Hazael Lindsay

Hazael LINDSAY, son of John C. LINDSAY and Susannah DOWDEN, was born 18 February 1801 in Henry County, Kentucky. Hazael died 17 September 1874 in Crawford County, Illinois, and was buried in the Ford Cemetery in Crawford Co., Illinois. Hazael supported his family by farming and making hats.. He also served his community as the County Assessor and census taker.

He married Sarah FORD __ ___ 1821 in Henry County, Kentucky. She was born 28 Apr 1805 in Henry County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Abner FORD and Anna RICH. Sarah died 3 May 1869 in Crawford County, Illinois, and was buried in the Ford -Montgomery Cemetery in Crawford Co., Illinois.

This family lived in Henry Co., Kentucky, where most of their children were born. They removed to Ripley Co., Indiana, where they lived but a short while before relocating in Crawford Co., Illinois.

They had 11 children:

  1. Abner Ford LINDSAY, b. 29 Nov 1822; d. 29 Sep 1893
  2. John Tolson LINDSAY, b. 28 Jan 1825; d 19 Feb 1915
  3. Anne LINDSAY, b. 20 Jun 1827; d 18 Nov 1913
  4. Samuel R. LINDSAY, b. 25 Jan 1830; d 8 Aug 1910
  5. Mariah LINDSAY, b. 25 Jan 1830; d __ ___ ____
  6. Nathaniel LINDSAY, b. 10 Feb 1832; d 26 Aug 1921
  7. James William LINDSAY, b. 7 Mar 1835; d 18 Feb 1917
  8. Hazael LINDSAY, Jr., b. 9 April 1837; d 31 Jan 1913
  9. Susan LINDSAY, b. 27 Jul 1839; d __ ___ ____
  10. Amos LINDSAY, b. 5 Jun 1843; d. 3 Oct 1889
  11. Elizabeth LINDSAY, b. 30 Aug 1846; d. __ ___ ____


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