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 the early 90's I started the hunt for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  My dream girl would come from a line breeding background, have type, be structurally built to move and have the attitude of a superstar. 

CH Gray Stone Moon River: (pedigree)    

     Audrey   -- In the spring of 1995 -- "Gray Stone Moon River" came to live with me on a co-ownership at the age of 10 months, she is duel registered.  Audrey was only shown by her owner/handler, in a limited number of shows (less than 20) both in breed and as a special,  she acquired BOB in 12 and won a Group 1,2, & 4.

   OFA Fair, CERF, heart clear, was moved from the show ring to the whelping box.  Breeding:   she was flown to California - at the age of 2 1/2 to be breed to a line breed 7+ male - nothing, the second time we tried fresh chilled - nothing;  at the age of 3 1/2 the boy came to her -- a different male also line breed, who had all the health clearance, who was 6 1/2.  Two weeks after the third breeding, she developed open pyrometria. Attempts were made to save her reproductive ability however these failed and an on her birthday (4th) the decision was made to save her life and spay her.

Parkerhill Kashmere  (pedigree)

    Molly -- In the fall of 1997, I had the opportunity to see a lovely petite bitch - floating around the ring.  I watched in awe because this bitch had my girls movement, had type, had a beautiful head and was coated.  I researched her pedigree only to discover that he was a line breed bitch.  I approached the owner and displayed an interest in his breeding plans for this lovely girl, and then the waiting started.  As faith would have it, in my darkest hour of spaying my specials bitch had a silver lining, that lining is called "Molly".  Molly is owned outright, and is also duel registered.

    Molly is also OFA - fair, clear for patella luxation, heart clear, is clear by CERF --- so she made the 4 major clearence reguarding her health status.


 Molly (age 6 months) & her Mother (Kala)

Molly was breed to a wonderful older boy during late fall and we were blessed with new arrivals around the 27th of december, what a wonderful way to have a new beginning... JustforMe touched by an Angel;  if you look at the pedigree, you will note that we are going back to get to a Telvara Kassonova son (his oldest son, here in the states).  As luck would have it, not only does he have the genes, he also has the traits that hopefully will bring balance to those that I would like to improve on Molly.