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Newest book available in March 2001

This book is designed as a resource to expose the reader to a richer understanding of alternative and complementary medicine as well as to expand the vision and the knowledge base of the reader. It seeks to sensitize him/or her to an even broader perspective that expands the fringes of thinking and practice in this promising and sometimes perilous domain.

Much work and energy is needed to address such concerns that will inevitably accompany the center stage debut of alternative medicine and to make a truly integrative medicine possible. What gauge can be use to separate effective modalities from scams? How do you identify or assess a well-trained and respectable provider?

This is a book that takes a chance; It explores, but doesn't ignore; it unpacks excess baggage but understands the direction and intensity of the journey; It challenges sacred cows and is sensitive to the concerns people voice. It attempts to account for rather than discount. Its treatments of new age mentality and physician in transition are powerful. The book encourages and invites innovation but urges caution. Dr. Robbins integrates good science with first hand experience. He is willing to explore at and beyond the comfortable fringe where most academics fear to tread. It is informative and employs critical thinking in areas that often evade critical scrutiny. His willingness to push the envelope and in so doing has garnered the support and enthusiasm of many of the key thinkers in the nation and beyond. Its clear and concise approach informs while blending ethics into the discussion of alternative and CAM issues. It uses many major influences in the field to give credibility and timeliness to the discussions and offers a broad based but careful treatment. It also encourages the need to develop standards upon which we can rely which is paramount to this process of growth and development.


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Managed Care On Trial

Recapturing Trust, Integrity and Accountability in Healthcare

Managed Care on Trial seeks to arm healthcare providers and health plans with knowledge that will better enable them to bridge the gap between fiscal mandates and clinical standards, to pursue the right medical course, and to reduce the financial risk of a negative publicity and a costly trial. It is also oriented as a primer for consumers seeking better ways of addressing and solving the serious issues that can arise in our current health delivery system. Included in the book are reviews of some of the most dramatic legal cases involving managed care complete with behind-the-scenes information and analysis on what these cases mean for health plans, providers and patients alike.

Managed Care on Trial is not meant to be a diatribe against nor apologetics for managed care. Rather, it is a call to recapture that which is good about managed care and to jettison or improve those techniques, processes and methods that are suspect or wrong-sighted. This message may be disdained by some but welcomed by most, who invite a stimulus for continuous change and improvement in the system.

What people are saying about Managed Care on Trial...

Robbins' penetrating analysis reveals the unintended consequences of managed care that fracture physician patient relationships. No wonder patients physicians and payers are unhappy... Harvey R. Colten M.D., Dean Vice President for Medical Affairs, Northwestern University


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Integrating Managed Care and Ethics

Transforming Challenges Into Positive Outcomes

Integrating Managed Care and Ethics: Transforming Challenges into Positive Outcomes identifies and faces the ethical challenges managed care presents and provides direction to transform such challenges into more positive outcomes. The book provides physicians and other healthcare professionals with enough knowledge to buttress standards endemic to their practice and profession as well as to negotiate and participate as active and informed partners rather than passive recipients. The book is also a perfect resource for payers, healthcare executives, case managers and diverse managed care partners seeking better ways of addressing and solving the problems posed by the rapid transformation and emergence of non-traditional healthcare and healthcare financing models.

Integrating Managed Care and Ethics: Transforming Challenges into Positive Outcomes gives the reader, whether it be the healthcare professional, caregiver, healthcare policy maker or consumer, a heightened awareness and sensitivity to ethical concerns and emerging challenges in healthcare so they can respond as agents in the process of change rather than victims.

What people are saying about Integrating Managed Care and Ethics...

Dr. Robbins presents a balanced perspective of the managed care system recognizing both the strengths and weaknesses of the current health care environment. As he capably explains the dilemma of seeing the patient as a financial liability or a financial opportunity is not likely to be resolved easily or quickly... R. Jayne Weiner, Vice President, Princeton Risk Protection, The Princeton Insurance Companies


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