There's no worries here, no care's, just some fun animations to look at and a couple of places to try free games and to find out about any type of games you want... Enjoy yourself and have fun!!! This is a place to let yourself wind down and just let your mind do the walking, you've got plenty of time to do the talking, hehe!!

If you like challenging games try the "Match Game" below, hehe,,not as easy as you think...and then for you Lottery Players,, there is a Lottery Picker below to help you pick your winners, not guarenteed to be the winning numbers...but if you're still here, haha, your numbers didn't win either. So give it a try, who knows!!

Now I've added two more games....First "Conncet Four" and second "The All Lights" games, give them a try, I know the "Match Game" has got you frustrated, these are alittle easier, haha!! Remember, they are only fun games! GAMES!!!
C/NET gamecenter....Free Downloads and Instructions
Free Bingo....A New game every twenty minutes (10am - 4am EST), and REAL$ Money $!!
Wheel of Fortune...If you're a Wheelie, this is for you!!!

Okay SmartyPants, Want to play a GAME??Click HERE

Here's another Game, Called Connect FourClick HERE

One More Game, The All Lights Game Click HERE

Meet "Hendy",The Bronze Dragon
He was impressed by
**Jack's House**
July 26th, 1997.
Apply to get your own dragon at

The Connell Hatching Grounds

Ok You Lottery Buffs,,Try the Lottery Picker....I don't guarentee winners, but who knows, you might get LUCKY!!

Lottery Number Picker

How many balls?

What's the maximum number drawn?

Your numbers are...

For those that play the Canadian Lottery like me, click HERE


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