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November 27, 2008 -- Go and click here for Yancy's OFFICIAL site . I'm gonna kick back and watch my "Striking Range" DVD that just came in the mail :)

And seriously, I cannot reiterate the below enough. Three trials at editing this page, my html is seriously rusty...

Do you think that the latest YB information will be here on this site? Honestly?
Nah! Join the YB Groups at Yahoo where everything up to date is posted and get
the latest hip and happenin' info via the site or email, and chat with fellow Yancelots :)

Be whisked away to Bern's fabulous "All Yancy Butler, All The Time" site.

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This many nice people have dropped by since this page went on-line on November 27, 1997. My counter's gone berserk, so I'm not sure what those whacky numbers below *really* reflect...

*I've had a couple of comments about using the word 'actor' instead of 'actress' - it's an attempt to use non-sexist language (there are no 'doctresses' are there? But then again 'waitperson' sounds ridiculous...) Also, I've always loved this quote from Sigourney Weaver - "I'm an actor, an actress is someone who wears boa feathers." Anyhoo, please just try and indulge me ;)

Huge thanks go to these wonderful people for their help with this site -
Dex, Bern, Freedom, Stani, Jirka & everyone who's sent me things. Simply put, they rock :)