Nejran City
The governer of Nejran region
Prince Musha'l Bin Sa,ud Bin Abd al-Aziz Al Sa'ud
The governer of Nejran(najran) is prince Musha'l Bin King sa'ud Bin Abd al-Aziz. Prince Musha'l is working very hard to make the city more civilized,scince he was assigned recently as the governer of Nejran city.
The region of Nejran lies in the southern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1210 meters above sea level.
Nejran is a very ancient city abounding in monuments inscriptions and ancient villages. It was the place of the Makers of the Pit whose story was mentioned in the Holy Quran in the Sura of "Al Buruj" "Zodiacal Signs".
Due to Nejran's fertile soil, agriculture is the main occupation of the region's 750000 population. The city of Nejran has a population of nearly 150000.
With the implementation of the Comprehensive Development Plan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the new town of Al-Faisaliyah was established 7 Km from the old Nejran city. The government distributed thousands of land plots to citizens free of charge to help them bulid their houses in the old and new cities sush as Habona.
Nejran Dam is the biggest in the kingdom, with a storage capacity of 85 million cubic metres. The dam is 260 metres long and 60 metres high.
Along with agriculture , wich is the occupation of more than half the population of Nejran, the region has a bustling commercial sector. The construction materials industry is also flourishing to meet the requirements of construction and development activities in both old and modern Nejran cities.
The new areas of the city were provided with governmental services, such as schools and helth facilities, and municipal services such as asphalting of roads and the construction of public gardens and markets.
Nejran is connected to the Kingdom's general road network and has an airport which links it to the major cities of the Kingdom.
The most beautiful city located in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Nejran(Najran).
Weather is stable all year around.
Fruits and vegetables all available any kind,any time.
Arts,antiques,etc can be found in the old market.
You can visit Nejran while you are home,just look at these
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