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We here at Brigantine Bible Church are a group of friendly, happy people who have discovered the joy of Christian worship and fellowship. We believe our church is a place were you can meet new friends and get to know some of your neighbors. Hear positive, practical messages which will encourage you each week. Most of all we hope that it will be a place were your needs will be met.

You will notice that we advertise we are "A Bible Teaching Church" . The Bible is the center of our ministry and we believe that when our eagerness to learn God's Word is coupled with Bible teaching it will bring honor and glory to God and blessings to us. It is our desire to come to know the Word of God in a deeper, fuller, and richer way so that we might live joyfully, gratefully, and abundantly in all our relationships, with God and others.

Many people aren't very interested in church these days. Some people have tried traditional religion or church services, and haven't found what they were looking for. Others don't think church has anything to offer, so they haven't even tried. We believe we are different!

We want to show you how you can have a real relationship with God, live a fulfilled life, and know for sure that you will go to heaven some day. Here are a few ways in which Brigantine Bible Church might be different from your concept of church.

Everyone is
welcome here.
It doesn't matter who you are, what you've done, how old you are, whether or not you go to church, or how much money you have. You're welcome here. We'll show you from the Bible that God loves you right now, just as you are.
Our message
is relevant.
Religion is useless when it doesn't affect the way you live. We'll show you how the Bible relates to your everyday life, and answers the tough questions that many religions leave unanswered.
We won't
ask you
for money.
We don't ask visitors to give us money. Our church is financially supported by many people who attend our church regularly and give their money willingly. We want to help you and serve you, not take your money.
You can trust
our child care.
A nursery, staffed by experienced parents, is available for children ages 2 and under for almost every meeting. Activities for older children are also available during most of our meetings.
Skeptical? Most people are. But you'll never know unless you come and see for yourself. If you'd like to visit, just come to one of our regular meetings. If you have any questions or comments,just let us know. Email us at dfarmer@gtc3.com .

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