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Eritrea-Ethiopia Topics

The Bile of Michela Wrong Why the Ethio-Eritrea conflict persists
Ethiopian News and Views, December 23, 2005

I Didn't Write It For You: Sources and Characteristics of Eritrean Nationalism and its Marketing to an International Audience
A Review of the Book "I didn't do it for you" (Michela Wrong, 2005)
Ethiopian News and Views, August 20, 2005

The Failure of the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission A response to Sir Elihu Lauterpacht and his misrepresentations concerning the Commisssion and the evidence before it
ENV, October 19, 2003

Some Context for Accepting or Rejecting the Decision of the EEBC
ENV, Oct 9, 2003

Eritrea Asks for Sanctions Against Itself
ENV, Oct 5, 2003

Questions for the International Community on the Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Demarcation
ENV, Sep 26, 2003

Eritrean Border Demarcation Can Only Take Place When Justice is Achieved
Therefore, the Ethiopian government is morally, and legally bound to reject the Hague ruling. The Ethiopian government has absolutely no right to impose this unjust, ludicrous, ruling on the Ethiopian people. Similarily, the international community has no right to impose an unjust, legally muddled ruling that creates more problems than it was intended to solve.

ENV, Sep 24, 2003