Richmond County, NC

Usry Bul #6


USSERY, MARY ELIZABETH - March 29, 1928 - Feb. 14, 1978 - SS Number: 246500976


Steele-Ledbetter Cemetery:

John V. Ussery
B. 12/28/1876
D. 8/22/1964
Johnsie Ledbetter
Wife of
John V. Ussery
J. V. Ussery Jr.
Son of
John V. & Johnsie Ussery
3/10/1910 - 10/21/1928
C. W. (Bill) Ussery

Northam Cemetery, Rockingham:

Old Scotch Cemetery

Hiram Baldwin Cemetery

Ussery Cemetery, Grassy Isle

Old East Side Cemetery, Rockingham

Infant Ussery, b & d Oct 13, 1910

South Hancock Street Cemetery

Deposition: In the 1853 Spring Term of the Richmond County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Elizabeth Allred Armstrong was the plaintiff against Richard W. Jones, Cynthia Jones, Anderson Griffis and wife Elizabeth, Wade Barret and wife Amelia, John Terry and wife Mary, Stephen G. Cobert and wife Nancy caveat will of James Armstrong, deceased.

William Ussery, son of Peter Ussery and Amelia Jarvis, was deposed as a witness, as follows:

1854 Jan 17-- State of TN, Mcnairy County. I have on this day proceeded to take the Deposition of William Ussery, a witness for the plaintiff about the age of sixty eight years, at my house and office in the Town of Purdy in obedience of a Commission hereto annexed in the presence of Richard W. Jones to be read as evidence in a suit now pending in the Superior Circuit Court of Richmond Co.,NC, Rockingham Courthouse. Wherein Richard W. Jones and others are plaintiffs and Elizabeth Armstrong and others are defendants and the said Wm. Ussery first being duly sworn to speak the truth and the whole truth as to what he may know of and concerning the matter in disput between the said parties...saith as follows (to wit,):

Questions by the plaintiff:
Were you acquanted with William Jones and his wife Sarah?

A: I was well acquainted withthem in their lifetime, and for many years.

Q:  Are they living or dead?  If dead, where did they die?

A: They are not living, but are both dead and died in Giles Co., TN.

Q:  Do you know whether there was any relationship between them and the late James Armstrong of Richmond Co., NC?

A;  They were related and so claimed to be by both father and mother having the same father, but different mothers.

Q:  What   was the relationship?

A:  They were half-brother and sister

Q:  Do you know what children Sara Jones, the wife of William Jones, has left surviving her:

A:  Elizabeth, Amelia, Mary, Isaac, Synthia, Nancy, Richard and Sarah

Q:  Will you please to name them and state who are the husbands of the daughters of Sarah Jones, if any of them  are married:

A:  Elizabeth married Anderson Griffis.  Amelia married Wade Barrett, Mary has been married twice, the first husband by the name of Thomas Wilks.  Her present husband is John Terry.  Synthia is not married.  Nancy is married to B.G. East, Sarah married Stephen G. Cobert.

Q:  Do you know who James Armstrong, the brother of Sarah Jones, married?

A:  He married Elizabeth Allred and I never heard it disputed or called in question.

Signed: William Ussery

And further this deponent sayeth not. I certify that the foregoing Deposition is all my own handwriting, that I am in no wise related to either of the parties. That the same was taken before me on the day at the place and in the presence of the party named Captain Richard W. Jones,one of the plaintiffs, and has not been out of my possession and has not in any wise been added to or changed since it was signed by the said William Ussery, the witness,this the 17th of January 1854. Signed: S.D. Pace, one of the Justices of the Peace for the County of Menairy and State of Tenessee. Fees for Deposition $1. pd. by Richard W. Jones. Wm. Ussery pd. $.75

Miscellaneous Items:

4 Jan. 1883: Petition of W.D. Ussery, guardian of Harriett H. Crawson, lunatic, to withhold $7.25 for travel expenses to Asylum.

2 Dec 1898: W.M. Ussery, Justice of the Peace, Mineral Springs Twp, tenders resignation
14 Mar 1899: J.C. Ussery, Appointed Justice of the Peace, Black Jack Twp.

Annie J. Ussery, widow of Robert Ussery, allotted $390.50 for a year's support.

Mortgage deed W.F. Ussery of the State of Georgia, Johnson Co., from W.D. Ussery, 20 July 1889, for $300 debt.

Estate Records

June Session 1802: Richmond County Court. A Petition for Dower:

Lively Chairs, widow of Samuel Chairs, shows that on or about the 15th of Nov. last, Samuel Chairs departed this life having first made a last will and testament; that no provision out of the real estate of the said deceased is made for her; and that Samuel Chairs, her husband left issue six children, vix. William, Joseph, Sophia, Mary, Sally and Anne who are all under the age of twenty one years and of whom Peter Ussery is appointed guardian pending this Petition. That the deceased, at the time of his death was possessed of 175 acres by estimation on the waters of Big Buffaloe Creek and adjoining lands of Thomas Baird, William Henly, Daniel McDaniel and Elijah Chairs...Archibald McBryde, Attorney. Jurors who laid off dower lands in December 1802 were John Bowdon, John Ewen, Isaac Armstrong, Sylvester Chun, Jesse Baldwin, Jonathan Allred, John Skinner, Squire Robinson, Solomon Sprawls, George Slaughter and Henry Stringfellow. Wit. Eli Terry.

