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Today's Tune: "Deep Purple"

I love the romantic sounds, sure makes love easier.. I change the tune daily, so if you would like to hear your favorite, send me an email message and I'll do my best to play that romantic sound that brings back your memories
of times past, present, or maybe the future. Love hearing nice music!!

If you want to hear more soft, easy listening songs, go to my new LOUNGE called "TEAR JERKER's HEAVEN"

The Corner Lounge


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For a break, come vist my new Midi page to just relax and take it easy!! Click Here
The midi's here all have one thing in common the word love in them, and there sure are a lot of them, wow!!

For you DISCO buff's, I've just created a DISCO area. The Title is "Boogie Bumpers" . Come visit this lively place, it's got the beat!!!! To GET DOWN, click HERE and boogie, boogie, boogie!!!
Let me know what you think of the new sites!!!

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