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1.       Influential shaping ethics legislation in several state,, National influence as consultant for U.S. Supreme Ct case on ERISA and Direct Financial Incentives and Expert witness on ethics and payment systems to Mark Hiepler JD, who argued Fox v Healthnet (89.3 million  verdict)

2.       October 1999- Honored as among top ten keenest thinkers in Managed Care by Managed Health care Magazine and Interviewed by Dateline, Healthcare Channel et al.

3.       Extensive postdoctoral training as National Fund for Medical Education Fellow in the Harvard Interfaculty Program in Medical Ethics coupled with twenty years of experience in the medical ethics, clinical ethics, and health law fields.

4.       Experience working closely and effectively with a wide range of Health Care Professionals and creating ethics training opportunities to best accommodate specific program needs  e.g. Head and Neck ethics rounds, MICU, SICU, CCU, Oncology, and ID ethics rounds. Extensive clinical exposure in medicine and surgery and sensitivity for a non-clinician.

5.       Serves(d) on editorial boards of several national journals. Columnist, section editor, and regular contributor

6.       Well known keynote speaker (Top 100 speakers Governance Institute, on Several Speakers Bureaus, Who’s Who et al) with cultivated ability to blend ethical, economic, financial, clinical and legal issues and recognized authority in ethical issues in healthcare as an author and active contributor to the professional field. Member of Humana’s National Medical Consultants Advisory Board, and

7.       Consultant to Soviet Far East Ministry of Health  



Harvard University Schools of Medicine/Public Health               Postdoctoral Masters of Public Health Jan 1980.


University of Mississippi Law School                                             Several Law School Courses  1981-1983


Boston College                                                                                     Doctor of Philosophy  - June 1974


University of North Texas                                                                  Bachelor of Arts - June 1970


University of Oklahoma                                                                      Master of Arts - June 1972






Integrated Decisions, Ethics, Alternatives                                      President            1983 - Present

        and Solutions (IDEAS)

Scottsdale, AZ, Farmington Hills, MI, Westmont IL                     Duties:  Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant in Healthcare Ethics, Law and Health Policy. Seminar development and presentations for government, teaching hospitals and state and national organizations. Worked extensively in policy development and medical risk management. Offered seminars nationwide and consulted with such organizations as HCFA the JCAHO, the AMA. The ACHE, the AHA. Board member of several Editorial Boards. Head of editorial board and columnist for Managed HealthCare Magazine on Legal and Ethical Issues. Advisor to and Alternative Medicine Inc.


JCAHO, ABQUARP, NCNM, CMSA, MERI                                   Extensive Educational Program Development, Keynotes and Consultation



Loyola University Medical Center                                                    Adjunct Associate Professor   1994 - 2002

        Maywood, IL

                                                                                                                Duties:  Taught Courses (Selectives) to fourth year medical students. Taught in first year ethics sequence. Participated in and/or offered various ethics grand rounds


Wayne State University and Affiliated Hospitals                       Adjunct Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine  Detroit, MI                                                                         and Clinical Ethicist VAMC   1985 - 1989


                                                                                                                Duties:  Taught Medical Ethics, participated in grand rounds and medical and surgical reports. Clinical Ethicist for the VA Medical Center and Director of Medical Ethics for MICU, SICU, CCU,  Pulmonary and Oncology Units at Sinai Hospital


Salve Regina College                                                                           Associate Professor and Director of 

        Newport, RI                                                                                   Graduate Program-Health Administration 83 - 85


                                                                                                                Duties:  Directed program in Health Administration, including budgeting, hiring, counseling and curriculum design.  Taught courses in Ethics, Health Law, Health Policy, Health Finance, Health Economics and Health Care Services Administration.


University of Mississippi                                                                   Associate Professor        1981- 1983

        Oxford, MS                                                                                   

                                                                                                                Duties:  Part of  Research Institute and Department of Health Services Administration. Taught courses in Legislation and Policy, Ethics, Health Services and Health Law.  Also served as section editor for the Journal of Emergency Nursing (1979-82) and Associate Editor for MacNews Update - A computer software review publication (1979-1982).



Harvard University                                                                              Research Fellow in Medical Ethics in the       

        Boston, MA                                                                                  Kennedy Interfaculty Program in Medical Ethics. Assisted Francis Glessner Lee Professor Wm. J. Curran Law Medicine Notes Editor of the New England Medical  Journal and Co-coordinated Clinical Ethics Rounds at Childrens’ Hospital Medical Center in Boston. Assisted in Ethics in Geriatrics Course and in Community Health

                                                                                                                Improvement Program      1979-1980


University of North Carolina                                                              Assistant Professor

        Wilmington, NC                                                                          

                                                                                                                Duties:  taught in the Department of Philosophy and Religion courses in Ethics and Biomedical Ethics.  Designed

                                                                                                                conferences and community education programs. 1975 - 1979


Northeastern University                                                                    Taught ethics and Medcial ethics related                         Boston, MA                                                                                 courses 1974-1975


Boston College                                                                                     Teaching Fellow  1972 - 1974

        Chestnut Hill, MA                                                                      






Fellow in Kennedy Interfaculty Program in Medical Ethics through the Division of Legal Medicine at Harvard.