Richmond County Court of Pleas and Quarter Session

April 19, 1844--To the Sheriff of Richmond County Greeting. Whereas in a certain suit lately pending in our Superior Court of Law of the County of Richmond brought by Alexander McKinnon to the use of Angus Campbell before B.B. McKenzieEsquire, a Justice of the Peace in the aforesaid County, against Malcom C. Morrison, Administrator of Daniel McKinnon, dec'd , wherein the said administrator plead "fully administered, no assets" - whereupon the said plaintiff preceded to ascertain the amound of his demand and signed judgment for the same, to wit. For the sum of eleven dollars principle, three 32/100 dollars interest and forty cents cost on the 27th January 1844. And the said B.B. McKenzie returned the said Suit into our said Court to try the issues aforesaid. And whereas, at March Term 1844 of our Court that the said Daniel McKinnon died leaving heirs at law, Viz:.....Martin Ussery in right of his wife Catherine....etc.

Marriage Records

Land Index:

Will Index:

7 June 1795- Will 1-61: Nathanial Chairs.

Will of John Roe Richmond County 15 Nov 1780 - Mar 1783 :
Sons: Edward Roe (one shilling and no more), John Edward Roe and Samuel Roe. Daughters: Sarah Richardson Phillips, Jean Roe, Rachel Roe. Grandson: Samuel Salsbury Chears. Other legatee: Martha Ussery. Wife: Susannah. Executors: Susannah Roe and Joseph Chaplain. Witnesses: Joseph Hines, James Downing, Wm. Leago. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Love.

Jan. 1892: Will of William D. Ussery, probated Jan. 1892: G-445. Devisees: Mary J. Faulkner, John C. Ussery, Ella R. Ussery, Sarah A. Nicholson, Maritha C. Cooper and William F. Ussery.

25 Jan 1892: Last Will of William D. Ussery, 11 Jul 1889: 6-444. Proved in court 25 Jan 1892. Executors: William F. Ussery, son, and Roberta A. Johnson. Six children named: Mary J. Falkner; John C., William F. and Ella R. Ussery; Sarah A. Nicholson and Martha C. Cooper.
Will of Maritha Ussery (date of probate uncertain). Named in Will: John and Sarah Roe, Elizabeth Ussery, Wm. Haudley, John C., Eliza Jane and Ella Everett, John C. and Wm. F Handley, Wm. D. Ussery,Lillie Gardner and W.C. Ussery.

5 Jan. 1871: Will of John C. Everett; Died Jan 14, 1874; Application for probate 14 Jan, 1871: names companion, Sara Everett. Children: Ann H. Everett, Martha Everett, Elijah C. and Eliza Jane Everett; Obedience Hames, Clementine Baldwin, Sarah Ussery, Harriett Crowson, Esther Covington and Elijah Hames, grandson. Exec. Elijah C. Everett, Walter K. Covington, Ann H. Everett.
(Father-in-law to Wm. Dorsey Ussery)

28 Dec. 1896: Estate of James Ussery, Intestate: Henry M. Ussery. Heirs- Mary, Henry m, Susan and John Ussery.

1905: Estate of Robert Ussery, dec'd, intestate: Annie J. Ussery. Heirs: Robert, Thomas, and Ella Ussery. Annie J. Ussery, widow and administrator, appointed 10 June, 1905.

8 Oct 1906: Will of Eliza Jane Everett- 7-201: Robert L. Nichold, Exe. Probated 6 Jan 1912: Heirs of my sister Sarah E. Ussery, dec'd 1/4 of estate. Heirs of brother, E.C. Everett, dec'd, 1/4 of estate. Heirs of sister, Obedience Hames, 1/4 of estate and Heirs of sister Esther C. Covington, 1/4 of estate.

Will of William D. Ussery, probated Jan. 31, 1892 - Book G, p 444-445;
Mentioned in Will: Mary J. Faulkner, John C. Ussery, Ella R. Ussery, Sarah A. Nicholson, Martha C. Cooper, Wm. F. Ussery


1810 U.S. Census, Richmond Co., NC.
Welcome Ussery 1m 26-45, 2m 0-10; 1f 16-26 2f under 10
Lively Cheairs males 1 16/26; females 1 (to 10) 2 10/16; 1 16/26; 1 26/45

1850 U.S. Census, Richmond Co., NC:

Fairground District

Usher, James NC Richmond Fairground District 1850 642 307 age 21 Ussery, James NC Richmond Fairground District 1850 642 312 age 24 Mary age 16 Martha age 3 Sarah age 1

Rockingham District

Ussery, William NC Richmond Rockingham District 1850 642 286 age 38 Sarah age 36 Mary age 18 John age 11 Robert age 11 Sarah age 5 Martha age 2

