Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6

For those who know me, what I'm about to say might shock you:
Technology sucks.
The information age sucks.

I was sent a link to videogame I've never heard of before today... it was yet another game about our favorite man in green tights: Robin Hood. Being in the industry, I usually look at screenshots first, then wonder what the developer is going to do to separate their current game from the pack. Something happened when I saw the page open up though. I didn't gaze in awe at the beautiful pictures the pixels before me displayed. I didn't even care about the gameplay mechanics. In fact, I only had one thought: We're doomed.

While on a recent vacation, I bought my kids a copy of Walt Disney's 'American Legends' DVD to keep them entertained at night. It wasn't long before they were all asking to watch their favorite heroes tale again and again. Between the tales, we had commentary from James Earl Jones. One sentence that stuck in my mind was, "Who will be the legends of tomorrow?" I guess I didn't think about that line much until today, but now it won't leave my mind. In this age of instant messaging and being able to find anything on the internet with just a few clicks, can there ever be another legend? Will we ever be able to say, "He was sixty three axe handles high!" without someone referring to an urban legends site(SNOPES) that will shoot down the theory with pages of facts, diagrams, and pictures?