Glenn Prentice has made 3 trips back to Khe Sanh Combat base in the past 3 years. Glenn served at Khe Sanh with
"Charlie" Battery, 1st Battalion, 13th Marines. On Glenn's last trip in 1996 he was able to climb up the 689 ridgeline and walked to all the old Marine hill postions.

This is Hill 881 South, the scene of the early 1967 Hill Battles. This hill was also one of the main targets in the enemy's Tet Offensive and during the Siege. The photo below show the same hill as it appeared in 1968.
Glenn said some of our old concertina wire still surrounds the the top of the hill and the trench lines are still visable. Remains of the new style, plastic sandbags can be found on top of the hill.