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Disclaimers -
1. I am neither a present nor a former Legionnaire.
2. This page is not officially connected with the French Foreign Legion in any way.
3. The opinions expressed on this page are entirely my own.
(Although I beleive that they are supported by evidence from independent sources.)
4. I welcome the input of present and former Legionnaires.
5. I will not profit in anyway from this page. All items of merchandise are listed for informational purposes and any profits will go to the seller and not to myself.

Great French Foreign Legion Links

Official French Foreign Legion Infomation Site
From the French Embassy's Website - contains all the basic information you need - including a list of recruiting offices.

Official FFL Recruitment Website

Official French Army Foreign Legion Website.
(Only in French, Bien Sur.)

Code of Honor
Before the business world discovered "Mission Statements" the French Foreign Legion had its Code of Honor. If more people lived by its ethics - the world would be a better place.

Stock Legion

Foreign Legion Life

This is an outstanding on-line book about life in the Legion written by a former Legionaire. It is mandatory reading if you are seriously considering joining the Legion.

Amicale Online

Guy Rubin de Cervens

Website dedicated to a great Legionnaire.

Corporal Collin Rae Smith's Legion Website

Corporal Smith served in the Legion from 1994 through 1999 and made this well designed and informative website to honor the Legion.

Foreign Legion Merchandise
Only in German but they sell a lot of Legion related militaria.

Guy Rubin de Cerven
This great Legion officer served in the legendary 1st Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment in Indochina and North Africa. He was an Officer of the Legion of Honor and was commissioned in the Legion from the ranks (a rare distinction).

(Historical note - The 1st Parachute Regiment was disbanded in 1962 because a number of its Legionnaires conspired to overthrow the French government. When they were informed that the Regiment was being disbanded they blew up their barracks.)

Spyder's Legion Photos

Voligeur's Webpage
A webpage by a Legionairre who served from 1959 - 1964, a crtical period in the Legion's history. Many photos.

An American's Experience in the Legion

"Repman" served in the Legion as a sniper with the elite 2nd Parachute Regiment.

A Poem About Life in the Legion
Written by "Desert Fox" this poem caputures the inner thoughts of many Legionaires.

Legion Computer Game

Forbes Magazine FFL Article
This is a humorous and informative article about the FFL which appeared in the April 25th, 1998 edition of Forbes magazine. Its a good resource for those who want a brief introduction to the Legion.

FFL GI Joe Doll
An Unusual GI Joe Collectors' Doll.
(One of the few non-American GI Joe dolls ever made!)
(Sorry, I don't have a link - but the picture is interesting.)

FFL Video

FFL Amicale Online
A Very Good Site.

Legion Veterans On Line
If you ever wanted to e-mail a real Legionnaire - this is your best chance!

Real Stories of the Foreign Legion

Soldier of Fortune Magazine
SOF frequently features articles about elite military forces including, of course, the FFL.
SOF also provides some of the best "alternative" journalism in the world as it covers conflicts which are of no interest to the main stream media and, hence, unknown to most people.

The Need for an American Foreign Legion
The above article by SOF publisher Robert K. Brown makes a convinceing argument for the United States to have a Foreign Legion of its own.

FFL Reenactment Unit
When the American Civil War isn't enough.

Numerous FFL Links

FFL Webring

French Foreign Legion Webring
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ring member:

John M. Gould

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Due to the Legion's annonymity policy and lack of other resources I regret that I cannot provide any information about the careers or whereabouts of past or present Legionaires.

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