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United States

"I don't want to be called a hero - I only did what I was trained to do."
Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez CMH (1935 - 1998)

U.S. Armed Forces Decorations and Medals

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Congressional Gold Medal

Not to be confused with THE Medal of Honor (commonly, but erroneously, called the Congressional Medal of Honor) the Congressional Gold medal ranks with the Presidential Medal of Freedom as the nation's highest civilian honors. Recipeints of the Congressional Gold Medal include Billy Graham, Colin Powell, Norman Scharwazkoph, Nelson Mandella, Mother Theresa, Chuck Yeager, John Glenn and Rosa Parks.

British Honours

Britian has probably the most complex system of honours and awards in the world. This is both a bane and a joy to persons who study such matters. These sites will provide some education on this subject.

Most American leaders in the First and Second World War recieved honorary British Knighthoods. Among those so honored were Pershing, Sims, MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton. Most recently Generals Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkoph (not to mention Bob Hope) were so honored.


French Legion of Honor
Learn about one of the world's oldest and most prestigious orders of chivalry. Established by Napoleon in 1802.

Buy a Legion of Honor Badge On-line

Orders, Medals and Decorations of France

French Military Awards
(Soulement en Francais - Only in French.)

French Medals of the Second World War

French Orders of Chivalry


WWII German Military Awards

The Iron Cross
Founded in 1813 by Prussia, the Iron Cross is the most famous of German awards. Always awarded for combat service, the Iron Cross was awarded in every major Prussian and German war through the Second World War.

Awardees of the Knight's Cross
The Knight's Cross was established by Hitler early in World War Two to provide a wider array of awards than provided by the Iron Cross. The result was one of the most prestigious military awards ever created. Despite its association with Naziism the receipients of the Knight's Cross all displayed valor, courage and sacrifice - even though it was for a flawed and doomed cause.

Other WWII German Awards

Orders and Medals of the Soviet Union

Among the various enigmas of the former Soviet Union was the, for a society founded on the Maxist ideal of a "classless" society, it had a very elaborate system of honors. Although the Soviet Union is now defunct souveniers of the "evil empire" are fast becomming collector's items.

More Soviet Honors

Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum

Japanese Orders and Decorations

In the late 1800's Japan began to copy Europe in a number of ways.
One was a system of national orders and decorations.

Official Japanese Government Website

Pakistani Awards

United Nations Medals

Honors of Various World Nations

Other Sites

International Register of Orders of Chivalry
Situation: You're at an FDP (Fancy Dress Party) in Monte Carlo. You are impressed with with the bearing of a man who looks like he may be of noble birth - or is he a cheap imposter? How do you find out the truth? He's wearing a badge which looks like an order of chivalry but is it?
This page will help you spot phonies wherever they show up.

Knighthood and Orders of Chivalry

Contains general infomation related to the subject.

Royal House of Yugoslavia
Features outstanding images of Yugoslavian orders and medals.

Orders, Medals and Decorations of the Ottoman Empire

Orders, Decorations and Medals of Mongolia

Other Websites

Medal Collection

United Nations Medals

World Wide Militaria Exchange

Numerous Orders and Medals Links

Orders, Decorations and Medal Webring

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