Rocío Escobar Blanco

What can I tell you about myself. Why not start at the very beginning? I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America to Mario Escobar and Amanda de Escobar.My father was a famous artist there, he did oils and charcoals. Very beautiful paintings. My mother is a photographer who is popular with actors, directors and writers in Los Angeles, CA. They say her portraits capture the true essense of a person. I say she is the best!

They soon got divorced and Mom took us 4 kids(My Dad had 4 other kids before marrying my Mom) to the USA so she could attend the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.Upon completing her studies, we moved to Los Angeles,CA.

I loved to write the minute I could! In school, english was my favorite subject, especially when it involved writing poetry or short stories.
When I was 17(and 18)I attended USC/Isomata in Idllywild,CA. There I took a daily four hour course entitled Creative Writing with Norman Corwin(Lust for Life/starring Kirk Douglas), he was an excellent teacher and he's still my friend and mentor.
As an adult, I have worked boring day jobs and written and submitted in my spare time. My writing credits number well over 100. In the last few years I have added photography to my credits. Lately, I am enjoying that more than writing. After 14 years,rejection slips start to depress one.

When I was 19, I got my first dog. His name was Flapper(he lived to be 10)and I adopted him on his last day from an L.A pound. With that gorgoeus Tervuren Sheperd mix began a life-long devotion to loving, helping and caring for dogs. The dogs that have followed(in order of arrival in my life)Cash, Grunt, Dax, Frank, Dolce and Wicket, have enriched my years in so many different ways.

We(a 17 year we that ended badly) lived in Alaska in the late eighties and that was an experience! Then back to L.A for four years. YECK! One of the only good things about it was volunteering at AngelFood. There we delivered lunches once a week to our clients, people with AIDS. Sadly, in those 4 years, they all died. I was glad to be able to help ease their pain, if only in a very small way. Some clients were all smiles when I'd come to the door, some too sick to move from bed, to some we were the only people they saw all day. Having a terminal disease can isolate you from humanity and that's the worse part.

Rocío and Dolce in Sedona


We(same we) moved to Flagstaff, AZ in the mid-90's. Not exactly heaven on earth, but I survived. There I started Command and Control:The Women of SciFi and Fantasy the newsletter. It sold well and after a year,my friend WS E convinced me to switch to the format of web'zine because it would be more fun, faster to update and no messy copies, no stamps!

We have been a webmag for a few of years now and doing fine.

The last few years have been tough in many ways (health and otherwise) for me on a personal basis. The old saying of a friend in need is a friend indeed is one I truly understand now. My real friends showed their true colors and stood firmly at my side. Unfortunately I also learned about those who weren't my real friends and that hurts.

We(different we) live in Sedona, AZ now. Which is heaven on earth.
I volunteer at the local shelter as a dogwalker and it has matured me, made me a better person.

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