Disclaimer:  Just because a name and phone number (or) web site appears on this list does not imply my endorsement or approval of a product or service - - - they are just a compilation of frequently ask phone numbers or web sites.


Golden Oldies -- A great way to find information on the Golden Oldies - English site - sometimes it takes a bit of time but its a wonderful site. Pedigree information - on cavaliers who have lived long lives

Premier Cavalier Site -- A site dedicated to the health issues of the breed, solid information for all.

Echo & Doppler information

Reproductive Information - dog breeding             Premate:  Progestrone testing

Obed & Clickers Training Sites

Mailorder -- listing from a great Maltese page (she list over 200+ sites)!

Easy Sabre   -   a great search engine for airline tickets

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ring - -  a great way to find lots of cavalier pages

Guest House - england (site was sent to me, fun to look at, if looking for a place to stay, during a visit to watch cavaliers)

Infodog -  show enteries, show results, judging panels for months in advance

Onofrio - show enteries - many of the southern shows, show results, directions