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Latest Update July 5th, 2008

Who would have thought it would be 3 years between updates huh?

This is my page, this where I share parts and pieces of who I am with cyberspace. This is also a place where others can see what it is I have to say. The views on this page are just that views...... MY Views and should not be taken in any sort of context.

* Writing is one way of dealing with a person's own inner demons, letting words and thoughts out for others to see may help others to understand that what they see is not always who the person is.

You may read things here that you may not agree with, I am not trying to say that what I have to say is going to be agreable. The freedom to share these thoughts is what makes us free. In no way have you seen the whole person, you may see various parts, be careful and don't judge others simply by what they write. Thought is a challenge. Challenge yourself to be better today than you were yesterday.

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Dusk the Kitty click here New 24 July 2000

The secret about God, I wrote it, it's my story, and it is not perfect. It does give you some insight as to how I see this thing called GOD, I wrote it as part of my grieving process. I might be wrong on this, I had some time to think this over and perhaps I should not be so outspoken on the issue of God or religion.

God's Chemistry Set here NEW December 21, 2003

My thoughts on a part of my job....... Death Notifications.

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3D PUZZLES click here UPDATED 03 May 2000 1 new pic :)

Hi I'm Donnie, aka Don, Donald, DAA, and yes even SFC ABBOTT, that's me


Well lets see, three years, I went to Kuwait from October 05 through September 06, then back to WI where I moved in December 06 to Wausau, then left Wausau in September 07 and me the wife and kitties moved to Des Moines and bought a house. Been a long three years and I have really neglected this site, Yes it needs lots of work. Lots more news, but three years is an awful lot of catching up. I had a great year in Kuwait, worked with some really great folks, met a lot of people, learned what hot was all about, and learned you can have a decent deployment. Now I am here in Des Moines with another unit, where we teach school. I don't do any of the teaching, my job is to help take care of the instructors and do the grunt work. Pretty nice place.

God's Chemistry Set is here, so are a few other essays. Grief is a part of life that I do not expect each of you to understand, you don't have to understand my grief, nor do you have to accept it. It's mine and I thought I would share some of my thoughts on it. These thoughts are not all inclusive, just a story I wrote.

Well for whats new..... Thinking about what changes I need to make to this site, it's been here for some time, time to make significant changes to reflect the new direction my life has taken. Maybe even introduce a new character to the mix.

Things in life happen for a reason, accidents and coincidences are planned events that may often be beyond your control. You may not see the whole picture. One theory has it that all that ever is, has been, and all that ever will be, has been. The evil you do to others will come back to you, same holds true for the good. Are you in balence?

Some questions have no answer, some actions have no explanation, that's life.... But everything happens for a reason....

New motto.... Love, it is something we all should cherish, rather it be the significant person in your life, your pets, yourself, Love and live life everyday......

If you are mad at someone, back away, reflect a little, and then decide what to do, sometimes talking is the best way to fix things. When you walk away you take the chance of doing something that can't be undone and making matters worse. All people who love eachother make mistakes or errors in judgement.

For my friends out there, keep up the good work....

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