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Ethics Experience / Consultation

Dr. Robbins extensive experience in clinical ethics, policy and procedures development, and educational programs can assist your organization develop or revitalize your ethics committee and assist you in reshaping the way you do business. He is also available as an expert witness.

Educational Experience

Fellow in Kennedy Interfaculty Program in Medical Ethics through the Division of Legal Medicine at Harvard.

Formal Coursework in Medical Jurisprudence

Law School Courses

Formal Coursework in Ethics

Advanced Training in Ethics/Ethics Fellowships

Ethics Content Advisor for National Programs

Clinical Ethicist

Wayne State Medical School

Wm. Beaumont Hospital (MI)

The Levine Institute on Aging

VA Medical Centers in IL, MI, KY, SD, WV

AMI Hospitals


Several Prominent National Law Firms

Several National Health Care Associations

Center for Case Management Outcomes and Accountability Task Force


Editorial Boards (Ethics Advisor / Contributor)

National Board Exam Development

Policy and Procedures Development Coupled with In-service Education

Policy/Standards Related

National Tours

Videotape Development

Health Law Experience

Dr. Robbins is available to assist you in developing policies and procedures, grievance policies as well as serve as an expert witness. He is also available to design risk management strategies and revitalize your ethics committee.

Legislative Development (active developing/influencing ethic-specific legislation)

Dr. Robbins wrote a bi-monthly column on ethics and health law in Managed Care for 2 years.

He has been a consultant or advisor to such risk management and health organizations as: HCA, AMI, Southern Medical Association, American Society of Law and Medicine, and The President's Commission on the Ethical Issues in Biomedicine and Behavioral Research.

Dr. Robbins worked closely with Wm. J. Curran, the editor of "Health Law Notes" at the New England Medical Journal.

Policy and Procedures Development Coupled with In-service Education - Law Oriented