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This site is dedicated to the Chantilly Youth Association (CYA) U9 travel soccer team. Click on Falcons below.

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    This site is dedicated to all the young soccer dudes out there. Soccer is the world's most popular sport. What I really like about soccer is that it does not discriminate between ones physical size. Pure endurance and talent is all you need. I still remember, quite vividly in fact, my hay days of soccer. Many memories locked up in my heart like an album full of snap shots. Walking down the memory lane! I Often get lost watching myself and my buddies playing as if I was watching a movie. Those intense moments- crowd screaming- you are about to score- a through pass sent by the mid-fielder- you start to accelerate with an explosion almost beyond the limit of your body's capabilities, running so fast that you can't stop, and your foot touches the ball, you are on the run beating the last defender, and finally blast the ball into the net-GOAL!! you scored!. I mean it is a total package of intense emotion and adrenal. You have got to do it to really feel it!

    I am very pleased to see the increasing popularity of soccer in the United States. Today the professional league, the major league soccer (MLS), looks very promising. Two consecutive appearance in the World Cup suggest that the United States is in the making of a new future World Cup Champions. More power to you soccer dudes!!

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