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This page will feature some of the best that Britain has produced.

I hope this page will, in some small way, compensate for centuries of pompous attitudes, the senseless slaughter of innocent human beings and animals,
bizarre social therories and the Spice Girls.

The Establishment

These are the institutions which define the British nation or people - regardless of whether they are loved or despised.

Buckingham Palace - A Jolly Good Official Website!

While Her Majesty has yet to admit to "surfing the web" the Palace has decided to get on line. Check the Press Release section for the latest denials of what you've been reading in the tabloids.

The Crown Estate
Find out what Her Majesty Owns!

The Monarchist League
The Monarchist League supports and defends monarchy throughout the world.

"I know I have the body but of a weak and frail woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a King of England too..." Tilbury Speech, 1588.

Queen Elizabeth I of England

Elizabeth - The Movie
Despite its flaws (ie. Chronological accuracy, too much explicit sex and disjointedness) this movie was one of the best of 1998 and should have recieved more recognition at the Academy Awards. Specifically, it should have recieved Best Picture instead of Shakespeare in Love and Cate Blanchette should have gotten Best Actress instead of Gwenneth Paltrow.

The Church of England

The Church of England is the "established" church in Britain. While Britian and her dominions have full religious freedom the Sovereign still holds the title of "Defender of the Faith". The Church of England is led by the Archbishop of Canterbury. If you're a person who adheres to the established religion where ever you are be sure to attend a Church of England service when visiting the mother country. Don't worry - there will be plenty of seating available.

Tower of London

The Tower has served variously as a Palace, Fortification, Prison, Safe Deposit Vault and Public Housing Project for over 900 years. The Tower features the world's best guided tour given by the incomparable Beefeaters.

Britain in the USA

This is a website maintained by the British Embassy. It contains buckets of information about Britain for those who need to know as well as the morbidly curious.

The City of London

In Britain they refer to "The City" the same way Americans refer to Wall Street. The City of London is not only the oldest and most traditional part of Greater London but is also the very nerve center of the Empire. Aside from financial institutions and government offices within The City, ther are Saint Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London and the ancient Guild Hall. (Yes, there still is a Lord Mayor of London.) Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, incidently are in the City of Westminster which is part of Greater London.

British Street Maps

Scotland Yard

Officially known as the the Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard is responsible for law enforcement within the Greater London Area. Find out more about one of the world's greatest police forces.

Royal Greenwich Observatory

Since 1675 the RGO has served humanity by providing acurate navigational information for the world's shipping. We take it for granted that a ship can travel thousands of miles on the open sea without losing its way and it is the RGO which makes that possible. Unfortunately, the RGO was closed on October 31st, 1998. Although its functions have been assumed by other government agencies, the RGO is a part of British tradition which deserves to remain intact.

The Commonwealth On Line

As Britain disassembled her empire during the 20th Century she provided her former colonies with an organization to which they could belong and be reminded of to whom they had so much to be thankful for. This is the Commonwealth of Nations. The above site contains a myriad of information about the present and former member nations of the British Empire.

Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Churchill KG, OM, CH

If there was ever a single man who personally embodied every thing that Britain is, was or ever will be it was Winston Churchill. It was he who was chosen by Destiny to lead Britain in "Their Finest Hour".

Statesman, Soldier, Author, Artist and Bricklayer he was the closest thing Britain ever had to Theodore Roosevelt.

Pitcairn Island

Visit one of the last remaining outposts of a once mighty empire. Check out the online gift shoppe.

The Victorian Era

Most of our images of Britain and its people are based in the Victorian Era. Find out who the Victorians were and what made them great.

Debrett Ancestry Research, Ltd.

Are you of British ancestry? Are you the rightful heir to a British title long in abeyance? Are you egotistical? Do you have a lot of money? If you answered yes to all of the above you can contact Debrett and prove it to the world.
(As if they would care.)

Saint George in his Scouting Uniform Slaying the Dragon.

The Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts were founded by Lieutenant General Lord Baden-Powell, GCMG, GCVO, KCB (1857 - 1941) (a.k.a. "B-P") as a means of teaching the virtues of morality, patriotism and camping as a means of building character in young men. It is probably the single most sucessful youth movement in history. It was quickly, in 1910, copied in the United States with the formation of the Boy Scouts of America and millions of young men throughout the world have gone on to honourable manhood as the result. Affiliated arganizations include the Girl Guides, Cub Scouts and Brownies. In addition to the mainstream scouting movement there was a traditionalist scouting movement formed in the early 1970's in the UK called the Baden-Powell Scouting Association which seeks to adhere more ridgedly to Lord Baden-Powell's original ideals. It has a division known as Rover Scouts for anyone who has passed their majority but still wishes to be a scout.