·         Human Rights in Health (Harvard School Public Health)

·         Law and Medicine (Harvard Medical School)

·         Law and Public Policy (Harvard School Public Health)



·         Torts I

·         Torts II

·         Health Law

·         Law and Political Process

·         Products Liability



·         Ph.D. in Philosophy

·         Year-long Fellow in Ethics at Harvard

·         Coursework in School of Public Health and School of Medicine including

·         Ethics in Geriatrics

·         Foundations of Decision Theory and Cost Benefit Analysis

·         Uncertainty in Psychiatry

·         Inducing Social Change

·         Hogg Fellowship UT Galveston

·         NEH Fellowship University of Kentucky



·         National Managed Healthcare Congress

·         The Joint Commission

·         The American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians

·         Mosby

·         Medical Media Associates

·         Medical Education Resources International

·         Case Management Society of America

·         McGraw-Hill

·         Hill-Rom

·         Bimark



·         Sinai Hospital (MI) Director of Medical Ethics MICU, CCU, SICU, Oncology, and Pulmonary)

·         In House Clinical Ethicist Consultant for Allen Park VA in conjunction with:

Wayne State Medical School,  Wm. Beaumont Hospital (MI) ,The Levine Institute on Aging.

VA Medical Centers in IL, MI, KY, SD, WV


·         Managed Healthcare

·         Managed Healthcare Executive

·         Home Health Management and Practice

·         McGraw-Hill Companies

·         Journal of Emergency Nursing

·         American Board of QA and UR Physicians



·         The American Board of Quality Assurance and Risk Management Physicians

·         The National Board of Medical Examiners



·         Kentucky Hospital Association (developed model withholding/withdrawing life prolonging procedures for all affiliated KHA hospitals in the Commonwealth)

·         Princeton Insurance Company

·         Michigan Non Profit Homes Association (Developed 4 state/Canada LTC conference)

·         Glaxo Wellcome Pharmaceuticals (ethics programs around nation past 10 years)

·         San Dimas Hospital (CA) (Integrated Policy development)

·         Glendora Hospital (CA) (Integrated Policy development)

·         John Randolph Hospital (VA) (Integrated Policy development)

·         HCA Bluegrass Hospital (KY) (Integrated Policy development)

·         Pontiac General Hospital (MI) (Integrated Policy development)

·         Commonwealth of Massachusetts Mental Health and End of Life Issues

·         Battle Creek VA (MI) Mental Health and End of Life Issues

·         Tri-cities Hospital, Oceanside CA (Integrated Policy development)

·         Muhlenberg Medical Center New Jersey (Integrated Policy development)

·         SE Baptist Regional Medical Center (Integrated Policy development)

·         Baptist Medical Center and Lourdes Hospital (Integrated Policy development)

·         Arizona Baptist Hospital System (System wide ethics consultant)

·         Providence Hospital (MI) Ethics and Risk Management Consultant




·         The Arkansas Cost Containment Commission

·         The Joint Commission (in house consultant re networks, managed care, LTC, and Home Health educational programs, international and field education programs)

·         The California Hospital Association

·         AMI Hospitals of California

·         The Arizona Baptist Hospital System

·         The Kentucky Baptist Hospital System

·         NJ Citizens Bioethics Advisory Commission

·         International Workgroup on Dying, Death, & Bereavement



Toured the nation for three years offering hundreds of programs on

·         "Standards and Liability Surrounding Informed Consent and End of Life Decision Making: A Guide for Ethics Committees"

·         "Pulling the Plug"

·         "The Integrated Policy"

·         "Withholding / Withdrawing Life-prolonging Medical Procedures: A Guide for Ethics Committees"



·         Health Care Satellite Network (NJ) National Interview

·         Hospital Satellite Network (CA) National Interview 6000 Hospitals

·         The Health Channel Interview (Baylor Medical Center, Houston) - International Audience

·         University of Texas-Southwestern

·         American Educational Institute

·         Mosby MCMC

·         Case Management Society of America


Health Law Experience



·         Maine

·         Massachusetts

·         Rhode Island

·         West Virginia

·         Kentucky

·         New Jersey

·         New York

·         The Presidents Commission on Ethical Issues in Biomedicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research

·         Florida

·         Mississippi



·         Expert on ethical issues in capitation and managed care for Mark Hiepler, J. D.

