1. Christian SOUDER was born about 1713. He was naturalized on 25 Sep 1747. He died in 1774. Christian Souder emigrated to America in the ship "Harle" of London. Ralph Harle, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes. Landing at Philadelphia on Sept 1, 1736. (From the minutes of Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol. IV, p. 58; and on p. 156 of Pennsylvania German Pioneers, reference is made to Christian "Suder," age 23 as one passenger on the ship Harle in 1736.)

He was married to Margaret. Christian SOUDER and Margaret had the following children:

child+2 i. Jacob SOUDER.
child+3 ii. Isaac SOUDER.
child+4 iii. Christian SOUDER.
child5 iv. Barbara SOUDER was born about 1748 in Philadelphia Co., PA. She died in 1835.
child6 v. Abraham SOUDER was born about 1749 in Philadelphia Co., PA.
child7 vi. Catherine SOUDER was born about 1750 in Philadelphia Co., PA.
child+8 vii. Susanna SOUDER.
child+9 viii. John SOUDER.
child+10 ix. Henry SOUDER.

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