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Don Craine - guitar/autoharp/vocals

Keith Grant - bass guitar/vocals

Terry Gibson - lead guitar

Ray Sone/Pip Harvey - harmonica

Johnny Sutton - drums


Formed in 1963 from the remnants of a Twickenham group called The Downliners. The Sect were the resident band at Eel Pie Island for part of 1964 and were signed to Columbia that summer. Despite a healthy number of single and album releases they never managed the transition from the clubs to the charts. Part of their problems may have been their lack of original material and their image both musically, and in their physical appearance.

Craine insisted on wearing a deerstalker hat, which was out of step with the times (Carnaby Street, Kings Road etc.).

Musically, they were one of the rawest of the British R&B groups, but they also made occasional detours into country-rock and recorded an EP of death songs.

The original group split up at the end of 1966. A new Sect was formed in '67 and they carried on until the end of '68.

Craine and Grant reformed a new line-up of the group in the mid-70's and they are still playing today.



Jun '64

Baby What's Wrong/Be A Sect Maniac

Columbia DB 7300


Sep '64

Little Egypt/Sect Appeal

Columbia DB 7347


Nov '64

Find Out What's Happening/Insecticide

Columbia DB 7415


??? '65

Wreck Of The Old '97/Leader Of The Sect

Columbia DB 7509


Jun '65

I Got Mine/Waiting In Heaven Somewhere

Columbia DB 7597


Oct '65

Bad Storm Coming/Lonely And Blue

Columbia DB 7712


Jan '66

All Night Worker/He Was A Square

Columbia DB 7817


Jun '66

Glendora/I'll Find Out

Columbia DB 7939


Sep '66

The Cost Of Living/Everything I've Got To Give

Columbia DB 8008






Sect Sing Sick Songs - I Want My Baby Back/Leader Of The Sect/Midnight Hour/Now She's Dead

Columbia SEG 8438




The Sect - Hurt By Love/One Ugly Child/Lonely And Blue/Our Little Rendezvous/Guitar Boogie/Too Much Monkey Business/Sect Appeal/Baby What's On Your Mind?/Cops And Robbers/Easy Rider/Bloodhound/Bright Lights/I Wanna Put A Tiger In Your Tank/Be A Sect Maniac

Columbia 33SX 1658


The Country Sect - If I Could Just Go Back/Rocks In My Bed/Ballad Of The Hounds/Little Play Soldiers/Hard Travellin'/Wait For The Light To Shine/I Got Mine/Waiting In Heaven/Above And Beyond/Bad Storm Coming/Midnight Special/Wolverton Mountain

Columbia 33SX 1745

Apr '66

The Rock Sect's In - Hang On Sloopy/Fortune Teller/Hey Hey Hey Hey/Everything I've Got To Give/Outside/I'm Hooked On You/Don't Lie To Me/May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose/He Was A Square/I'm Looking For A Woman/Rock Sect's In Again/Brand New Cadillac

Columbia 33SX 6028




Singles - A's & B's - Cadillac/Roll Over Beethoven/Beautiful Delilah/Shame, Shame, Shame/Green Onions/Nursery Rhymes/Baby What's Wrong/Be A Sect Maniac/Little Egypt/Sect Appeal/Find Out What's Happening/Insecticide/Wreck Of The Old '97/Leader Of The Sect/I Want My Baby Back/Midnight Hour/Now She's Dead/I Got Mine/Waiting In Heaven Somewhere/Bad Storm Coming/Lonely And Blue/All Night Worker/He Was A Square/Glendora/I'll Find Out/Cost Of Living/Everything I've Got To Give/I Can't Get Away From You/Roses

See For Miles SEECD398