Do you want to chat with your lover or friends, well go ahead! This room can be used just for that. I don't have to be here for the chat room to work.
Just contact your "Love" or friends and give them the address and have them connect and you are on your way...
Just one thing, please clean up and turn off the lights when you leave. HA HA :-)
Address for this Chat Room is: Hope you have fun!!!

Want to listen to music while you chat, just click on a selection, background music to make the mood!!!

All songs listed here are with the permission of the various site owners!

Sorry, but your browser is not Java enabled, and you will not be able to chat

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For a break, come vist my new Midi page to just relax and take it easy!! Click Here
The midi's here all have one thing in common the word love in them, and there sure are alot of them, wow!!
Let me know what you think of the new site!!!

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