·         Hiepler and Hiepler, Oxnard CA  (Famous for 89.3 million verdict in Fax v Healthnet)

·         Involved in developing U.S. Supreme Ct Brief on case heard February 2000 involving fiduciary duty and direct financial incentives

·         Work with law firms on selected cases of interest

·         Served as a consultant or advisor to such risk management and health organizations as: HCA, AMI, Southern Medical Association, American Society of Law and Medicine, and The President's Commission on the Ethical Issues in Biomedicine and Behavioral Research.

·         Worked closely with Wm. J. Curran, the editor of "Health Law Notes" at the New England Medical Journal.




·         West Virginia Health Care Association (worked with association and Attorney General's office regarding Durable power of attorney revisions)

·         Maine Probate Court System (all day session on advance directives for Maine Probate Judges and Court Reporters)

·         State of Maine Dept. of Adult Protective Services



Head, Editorial Board, Managed Healthcare

Golden Springs LLC and The Springs University Center Advisory Board

National Managed Healthcare Congress Advisory Board

Bimark/Novartis Managed Care 2000 Advisory/Editorial Board 

CME Advisory Board for Certification Exam for American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians and the National Board of Medical Examiners 1998

Editorial Board, Home Health Care Management and Practice 1996

Associate Editor MacNews Update, 1983-1986

Advisory Board, Medical Education Resources International 1982-1984

Grant from Michigan Department of Aging 1983

Grant from Michigan Department of Health 1983

Secured funding for Minister of Health and other visiting dignitaries from Soviet Far East from Johnson and Johnson, AMA, pharmaceutical companies and DME suppliers 1990 and 1991

Legal and Ethical Controversies in Long Term Care Conference Windsor ONT 1986

Hogg Foundation Fellowship University of Texas Galveston 1980

National Fund for Medical Education Fellowship (1 of 3 nationally) 1980

Fellow in Kennedy Interfaculty Program in Medical Ethics

AAAS/NSF Chatauqua Award 1977

Full Teaching Fellowship Boston College University

National Endowment for the Humanities Award in Ethics and Allied Health Professions 1981

North Carolina Humanities Council Grant for Conference on Ethical Issues In Biomedicine., 76

National Fund for Medical Education Fellowship 1979

Research Fellowship in Medical Ethics, Harvard 1980

Visiting Scholar, Harvard 1979

National Advisory Board Committee for National Endowment for the Humanities 1979-1980

Section Editor in Medical Ethics Journal of Emergency Nursing 1980-1983




Managed Healthcare  (Editorial Board) columnist of legal and ethical issues 2 years and still on board

The Journal of Emergency Nursing  (section editor in Ethics)   3 years

Employee Time Inc (Time Life Fortune and Sports Illustrated  and Time Life Books 4 years

Journal of Home Health Management and Practice  (editorial Board member)  2 years

Kentucky Hospitals,  editorial advisor 3 years

Regular contributor of Continuing Care 2 years

Biomedical Writing Course participant with New England journal of Medicine editor

Author with McGraw Hill, Aspen, Thomson Publishers, Charles Thomas Publishers

Selected Publications

·         BOOKS


Robbins, Dennis A.  Ethics and Accountability in Integrative Medicine (in press) ELSEVIER Expected date of publication- 2002


Robbins, Dennis A. Putting Healthcare Promises into Practice: Strategies and Innovations for Better Managing Care   Delmar Tompson Publishers, June 2000


Robbins, Dennis A . Managed Care On Trial: Recapturing Trust, Integrity and Accountability in Healthcare  McGraw Hill June 1998


Robbins, Dennis A.  Integrating Managed Care and Ethics: Transforming Challenges Into Positive Outcomes McGraw Hill  March 1998


Robbins, Dennis A.  Ethical and Legal  Issues in Home Care and Long Term Care: Challenges and Solutions  Gaithersburg MD  Aspen  Systems 1996


Robbins, Dennis A. Legal & Ethical Issues in Cancer Care, Springfield: Charles Thomas, August 1983.


Robbins, Dennis A.  ed. w Allen Dyer, M.D., Ph.D. Ethical Dimensions of Clinical Medicine, (primary author)., Springfield: Charles Thomas August 1981.


Robbins, Dennis A. Ethical Issues in Biomedicine and Related Areas edited conference proceedings 1978



Robbins, Dennis A. and Douglas Emery “Fiscal Arrogance and Capitation: Are there Ethical and Economic Antidotes? in: Global Fees for Episodes of Care: New Approaches to Health Care Finance  Douglas W. Emery editor McGraw Hill Sept 1998

Robbins Dennis.A. and Mangum R. “Ethics and the New Synergy of Rehabilitation” The Joint American Hospital Assn/ American Rehabilitation Assn Proceedings AHA Publishing 1995


Robbins, Dennis A “Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding  Care of Patients of  Diminished  Competence” Alzheimer’s Disease and   Dementia  Plenum Press , 1987.


