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     The tragic death of folk-singer John Denver John Denver really shocked us all.  Denver was a renowned artist who commanded a large and fervent following not only for his musical talents, but also for his fervent work in the area of environmentalism.  There have been news-commentaries and specials on Radio & TV and in Newspapers and Magazines as well as numerous memorials on the Internet.  This is all well and good, but it obfuscates the real issue.  What is lacking in all of this is the real story.

     There has been a cover-up, and John Denver's assassination is but the tip of the iceberg.  Unasked and unanswered are the really important questions like: Who was John Denver, really?  What was he doing up there flying an aircraft without a pilot's license?  Why was he heading *out to sea * when his plane went down?  Why did the aircraft crash?  John Denver's Glide Path Why would an aircraft with a relatively excellent safety record just plummet straight down into the sea?                                                          (See Glide-Path illustration.) ->
What was Denver fed for his breakfast that very morning - and who might have put WHAT into it?  Might the aircraft have been tampered with?  And just who would benefit most from this most sudden and untimely death of the late John Denver?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

     The answers to these questions add up, and they add up to only one thing:
                                               D C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-C-Y-!

     Now that we know the questions, let's examine the answers - the real answers...

     First of all, it is important to know that John Denver was born in 1943 - in Roswell, New Mexico! - that's right - the same Roswell, NM infamous as the site of the 1947 UFO crashes and subsequent Alien Autopsy alien autopsies at the Ultra-Secret Area 51 at Groom Lake!  Mere coincidence?  I don't think so!  Little Johnny would have been at the tender age of 4 at that time - not mature, to be sure, but old enough to see and hear things that others have been threatened by certain Men in Black to forget or their bleached bones would be strewn about the desert among the prickly cactus and the lonely tumbleweed!

     Little Johnny may have known something he shouldn't have - something important enough and dangerous enough to be killed for!  What could it have possibly been that would have caused someone (or some entity) to plot the murder of a simple folk-singer?  What?!

     Remember, however, that John Denver was not just a mere folk-singer - no!  he was also an environmentalist - and not just a mere environmentalist - he was a passionate environmentalist!  He gave charity concerts for the benefit of The National Wildlife Foundation, and he was VERY concerned about the issue of de-forestation and what it was doing to the salmon harvest.

     As an environmentalist, John boy was no doubt also concerned about Acid Rain and indubitably, he was curious Frog Mutation about the frog mutations in the northeast and alarmed about the cattle mutilations plaguing the world.  He may even have noted the Chupacabra incursion!  And as a lover of his beloved Rocky Mountains & the great NorthWest, he must have been aghast at the implications of the nefarious H.A.A.R.P. project that the government is tinkering with in Alaska mapping all those secret underground tunnels being dug by the GreysH.A.A.R.P. Not to mention the very highly suspicious up-welling of super-heated water in the Pacific that "THEY" have nominated El Niño!  Could this possibly have been an inadvertent effect of H.A.A.R.P. ????  Bouncing microwaves off the ionosphere down on hapless creatures (and people), might this not well have an unpredictable? (not to say deleterious) effect on the Ring-of-Fire thus engendering maleficent volcanic effluvia?  And remember, he was born in Roswell, NM!  Many a Loyal American has been "terminated with extreme prejudice" for far less reason than that!

     The suspects in this nefarious case stretch from the Bilderburgers, to the infamous Tri-Lateral Commission, to the very highly secretive and extremely powerful KGB/CIA/Mossad Triumvirate, to others we could tell you about, but then we'd have to kill you.

     Just as in the JFK assassination conspiracy, not to mention Jimmy Hoffa and Judge Crater, things be way strange here.  The mysterious "accidents" of TWA Flight 800 and Value-Jet and the aircraft deaths of Ricky Nelson, Buddy Holly, Amelia Airhart, Will Rogers, and those famous band-leaders Glenn Miller and Spike Jones, all point to an extremely suspicious clustering of such events in time and space!  (Notice that if you complete the trajectory of the cross formed by the red dots across the U.S. it points directly (almost) toward Egypt, the site of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid!

Conspiracy Map

     Yes, I know, "THEY" have been spreading disinformation lately about how Miller didn't die in an air crash at all, but rather in some unseemly brothel!  But they can't fool us, can they?  Anyone who has ever seen the Glenn Miller Story with James Stewart (although I have heard rumors that Stewart was secretly a pinko-commie mole!) could never fall for that brothel malarkey!

     And what about the Vince Foster case?  And wasn't a Black Helicopter seen in the area just about the time of Denver's UFO VERY fatal crash?  We all know what those black choppers mean.  Right?!  - UN Takeover! Arrow New World Order!  And then there have been all those suspicious UFO sightings - right next door in Mexico City! And IS IT MERELY A "CO-INCIDENCE" THAT THE SUPPOSEDLY DEAD ELVIS WAS SPOTTED JUST ABOUT THAT TIME, LANDING A B-2 BOMBER ON THE FAR SIDE OF THE MOON?!?!?!

     Well, I think NOT!

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