johnson, Henry Hays, John Combs, Thos. Combs, Jon Usry and Joseph Stanley. ..Isd

October Term 1832: Or'd by the court that John Souther be overseer of the road to finish and complete the Hunting creek road from Archibald Lovelases to the lick? log on ffishing creek agreeable to the report of the Jury appointed to do the same andd that he sahll have the following hands to wit All htte Overseers and their hands in the followig Boundrys to commence at the lick Log runing down little fishing creek to the Main fishing creek thence with said creek to the Widow Stalys Old Plantation, thence by John Dowdy, thence to Phillip Shives, thence to Absalom Shatterlys, thence to Phillip Glasses, thence to George Johnsons, thence to John and Thomas Combs,. thence to Archibald Lovelaces, thence to Isham Hubbards, thence by Sterling Moores, thence to Ellis Andersons, thence to Noah and A. Gilreaths, thence the Mountain road Towars Wilkesboro to the foot of the Mountain, thence to Wm. Smithys, thence to Widow Smithys, ! thence to the Lick Log including all overseers annd their hands in saiid boundary; the hands to wit, Joel ?Sools, Joshua Lee, Jesse Lee, Simon Shew, Frederick Ingolo?, Absalom Shatterly, Henry Glass, Daniel Glass, John Glass, Samuel Curry, Robinette Andterson, Williams Johnson, Thos. Combs, John Combs, Howard Walker, Simon Glass, John Curry, Joel Curry, James Barnett, Hugh Jones's Hand, John M. Fosster, Daniel Call, Kenson Stuart, Russell Parker, Andrew Mulllis, Ingram Love, Henry Hays, Wm. Johnsons hands, Benj. F. Martins hands, Evan Anderson, Waughts hands, Harrison Smithy, Jesse Smithy, Noel Stanley, Jacob Estep, Noel Johnson Jr., Wesley Anderson, Jerimiah Gilreath, Alexr. Gilreath Hands, Martin Parker, Noah Gilreath, Calvin Cook, Ellis Anderson, Jesse Moore, John Moore, Daniel Moore, Joseph Stanly, Thomas Love, Jas. Johnson, Wm. Tidder, Benj. Tidder, Zachariah Tidder, John Usery, Meridith Becknall, Ja! s. Ray, A. Lovelass hands, Reason Bell.----Isd.


The People's Press, June 25, 1891
Oldest Person in Wilkes Dead-- On the 7th instant, on Hunting Creek, Wilkes Co., Betsy Usery departed this life at the age of 105 years. The Chronicle says her husband was a soldier in the Mexican war and that for many years the deceased had been drawing a pension to which the widows of such soldiers were entitled.

1850 Census Lists:

John Ursary age 60
Ellizabeth age 60