Robbins, Dennis A. “Legal and Ethical Issues in Terminal Illness Care for Patients, Families  Caregivers and Institutions” in Loss and Anticipatory Grief  (ed.  Therese Rando ) D.C. Heath . 1986.


Robbins, Dennis A. “Examining Rights of the Terminally Ill Incompetent Patient:  Legal and Ethical   Considerations,” with John Blum, J.D., S.M., in Ethical Dimensions of Clinical

Medicine, Charles Thomas, 1981


Robbins, Dennis A “Uncertainty:  An Unresolved Problem in Clinical Medicine and  Ethics,” in Ethical Dimensions of Clinical Medicine, Charles Thomas, 1981.


Blum, J. and Robbins, Dennis A. “Institutional and Personnel Licensure in Hospice” in Hospice Policy and Public Programs ed. by Paul Torrens  Chicago: AHA 1984                                               


Robbins, Dennis A. “A Prototype For Identifying And Adjudicating Ethical Conflict:--   The Robbins Model for Decision-Making”, in Grief, Dying and Bereavement: Clinical Interventions for Care Givers by Therese Rando, Ph.D., Research Press,  Champaign, IL., 1984 pp 420-




Robbins, Dennis A.  “Weaving Wellness and Alternative Medicine Into The Fabric of  Mainstream Medicine”, Continuing Care November/December 2000


Robbins, Dennis A. “Towards An Ethics of Helping and Healing” Continuing Care September /October 2000


Robbins, Dennis A. “Weaving Wellness Into Mainstream Medicine” Managed Healthcare August 2000


Robbins, Dennis A. “Taking the High Road” Continuing Care July/August 2000 pp 22-26 (cover story)


Robbins, Dennis A. “Judging the Future: Supreme Court’s Decision in Herdrich v Pegram Could Shape Managed Care in the 21st Century”, Continuing Care,  March 2000


Robbins, Dennis A. “The Herdrich Case: A Potpourri of Ethical Issues before the US Supreme Ct” ,Continuing Care, February 2000


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Facilities,” Journal of Long-Term Care  Administration  Spring, 1985, pp. 3-7


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 Robbins, Dennis A  w/ John Blum  “Developing a Model Geriatrics Patients' Bill of Rights” Patients' Rights Digest, M 80


Robbins, Dennis A “A Contemporary Dilemma in Regulation and Ethics” Omega Report,  February., 1980





Listed as among top ten thinkers in Managed Care Nationally October 1999 in Managed Health Care Magazine


National Worker Comp Magazine by David Caine on Legal and Ethical Issues in Capitation and Managed Care 1999


“Interview on New Perspectives on Do Not Resuscitate, Hospital Ethics, American Hospital Assn.  May 1988 (by Don Phillips, editor)


“Ethical Decisions via Rounds and Consults, Hospital Ethics, American Hospital Assn. September/October 1986 (by Don Phillips, editor)


“The Integrated Policy” Hospital Ethics, American Hospital Assn. September/October 1987




The Health Channel at Baylor Medical School 1998 Interview (half hour show)


Several TV/Radio interviews to promote Salve Regina Health Administration Graduate Program


Health Satellite Network  Los Angeles Aired to 2800 hospitals The Integrated Policy: Interview for Princeton Insurance company’s risk management program Princeton N.J.September,1988


American Education Institute Video on Standards and Liability Involving Consent and End of Life Decision Making 1997


Health Information Network, Princeton, New Jersey-- 6 hrs. of airtime on the topic of


Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare w/Karen Quinlan's attorney, atty. for the office of the ombudsman for the State of new Jersey and physicians involved in the Quinlan case  1986




Exchange Student in Ecuador- Good language facility in Spanish

Senior Advisor to the Minister of Health Magadan Chukotka Regions of Soviet Far East 90,91

Countries Visited: Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Puerto Rico, Colombia, England, Spain, Egypt, Malta, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Soviet Union, Australia, Japan, Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, Antigua, Netherland Antilles, Canada, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands,  and American Virgin Island,





Robbins Dennis A. Moral Problems in Medicine ed.  Beauchamp, Tom, AITIA 1978


Robbins Dennis A. Ethics in Medicine ed. Reiser, S, Curran Wm. &Dyck, Arthur Cambridge MIT Press AITIA 78


Robbins Dennis A. Eastern Mysticism Vol. 1, the Near East and India AITIA 1978


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Robbins Dennis A.   Religion, Reason, and Man, AITIA, 1978


Robbins Dennis A.    Touchstones of Reality by Maurice Friedman January 1974 East West Journal


Robbins Dennis A.     Common Sense II AITIA  October, 1975


Computer Hardware and Software Reviewer, Associate Editor for MacNews Update