How to Speak British

Although the UK is probably the easiest European country to get used to, there are some subtle differences. One of these is in the language. As a result of roughly two centuries of parallel evolution American English and British English have their distinct differences. This website will help explain those differences and will inform and entertain even those who consider themselves enlightened on such matters.

Military and Naval Sites

(Nobody does it Better!)

The Armed Forces of Britian conquered and controlled one of the greatest empires in history for two centuries. Today they still enable Britian to be considered a world power and serve "Queen and Country" in many locations throughout the world as members of NATO and United Nations forces. The traditions of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Army and the Royal Air Force are equaled by few and excelled by none and are followed by many other nations - proving that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

British State Security Agencies
Even "nice" countries,like the United Kingdom, have to be prepared to defend themselves against both foreign and domestic enemies. This page will tell you about as much as you will ever know about them.

British Honours

Britian has probably the most complex system of honours and awards in the world.
This is both a bane and a joy to persons who study such matters.
These sites will provide some education on this subject.


Ever since the "British Invasion" of the 1960's the world has been exposed to some of the greatest modern musical talent in the world. Nor has this talent been only in the Rock genre - Andrew Lloyd Webber has defined the modern musical production.

The Beatles!

They were cool before most of you were born!

The name's Paul, Sir Paul!

On April 18th, 1998 Sir Paul's beloved wife Linda died of cancer. Sir Paul has request that donations be made in her memory to benefit animals and cancer research.

Sir Elton John, CBE

"Don't Shoot Me I'm Just the Piano Player!"

British Television Shows

Britons have a quirky sense of humor which does not view intellect and comedy as exclusive of each other. This is combined with a nation filled with bustling cities, country villages, rolling countryside, stately manor houses and abandoned castles. All these elements make Britain a perfect setting for television shows. Some of the best TV in history has been made in Britain - find out why.


One may say what they will about the British but they can't deny them one thing - they believe that children are as smart as adults. If you want to know what's wrong with America simply check out the children's section of a bookstore or library. (A decent children's book hasn't been written in the last 30 years.) On the other hand the British completed their mastery of children's literature early in the 20th Century. The following children's book series are all you'll ever need to raise mentally fit youngsters.
Should one wonder why Johnny can't read its because Johnny was never read to. There one and only one partition between the patrician and the plebean and that is the quality of their children's literature.

God Bless Beatrix Potter!

Beatrix Potter was the author of the world famous Peter Rabbit stories. She knew how to entertain and educate children at the same time (rather than laboring under the false assumption that the two are mutually exclusive). She was not afraid to use words such as "perambulator" and "soporific". She knew that if children got used to 4 syllable words at a young age they would not be afraid of them as adults. She knew that children loved reading and hearing about animals in precarious situations and wasn't afraid to teach some good morals at the same time. If only the creators of modern children's entertainment understood these essentials!

A. A. Milne

Best known as the author of the Winnie the Pooh books A. A. Milne (1882 - 1956) would probably rank second best to Beatrix Potter as a children's author. In addition to the Winnie the Pooh, Milne wrote some of the best poetry ever written. "King John was not a good man - he had his little ways and sometimes no one spoke to him for days and days and days." "James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree took great care of his mother though he was only three. Mother dear Mother he said to his mother, mother he said said he - you must never go down to the end of the town without consulting me!" and so on.

Lewis Carroll

"The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things - of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings and why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings."

The Best of Britian

The Only News Magazine Worth Reading

The World's Best Newspaper

The Worlds Best Broadcasting Company

The Only Insurance Company You'll Ever Need

The World's Greatest Automobiles


The World's Best Survey Research Firm

The Redwood Library

"Nothing Makes a Man more Reverent than a Library."
- Winston Churchill

In the beautiful city of Newport, Rhode Island there is a truly great library. Although it is in America, founded by Americans and mostly used by Americans the influences of the Mother Country are unmistakeable.

Maybe its the Oxford English Dictionary, or that the London Times is delivered daily, or the current British edition of Who's Who, or that the staff breaks for tea each day a four o'clock, or could it be the colonial British flag which is promenently displayed in the centre of the library?

Check out YAHOO! UK for more British stuff!

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