What's is in YOUR  Tack Box  ?

over the course of time and experience, every exhibitor creates and builds a supply box to use at the show site.  The supply container itself can be made of anything and can be as small as a sandwich bag or as large as a small suitcase.  Many exhibitors will build a tact box and use it only at the show site, while others use it on a daily basis at home.

MY box:    [this is my personal list, take what you want from it, leave the rest]

mouthwash (sample size) extra nylons ballpoint pen (2 or 3)
antistatic spray (sample size) Ibuprofen safety pins - large x3
Nail Polish (clear - sm. size) extra salline - contact sol. phone calling card (prepaid)
Gum / extra sunglasses a few $ and loose change

for the "dogs"

Collars & show leads  x 3 spray bottle - diluted Self-Rinse flex lead & sm. foldable water dish
1 soft brush, 1 slicker brush spray bottle - diluted Crown Royal pepto bismol tables /
3 combs (4 1/2 ") spray bottle - Pure water eye & ear cleaner
small plastic bags for pick-up 3 small Hand towels small tube of cholesterol
squeaky toy - mouse / fake fur  toe nail clippers q-tips (sample pkg), baby wipes
Powder - 1/3 cornstarch, 1/3 baby, 1/3 gator chauk handheld blow dryer & ext. cord treats; sample bag of dog food, etc.

some will ask about the Powder - why ?  The show site is dirty, raining, the dog has to potty and you have to get the slippers clean --use the self-rinse, get the majority of the dirt out, towel dry (no elect. is available at this show site) then dust the feet with the powder combination -- allow everything to dry, then you brush it all out, sounds crazy but it works.  I didn't believe it until I watch and then tried it at home to determine how much time was needed for everything to dry.