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Remarks Before the National Association of
Developmental Disabilities Councils
July 23, 2002
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"An Education Budget from the Town of Bedrock" 
Remarks Before the Committee for Education Funding
Legislative Conference 
September 13, 1999
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Remarks Before the Committee for Education Funding 
September 17, 1998
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"The Minimum Wage, For Economic Justice" 

Remarks Before The 51st Annual Convention of Americans for Democratic Action 
June 13, 1998 
"The Heritage of Social Security" 
Remarks Before The Third Millennium  Forum Entitled
"Social Security: Back to the Future, Forward to the Past" 
June 12, 1998 
"For Fairness:Improving the Quality of Low Wage Jobs"  
Remarks Before The Coalition on Human Needs 
May 15, 1998 
"Down Tobacco Road"  
Remarks Before The American Association of Universities' 
Council of Federal Relations 
April 8, 1998 
"Living on Minimum Wage"   
Remarks Before The Americans for Democratic Action 
January 23, 1998 
"The Monster That Ate the United States Senate" 
Remarks at the Washington College of Law 
American University, Washington, D.C. 
January 13, 1998 
"Walking in the Light: Faith and Governance"  
Remarks Before the Friends Committee on National 
November 7, 1997 
"America Still Needs a Raise"   
Remarks Before The Progressive Challenge 
October 20, 1997 
"Toto, I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore"  
Remarks Before The National Board of Americans For 
Democratic Action 
September 28, 1997 
"A Budget Must Have Vision "   
Statement Before The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees School Employee Advisory Committee 
June 4, 1997 
"Each One Someone's Child, Some Woman's Greatest Treasure"  
Remarks Before Family Voices 
A National Grassroots Network of Families and Friends 
February 28, 1997 
"Liberals Are the Real Fiscal Conservatives"   
Remarks Before the Concord Coalition 
February 24,1997 
"On a Ladder to Heaven"  
Remarks Before the National Association of Developmental 
Disabilities Councils 
February 17, 1997 
"It's ALIVE!" 
Remarks Before the Governors' Representatives 
February 10, 1997 
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Budget"  
Remarks Before the Forty-Ninth Annual Institute on 
Federal Taxation 
University of Southern California Law School 
January 14, 1997 
"Stupid Budget Laws"  
Remarks Before the American Association of Law Schools 
January 5, 1997 
"The National Education Debate"  
Remarks Before the Committee for Education Funding 
November 21, 1996 
"The Election Is Over. Where Do We Go From Here?"  
Remarks Before the American Association for Budget 
and Program Analysis 
November 7, 1996 
"A Declaration of Interdependence"   
Remarks Before the United Cerebral Palsy Associations 
June 10, 1996 
"Where Do We Go From Here"   
Remarks Before the Committee for a Responsible Federal 
February 9, 1996 
"On Human Equality"  
Remarks Before the National School Boards Association 
Federal Policy Coordinators Conference 
October 16, 1995