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(This page was designed as a demonstration for an Introduction to HTML Course , as the book is still out there this page remains...............)

Meet Kuku and Cocoa Puff.

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Great HTML Links (Course References)
  • The Official W3C Site for HTML 3.2
  • This site contains HTML 3.2 Syntax details
  • The Web Design Group
  • The HTML Writers Guild
  • The HTML Goodies Site
  • The Web Reference Site (Mega Info!!!)
  • HTML Validator Shareware
  • ASP 101
  • Examples of Lists
  • Basic Color Chart
  • Other Links to More Links!
  • Career Links
  • Techie Type Links
  • Training & Development
  • Fun Stuff
  • Graphics Links
  • MS Free Clip Art
  • Barry's Clipart

  • For those who have the coursebook and are looking for the image & sound files...

    Check it out!!
    Found a Fabulous FREEWARE for learning HTML from
    Joe Barta of Professional Web Design.
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