1860 U.S. Census, Richmond Co., NC:

Steele Dist. 42-42 11 June:
George Usery35 mfarmerNC0/100
Henrietta Usery32 fNC
Eliza Ann Usery17 fNC
Attar Usery8 mNC
Mary Usery 3 fNC

Steeles Dist. 66-66 12 June:
William Usery27 mfarmerNC3/130
Sary Usery34 fNC
Stephen Usery11 mNC
Merocum Usery9 fNC
William Usery4 m NC
Elizabeth Shepard15 fNC

Fairgrounds Dist. 206-206, 5 July:
William D. Usery48 mmaster mechanicNC200/4000
Sarah Usery45 fNC
Mary Usery23 fNC
John Usery21 mmechanicNC
Sallie Usery13 fNC
Martha Usery12 fNC
William Usery7 mNC
Ella Usery4 fNC
Nunie Usery13fNC

Fairgrounds Dist. 235-235, 7 July:
James Usery29 mfarmerNC
Mary A. Usery27 fNC
Jane Usery12 fNC
Sarah Usery11 fNC
James Usery9 mTN
Nancy Usery7 fTN
Wayne Usery4 mNC
Lansee Usery3 mNC
Mary Usery1 fNC

1870 U.S. Census, Richmond Co., NC:

Mineral Springs Twp. 196-196: 9 Sept:
Ussery, William R.50 mwmillerNC
Ussery, Roxie L40 fwNC
Ussery, Martha14 fwNC
Ussery, Thomas20 mwNC
Ussery, Jane20 fwNC

Rockingham Twp., 89-88: 18 July
Ussery, Thomas25 mwfarmerNC

Town of Rockingham, 40-40; 9 July:
Usery, William57 mwcarpenterNC
Usery, Sarah 55 fwNC
Usery, Sallie25 fwNC
Usery, Martha21 fwNC
Usery, William17 mwNC
Usery, Ella14 fwNC
Usery, Daniel13 mwNC

Steeles Twp. 194-180; 19 Aug.
Ussery, Mastin32 mwmechanicNC
Ussery, Mary J.37 fwNC
Ussery, Usiely?4 mwNC
Ussery, Sarah1 fwNC

Steele Twp.: 23 Aug

Ussery, James48 mwfarmerNC
Ussery, Mary A.37 fwNC
Ussery, Nancy J. 16 fwNC
Ussery, Wayman15 mwNC
Ussery, James18 mwNC
Ussery, Lawson14 mwNC

1880 U.S. Census, Richmond Co., NC

Settle Twp 269-269:

Ussery, George50 mwlaborerNCNCNC
Ussery, Rity35 fwwifeNCNCNC
Ussery, Thomas16 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, William12 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, Martha9 fwdaughterNCNCNC
Ussery, Charles5 mwsonNCNCNC

Steele's Twp.:285-285:

Ussery, James42 mwfarmerNCNCNC
Ussery, Ann50 fwwifeNCNCNC
Ussery, Sophronia14 fwlaborerNCNCNC

Steele's Twp.:286-286:

Ussery, Waymond22 mwlaborerNCNCNC
Ussery, Mary18 fwwifeNCNCNC
Ussery, James35 mwlaborerNCNCNC
Ussery, Mary R.26 fwwifeNCNCNC
Ussery, Alice O.9 fwdau.NCNCNC
Ussery, Marshal6 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, Johnny4 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, Susan R.2 fwdau.NCNCNC

Mineral Springs Twp. 37-37: 1 June

Ussery, William R.52 mwworks in grist millNCNCNC
Ussery, Roxy56 fwwifeNCNCNC
Ussery, Marshall24 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, Allas?25 wnephewNCNCNC

Mineral Springs Twp. 44-44: 1 June

Ussery, Welcome45 mwcarpenterNCNCNC
Ussery, Ann35 fwwifeNCNCNC
Ussery, Vinson14 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, Asa6 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, John3 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, Florence1 fwdau.NCNCNC

Mineral Springs Twp. 4-45: 1 June

Ussery, Alfred43 mwfarmerNCNCNC
Ussery, Mary32 fwwifeNCNCNC
Ussery, Waverly13 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, Sarah11 fwdau.NCNCNC
Ussery, Miles9 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, George6 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, Robert4 mwsonNCNCNC
Ussery, Alfred2 mwsonNCNCNC

Rockingham Twp. 371-371: 29 June

Ussery, William68 mwmechanicNCNCNC
Ussery, Sarah66 fwwifeNCNCNC
Ussery,Ella28 fwNCNCNC

1900 US Census - Richmond Co: Black Jack Twp: James W. Ussery - Head w/m - June 1852 - born in TN (Son of James A. and Mary A. listed in 1860 Census - Fairgrounds Dist. 235-235, 7 July above) Eliza A. (Hutchison) - wife w/f - May 1853 - born in NC (parents John W. and Martha Hutchison)

[Married in Montgomery Co., NC 21 March 1 1874 ] John C. Ussery - head- w/m- Sept 1838 Katherine J. - wife- w/f - Aug 1843 Martha C. - Dau - Feb 1882 William T. - Son - Aug 1884 Mary - Dau. - June 1886

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